Monday, February 14, 2011

Talk about some sore Laker losers

NBA players -- and coaches -- have to get somewhat used to losing. Even the best NBA teams usually lose in the neighborhood of 15-20 times a season (while a great NFL team might lose only 3-4 times, or less). And an average NBA team loses at least 40 times.

So you get beat. You talk about it with the media. You move on.

That's not how it went with the Lakers' two biggest names Monday night, though, after Charlotte's 109-89 whipping of the Lakers. (Here's my column about the game).

Total time allocated by Lakers coach Phil Jackson and Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant to the media Monday after the loss: Ten seconds.

Those 10 seconds all came courtesy of Jackson, who took no questions at his "press conference." He walked out of the Lakers' locker room, looked at the assembled media (which included me) and said: “I just have one thing to say: I am very disappointed in our performance tonight. We are embarrassed about what we did and that’s it.” Then he walked off.

As I noted in my column about the game, Jackson's entire statement could have fit inside a standard, 140-character "tweet." It was apparently one of the shortest -- if not the shortest -- postgame press conference Jackson has ever held as Laker coach.

But that was 10 seconds more than Kobe, who ducked the media entirely, leaving the locker room before it officially opened to reporters and never reappearing.

Ah, well. The Lakers are a proud and talented bunch, and losing eight of their last 10 to the Bobcats must gnaw at them. And the way they lost was surprising, I'm sure -- the 2-time NBA defending champs hardly ever play that badly. (And the Bobcats rarely play that well).

But still, it struck me as a "sore loser" sort of thing. Doesn't Jackson owe the general NBA fan a better explanation for his team's performance than those 10 seconds? Shouldn't Kobe say something?

It happens. It's not a huge deal, I know. I also know I've lost some games in my own small-time sporting career in which I didn't want to talk to anybody afterward. I just wanted to sulk, or think, or something.

And it should be fairly noted that there were many Lakers -- Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest and Derek Fisher among them -- who addressed the media at length after the game.

But still... I thought Jackson and Kobe -- and I respect both of them greatly for all they've done in the NBA -- should have behaved better Monday.


panfan1 said...

Really! What a joke!

I think I can say that they are very big sore losers in about 10 seconds! SORE LOSERS! Ha! Ha!

Way to kick it to 'em Bobcats!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right: Jackson and Bryant owe us an explanation for losing and not saying much to the press in the town they lost in makes them sore losers? Why? Because they robbed you of the chance gloat at their expense? If anything, this story justifies their not speaking to the Charlotte media.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:48: Yeah they do owe their team and fans an explanation as to why the crappy Bobcats have OWNED them. I believe it is customary for players and coaches to be available to the press after games isn't it? Do you truly think that the local media were going to gloat? Why should we gloat? We've kicked their butts 8 out of the last 10 games. Jackson and Bryant are both whiny little babies. Kudos for the rest of the Laker team for taking questions in defeat like men.

Anonymous said...

Oh and kudos to Scott for calling them out! I guess their true colors are showing.

Anonymous said...

Its all because of Kobe's Charlotte curse. When we drafted him he refused to play here so everytime he comes back he gets his rear end handed to him.

Hoagie58 said...

You're such a jerk Fowler!! Aside from the Kobe/Jackson side of this story, was it really necessary to try to dig the Cats? They rarely play that well?? Obviously you've missed at least the last Atlanta game, and both of the Chicago games this season. Sure, the Cats have some problems with consistentcy, but is the trash talk really necessary??

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:08 - that is not accurate. Before the '95 draft had even started, the Hornets had arranged with the Lakers that if Kobe was available with the 13th pick, we would draft Kobe and trade him to LA for Vlade Divac. There was no John Elway "I will never play in that city" declaration.

And yes, Kobe & Zen were very poor sports by refusing to talk. At least the other guys Scott noted were willing to talk about the game.

Anonymous said...

The way the Bobcats have owned the Lakers is quite a phenomenon. I'm sure Kobe and Big Phil don't like to talk about it much.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Scott was trashing the Bobcats.

He was simply saying that the Bobcats don't normally play well enough to beat the Lakers by 20, and the Lakers usually don't play badly enough to lose by 20.

I think everyone could agree. We are 9th in the Eastern Conference. Not the defending champions. I feel we are better than our record, and will finish better than 9th. But we aren't expected to go around trashing the elite teams by 20 every night.

People are way too sensitive on here, I've noticed. If I said the sky was blue, someone would post that they hate me because blue makes them sad and I shouldn't say that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats bobcats. See you in the playoffs. O wait never mind.

Mr. Wizard said...

You couldn't be further off from the truth. Kobe's manager did indeed info the media and the Hornets brass that he would never play here. He info them that he would play overseas before coming to Charlotte. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I think the Lakers problems go past the Bobcats. They just have not been playing well and Jackson is sick
of it. Same with Kobe. The Lakers issue is whether they can turn it around for the playoffs. Because right now, they are not an elite team.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:19,

Who do you pull for? The Lakers? Let me guess you also pull for the Cowboys and Yankees. Enjoy that bandwagon and we'll enjoy beating your butt every time the Bobcats play the Lakers.

Oh and if you forgot, we were in the playoffs last year and have a great chance of being there again this year. Too bad we aren't in the Western conference though. It would be nice to play the Lakers in the first round and basically have a bye.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong about Kobe. As the guy above me said, Kobe(whether through his manager or not) said he would not play in Charlotte. Get your facts straight.

Jim said...

Sore Losers?? Come on now Scott. Both Jackson and Kobe are very competitive and losing stinks. They don't owe the press any explanation. Sometimes it is better to walk away then say something they may regret. Would you not agree? Obviously not.
The NBA schedule is grueling and takes it's toll on both the players and coaches. You have the spotlight on you all the time. They might have needed some down time to collect their thoughts and emotions. I think what Jackson stated was appropriate, summed it up in just a few words and he was ready to move on. Sounds like you need to do the same!!
PS: Great job Bobcats. Scott should be writing more about the win, then this stupid column.

Anonymous said...

Phil can be a jerk with the media sometimes, and obviously he was unhappy last night and just didn't want to deal with it. I will give you that it was in poor taste for him to do so.

However... Kobe skipping out on talking to the media COULD be that he was being a poor sport, or it could have something to do with the fact that he was a gametime decision due to "chills and aches" that are normally associated with flu symptoms.

Excellent journalism to jump to conclusions that enrage fans, though.

Anonymous said...

We all need to calm down. Phil and KB24 has won a lot of games and chips in this league.I think more than anything they have grown tired of Ron Ron shooting and Pau's weakness in the post. How do stand seven feet tall and let Nazi M dominate u and score at will. The team must develop a pulse before its too late and kobe and Phil knows that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bobcats own the Lakers. I hate the excuses made: The Lakers are on a road trip, the Lakers played Boston and Orlando, the Lakers only care about the playoffs.

Man up Lakers. Bobcats own the Lakers, especially the past 5 years.

Anonymous said...

On a side note where did they find the Person and Gantt trash for the sports dept? Are they gay lovers doing the union? What idiots.
JR should make both do something useless like shine NFL owners shoes or wash their underwear but stay away from their know nothing football drivel. Must be pals of Sorehead.