Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coaching in 1 place, family in another

There has been an outcry in New Orleans the last 24 hours with the news that Saints coach Sean Payton's family is going to move back to the Dallas area while he stays in New Orleans with his job.

Payton has had to explain it -- he says he's not having marital problems, nor does he want to coach anywhere but New Orleans, nor will he be commuting in from Dallas. The Saints have had to present a united front, saying it's OK with them (although originally they made Payton's family move to New Orleans when he took the job).

Many Saints fans, however, have felt betrayed. There's a unique bond between the city and the team, particularly after Hurricane Katrina. What, is New Orleans not good enough for your family anymore? That's what many are asking. Or they're wondering if Payton is positioning himself to one day be the coach of the Cowboys, which he swears he's not.

So does all this matter? Would it matter if, say, Ron Rivera decided to leave his family in San Diego and move to Charlotte alone to coach the Panthers? (Not that he plans to do that; this is a hypothetical).

Perception-wise, sure it would matter. It doesn't feel quite like you are "all in" for a job if your family is somewhere else. But the reality? I don't think it matters one bit on the field.

It's even happened before in Charlotte. At least twice. Few folks probably remember that Sam Vincent didn't buy a house here, instead leaving his family in Dallas while he completed a short, unsuccessful one-year stay as head coach of the Bobcats. And Larry Brown did it, too, leaving his wife and two young children in Philadelphia while coaching here.

Was there a public outcry? No.
Did it change the Bobcats' win-loss record? No.
Of course, the Bobcats aren't the Saints, who are interwoven in the fabric of New Orleans. The Bobcats are more like a throw rug in one corner of Charlotte.

Tony Dungy has done this, too (leaving his family in Florida during the later part of his tenure in Indianapolis). Tony LaRussa. Avery Johnson -- the list goes on. The bottom line is that these guys are such workaholics that many times they barely see their family, anyway. That's sad, but it's true.

So this is a tempest in a teapot in New Orleans. Saints fans need to get over it.


John said...

No it would not change my perception of Rivera. That will be influenced entirely by the job he does.

Anonymous said...

After idiot Tom Sorehead ran off John Fox like he all the rest you hire a rookie coach who will continue to live in San Diego and coach? Now thats what you call real dedication and devotion.

Thats kind of like the swindler who took Shinns place after the Sorehead ran him off too named Bob Johnson living in DC and owning in the QC and you know how good that worked out.

Anonymous said...

What does it matter? These head coaches barely see their families as it is right now. Who cares where his wife and kids want to live?

Anonymous said...

... Thats BS.
NFL coaching is like any job where you work 15 hrs and come home to rest a few hours. Live and coach local and see your family AM, PM and weekends. No prob.

The NFL, bless its lil heart is a part titme job for 6 mos or less at most anyway. Who else gets mega millions to play 3 hrs for 16 Sundays? U gotta be kiddin.

Cry us a river ...

Anonymous said...

NFL players union members are rogue.


Go buy your own business if you have a problem. Plenty of equally good or better players.

Hurray for OWNERS !! Lock the greedy union pigs out.

Tad Lowe said...

I know how he feels. My family lives in Bessemer City, but my work keeps me in Sanford most of the week.

Anonymous said...

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