Friday, February 4, 2011

5 notes about Heat-Bobcats

5 quick notes about Charlotte's 109-97 home loss to the Heat Friday night, which I attended along with an announced sellout crowd of 19,592 (here's my column on it):

1) Dwyane Wade's triple-double was the first one he had in five years (since Jan.13, 2006, to be exact). He and LeBron James have never had dual triple-doubles in their time together in Miami, but came close (LeBron had 19 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists).
LeBron, who piles up triple-doubles routinely, thinks they are a great stat. Wade, who never gets them "because he shoots too much," as LeBron joshed, thinks they are very overrated.

2) Charlotte really played pretty darn well for 3 quarters. Gerald Wallace's play was particularly heartening -- he has disappeared far too often over the past month.

3) The "Poetry Corner" bit on the big monitors with Derrick Brown is hilarious. With a fake pipe and smoking jacket, Brown seriously reads the lyrics to a rap song and then lets fans try to guess which one it is. May not sound that funny, but Brown really pulls it off.

4) The Bobcats were really trying to move some tickets for tonight's Dallas game and Monday night's Boston game. They must have run a "two tickets for $30" promo at least 5 times on the scoreboard.

5) Gerald Henderson is really getting better (he was 6-for-10 and scored 14 Friday and played some good defense). But you don't want him shooting three-pointers.


Anonymous said...

1 note about Jimmy Clausen ---

He sucks worse than any QB in the NFL in the last 25 years

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:09... what does that have to do with this article on the Bobcats?

Suck it Scott said...

Hey Scott, thanks for only giving a damn about the Bobcats during big games that you go to.

"Should be a part of every home game if it's not already." - Shows that you only show up because it's the Heat and to you, it's the only time worth supporting the Bobcats. You are the epitome of the casual Charlotte sports fan. You wonder why they are trying desperately to sell tickets? Maybe it's because they can't even get support from a local sports journalist (if you can even call yourself that.) Leave the Bobcats to Bonnell and the Panthers to Gantt and try something else. Loser.

Anonymous said...

I with you anon 3:05. I thought the same thing. If the CO wants to save money, why don't they just reassign Fowler to another more appropriate beat and leave the Bobcats to Bonnell

Anonymous said...

Somebody bitchslap that Thom Sorehead moron and tell him to shat his stupid piehole for his Steelers as if anybody gives a good rats azz what he says.
The NFL needs other winners and not just the same ole crook outfit in a cold dead deserted ex-steel mill town.
All they make now is paint and dig for coal. Rename them the Pittsburgh Painters or Coalminers.