Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mike Maloy, MJ and March Madness

A few weekend notes:

1) I wrote my column today on Mike Maloy, the mysterious former Davidson basketball star who once led the team to two NCAA Elite Eight berths and then basically disappeared. A Davidson student named John Rogers got interested in Maloy's story after hearing about Maloy's death in 2009, and in large part due to Rogers' efforts (and a 20-minute documentary film he and two other students produced) Maloy will be honored today at Davidson.

2) I have already written in this blog about MJ's big gamble in trading away Gerald Wallace (see the post after this one), but watching the Bobcats on TV Friday night I was surprised to see how happy MJ was when Eduardo Najera sank a late 3-pointer under pressure when the game was already put away. The basket had MJ on his feet, laughing and smiling, and you'll notice he hardly ever stands up when seated courtside (MJ owns the 4 seats nearest the Bobcats bench). He sure loved that one, though, and so did Najera -- who slapped hands with a half-dozen fans courtside as he jogged back down the court.

3) March is almost upon us, which means it is time for the greatest college tournament in sports -- the men's NCAA hoops tourney. Remember, Charlotte will host eight teams March 18 and 20 (teams to be determined March 13 on Selection Sunday) in 2nd and 3rd-round games. Less than 3,500 tickets remain.

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Anonymous said...

On another note does this idiot Rivera who was passed over by 10 NFL teams for HC see now that Newton SUX as a passer? To be a "franchise QB" you better pick a passer. Luck is a passer. Mallet is a passer. Newton throws like a girl and couldnt hit the broadside of a barn.

Newton and another past CP QB Weinke were the same size and won the same awards with Heisman and NCAA title but Weinke had a gun being a baseball pitcher in HS and 1st baseman in the pros for 6 yrs and was deadly accurate. We know what happened to him when JR fired 5 time Super Bowl 49er HC winner Seifert who also invented the west coast defense.

Rivera talks like a dud and better wise up and pick a passing QB and a WR like Green. Newton would make a good TE but not QB. Not even close. Passing is the key not just size and mobility.