Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stewart scores on 55-yard pass from Clausen -- 7-7

The Panthers just calmed down the Superdome crowd with quite a play -- a 55-yard strike from Jimmy Clausen to Jonathan Stewart.That tied the game at 7-all with 12:15 left in the second quarter. The drive went five plays in 72 yards.

On the play, the Panthers lined up with five receivers and an empty backfield. Stewart was wide right. New Orleans rushed three.

Clausen, with time, scrambled and got close to the line of scrimmage. The Saints defense totally busted a coverage and lost Stewart, who sneaked at least 15 yards behind the nearest defender. Clausen threw a strike and Stewart caught it, turned, stumbled, nearly fell and then recovered to score from 55 yards standing up.

That TD matched the total points the Panthers have had in the past two games (7 each in losses to Tampa Bay and Cincinnati).

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