Sunday, October 3, 2010

P:anthers' 1st drive: 2 timeouts, zero points

Carolina's first offensive drive at the Superdome was a comedy of errors, as Carolina had to use two timeouts in the first 2:15 because it couldn't get set up right.

A sack of Jimmy Clausen put Carolina in third-and-long, whereupon (after the second timeout) Clausen skipped a short pass to an already-frustrated looking Steve Smith off the artificial turf.

Drew Brees and the Saints now have the ball for the first time, starting at their own 9 after an excellent Jason Baker punt.


Anonymous said...

Did the Panthers practice this week? They look lost.

Anonymous said...

we might be the worst team in the NFL! This is confusing me. At least we got a fumble recovery.

Anonymous said...

what happened that we seemed like one of the best 2 years ago and here we are now playing like total S**t!

Anonymous said...

Does John Fox & the Panthers know they have a game today?