Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 more questions with Bruton Smith

Here are five questions and answers that didn’t quite make the final cut in my “Bruton Smith: 20 questions” piece today, but still are worth a look. I did this interview with Smith on Monday:

Q: If you had a totally free day, what would you do?
A: It’d be a generally people thing. I’d incorporate that into a trip maybe to New York or Vegas. Or California, I have a home in Beverly Hills, Calif. It depends on where I am. I’m more of a spur-of-a-moment type person.

Q: It appears you’re in good health. What do you attribute that to?
A: Good genes. A little working out. And I’ve never, ever smoked. I’ve always led a pretty clean life.

Q: What do you spend your money on personally?
A: I spend more money on clothes than anything else. I’ve always been a clotheshorse. I used to wear a tie every day but I’ve kind of weaned myself from that now.

Q: You don’t like the NASCAR points system, right?
A: Let’s put a strong emphasis on winning. That’s what we’re all about, whatever sports you’re in. Don’t talk to me about points, talk to me about winning.
The Chase for the championship is probably a good idea but if I’m sitting there and I bought a ticket and I’m at that race today, I want to see someone fighting like the dickens to win that race. That’s why I came.
That’s it in a nutshell. I like taking maybe half of that money off the points system and put it on that day’s purse – make winning more valuable. Follow the money -- that’s what the people in the stands will understand.

Q: Your middle name is Bruton and your first name starts with an “O” – sometimes you’re referred to as O. Bruton Smith. What does the “O” stand for? Orville? Ollie?
A: It’s just O, like “Oh!” (Raises his eyebrows and pretends to be surprised). If it ever did stand for anything, I’ve forgotten it, because I never did want to use it.



How about this question..."Bruton what makes you think you can bully everyone around you just because you have money?"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bruton Smith needs to go ahead and buy up Hall of Fame after being dissed again for the list. NASCAR wouldnt even be in the former "trucking capital of the world" had he not built the racetrack in 1959 anyway.

Actually the price keeps going down so maybe hes waiting for foreclosure to pick it up real cheap.

Justin Thyme said...

Q:With the 1st generation of fans dying off of lung cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; the 2nd generation having no disposable income to travel to races since they were laid off; and the 3rd generation, if they watch at all, do it at home in front of the high-def big screen TV with the fridge in the next room and the bathroom down the hall; how will you attempt to draw fans to the track in a "sport" that is so far removed from its roots as to be irrelevant?

Mark said...

Sure you guys think your smart ridiculing and disrespecting Mr. Smith with your ignorant comments. Just a note for you to remember..your opinion don't count anyway's. When your an owner of countless business's and employ thousands, responsible for helping others become successful millionaires, and thousands with healthy incomes..then say of now you have nothing to say.