Sunday, October 10, 2010

Panthers get creamed by Bears -- more thoughts

A few more notes I found interesting from the Panthers' 23-6 loss to Chicago (sorry I couldn't post during the game, gang -- I won't bore you with the stories of my varied computer problems):

-- I thought this problem got solved years ago, but apparently some guys just don’t learn. TV play-by-play announcer Sam Rosen on Fox Sports repeatedly called Steve Smith “Steven” Sunday. First problem: the long version of his name is Stevonne. Second: Everyone calls the wide receiver “Steve.”
After Rosen said “Steven” again, analyst Tim Ryan asked him why. “It’s respectful,” Rosen said.
No, it’s just wrong.

-- Mascot football at halftime is always a big hit with fans, but even more so Sunday. To see somebody you knew actually use the end zone for something other than warmups -- that was special for the home fans.

-- Panther tight end Jeff King made me think of horse stalls when he said of the team’s play: “It’s kind of the same smell week after week.”

-- The 2010 Panthers are now stuck on the number five -- five losses, five total touchdowns and five field goals. This is the worst offense in the NFL, and it’s not close.

-- I sort of crashed a pre-game Panthers tailgate party Sunday -- hosted by a guy named Gus and his friends, most of whom were from around the Lake Wylie area. Gus was kind enough to ask me a couple of questions during my online chat at last Tuesday, from noon to 1 p.m.

He invited me to the tailgate at that time but didn’t really expect me to come, he said today. But I found him and his group. It was fun -- a lot more fun than watching the game itself. I’ll have another online chat this Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m.

-- Seven interceptions in one game? And no lost fumbles? That’s downright weird. Chicago quarterback Todd Collins’ 6.2 passer rating was one of the worst quarterbacking performances ever displayed in this stadium -- and his team still won by 17 (although Collins did get yanked -- if he had even been halfway decent, the Bears would have won by 30).


Anonymous said...

Mascot football WAS an improvement over the game. Too bad we can't sign those guys up.

Anonymous said...

From the President of NASCAR -

"Thank you Mr. Richardson! Your team is best thing possible for our television ratings."

Anonymous said...

the announcers kept on calling Mike Goodson a rookie as well...

Anonymous said...

Put Armanti Edwards in at QB. He is so much better than the other QBs that it is ridiculous to have him learning a million positions when he is a natural QB.