Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's apology: I give it a "C" and here's why

Like much of America, I watched Tiger Woods’ 13-minute apology Friday, a story that was handled by the TV networks as if it had the significance of a moon landing. I would give his apology a “C” grade overall. That grade comes from my totally subjective average of the following 5 factors.

Level of contrition: A. Tiger called himself “selfish,” “foolish,” “deeply sorry,” “embarrassed.” He also said: “I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did is not acceptable, and I am the only person to blame.” He also said of his multiple affairs: “I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled.” In other words, he at least sounded like he knew this mess was all his fault.

“Control” factor: F. Woods’ refusal to take questions – and yet to invite selected journalists to more or less serve as “props” for this made-for-TV event – prompted a boycott by a prominent association of golf writers. This was Tiger's biggest mistake -- not answering at least a few questions. Tiger has done thousands of press conferences. He could have talked about what he wanted to, skipped over what he didn’t and made himself appear a lot more human and a lot less controlling.

“From the heart” factor: B. It sounded to me like Tiger actually wrote the statement, or at least most of it. I’ve been around him enough that I don’t think he had a scriptwriter craft this one -- it sounded the way he usually sounds, except he was talking about affairs instead of putts. He didn’t cry. And while that was genuine – he shouldn’t manufacture tears if he didn’t have any – that did make it seem at times a little too polished, the hugs at the end a little too perfect.

“Don’t blame the wife” factor: C. Tiger said his wife Elin deserves “praise,” not “blame.” He said she had never hit him. He did not say much else about her, except to tell the paparazzi to leave her and his kids alone. Bet that'll stop 'em.

Actual news factor: D. Tiger’s statement made for good TV – people will remember where they were when they watched it – but it didn’t answer a lot of questions, including anything about what happened Thanksgiving night; specifics about what had been incorrectly reported about his life (he asserted there were many falsehoods out there); when he is coming back to golf and whether he and his wife planned to stay together.

About the only thing I actually learned from the statement that I didn’t know before Friday at 11 a.m. was that he is trying to return to Buddhism, the religion his mother raised him in as a youngster.


Anonymous said...

who cares what you think!

Anonymous said...

No way he could have picked which questions he wanted to answer. That is a silly suggestion on your part. He did the right thing. He needed to make a statement and apologize. He can answer questions at a later point.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that the media is just "sour grapes" because Tiger didn't do things the way they wanted him to do it.

Clay said...

There is no grade to give. Tiger owes no onw an apology except his family and business partners that this affected.

Anonymous said...

I for one really dont care about what happened, that is between tiger and his wife, people need to leave them alone, let them heal so he can get back to doing what he does best on the course.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Scott. Let's see you make a press-conference in front of the world and see how you handle it. And who are you to judge with a C? Furthermore, were you not listening? He doesn't owe anyone an explanation about that night, it's between him and Elin. Why do we want to know where he was, how many times and all that? It's time for this to be over and let the man have his peace. You're just mad because you didn't get invited.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott - I give you an "F" and here's why.... nobody give a flying one what you think!

Anonymous said...

So him get'n on NATIONAL TV and APOLOGIZING wasn't enough? Because he didn't go into detail about what happened that night, and because he didn't want to answer questions from the "Media" he only get's a "C"??? I wouldn't have answered questions from the media, who likes to SALE DRAMA AND MISFORTUNE for ratings. Not talking to the media does not make you less of a man?? When did that happend?? LOL....Scott is the Typical AMERIKKKAN who just wants to see Tiger suffer and cry and give up. Judge'n him is typical of whites in America now a days when it comes to black athletes and how much fame and fortune they have. Who cares if he didn't go into details about what really happened that night.

Anonymous said...


I find your admittedly "subjective" article to be just another example of media elitism. Do you really think you or anyone else that was not involved has the right or need to have Tiger explain the details of exactly what happened on Thanksgiving night? Or the details of all his encounters? And why, for God's sake, do you feel entitled to know if he and his wife plan to stay together???? This, to me, is the height of media arrogance!

The whole premise here that you are judging and grading Tiger is absurd. He made bad mistakes and he owes explanations and apologies to family, friends and business associates. He has apologized to every possible entity for his actions. He does NOT owe the voyeur media or general public anything more. Get off your high horse!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Tiger and Elin Woods will never publicly speak of this again. He has apologized and that is enough. What goes on now between Tiger and Elin, is none of our business. And to those skanks he slept with who are demanding apologies from him, I say "drop dead". You knew he was a married man. He owes you nothing. All of you sleazy women deserve all the shame and pain you can experiece. And to those who criticize Tiger for having a prepared statement, would you have preferred he do a "Mark Sanford" type of press conference. We all know how well that was received.

jim said...

But can he play quarterback?

Anonymous said...

i agree that this is the business of he and his family alone. however, i dont believe his apology is sincere. if a person is truely sorry for what theyve done then they stop doing it and admit it to the person they hurt. he didnt come out and apologize until after he got caught. that being said i do hope theyre able to get through this and do whats in the best interest of the family.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what tiger thinks. That is the bottom line. Who cares!!!

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES IF HIS APOLOGY WAS SINCERE OR NOT!! LMAO To be honest, why did he feel the need to apologize to AMERIKKKA?? it was his PRIVATE life, and if whites stayed out of folks private life, they wouldn't need an apology....(nosey phucka's)...LMAO

Anonymous said...

How can idiots defend this bi-perv douche when he is not even defending himself?

Word is Woods tested postive for HIV and is under treatment for it.

The bigger question is if his wife or kids are infected and she refuses to get around him or allow her kids too for obv reasons.

His home have also been sprayed in and out to kill stray virus.
He also may have infected others.

Anonymous said...

Please......those of you that feel you need to make this a race issue are as ignorant as the elitist media craving for juicy details to sell newspapers.

Tiger has every right to keep whatever details he wants out of the mainstream media.....he owes them nothing!!!

But don't use this as another excuse to go all "Jesse Jackson" on everyone about race. Can't we all gro up already??

Star said...

Who is tiger woods?

Let's all hope we never hear from or about him again.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I view your column a lot, but I must say to you and the rest of the editorial world, you all are like a pack of crazed animals on a feeding frenzy. For those reporters who are living in a glass house (if the shoe fits, wear it), would you put yourself in front of a speeding rock destined to break glass all over you. I say, not just no, but noooooo. So why should Tiger Woods stand in front of an audience of your peers and have them toss rocks. He was more man than many of you because he came forth and admitted to his infidelity. All the rest is between him and his wife, not the public. Did you go back and ask President Clinton to continue his story? Again, Nooooooooo. So ratheer than grade him, let this man resolve his personal issues with his wife, and you all go back to editorializing on stuff that has more value, like why the gas situation in the world hasn't gotten better, or why jobs are so few. Stop this madness now.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is tripping on the questions and answer thing. He only needs to answer to his wife. What question was the media going to ask? How was number 17? What made you want so many? Did you ever think what you was doing was wrong? Sad, but true, it is a lot of men that wish they were with that collection he had.

He made a mistake, just like one of your presidents and many of your govenors and mayors.

Anonymous said...

I'll also give you an "F" ....just shut the H*** up!!!

Anonymous said...

to the gentleman who sees this as a race issue, let me be the first to say im sorry for judging this 1/4 black athelete. from now on ill judge the side of him thats 1/2 asian, 1/8 native american, and 1/8 dutch. just in case you need to dispute that breakdown, look at his biography.

Anonymous said...

Everyones complaining that he didn't take questions. What questions of any journalistic merit should be answered, or even asked?

Anonymous said...

Scott - when are you retiring?

Anonymous said...

I have kids and I have to say that I do feel that Tiger let those who looked up to him down. He owes me nothing, I do not know if I will cheer him on like I did, but he owes me NOTHING! And for the press to think he owes them something, boo hoo you spoiled brats.

Curtis said...

Oh wow, a bunch of anonymous posters with lame responses...that's so creative. Although, the "AmeriKKKa" guy is new around here - wow dude...seriously?

Before you all chime in and say Tiger doesn't owe anybody anything...well, if he was you, you're right. You are anonymous, non-public, non-endorsed dudes doing normal day to day things. You aren't in the limelight, and you don't take money (BIG MONEY) to represent corporations by marketing yourself as a clean cut, family guy who plays golf.

But, unfortunately for Tiger, he is. And when you decide to be a PAID spokesperson rather than just an give up that right to anonymity. You don't have to like it, you may not agree with it...but, it is what it is.

With that big ol' paycheck, comes some big ol' responsibilities. And if you want to keep that big ol' paycheck (see Nike for example that didn't drop him) then you have to show attrition.

Why else do you think he did it?

And BTW guys, it just so happens to be Scott's job to comment on these things...or did you forget he is a Sports Writer commenting on a Sports Figure (possibly the biggest one in the world). Scott not writing about it is like a Politics writer not mentioning the State of the Union, or a Money writer not keeping up with the Fed. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Pro sports have gone thug so golf is next with courses built in the hoods with crackhead tatooed gold and diamond teeth playa golfers flossin big bling and jacker carts with gold plated clubs wearing dreads with pants on the ground and silver studded hats sideways.
Decked homie caddies will be slangin on the side packin tin heat in the hip hop groove with hos everywhere. yeeeeaaaaahhh

Sympathy 4 You said...

Did I really just read a "it's the white mans fault?"

So I made Tiger cheat with 20+ women.

So now, I have made crack, hoods, ghettos, low riders, radios, booze, etc... to keep the black man down.

JESUS man. Let it go.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what you think? I guess you are perfect. He clearly said that he had a long way to go. I think he did a great job, just the fact that he goes on national Television and apologies says a lot. No matter what he said or the timing you would still criticize. You are so negative.

Anonymous said...

How many of these comments do you think the same person wrote as anonymous? The reason that most of his approving fans are praising him, is that they have done the same thing and think that it is ok to be a cheater and philanderer.

Anonymous said...

Curtis, maybe Tiger owes Nike and Accenture an apology, but none of us employed him, so he doesn't owe us anything.

Scott is paid to write about sports and issues that affect sports figures, sure, but unless he's been a perfect father, husband, employee, and moral gentleman, he's not fit to sit in judgment. If I'm Scott, I'm hoping that there's no such thing as karma.

And this opinion is coming from someone who isn't a Tiger fan, and doesn't like golf.

Anonymous said...

Let's start a medium devoted to delving into/scrutinizing the lives of journalists- including but not limited to writers, editors, photogs and advertising agents... Do you think THEY could handle the scrutiny? How would our opinions change if we knew some of the things these people have done? I know this, there are 9 to 11 things I have done I don't want ANYONE to know about let alone publish.

Anonymous said...

You must feel sympathy for black women and black gay males left out and dissed by one of their own who prefered white on both accounts. Hard to believe out of 19 hos and 19 twinks not a single one was black while claiming to be a black golfer. Double dissed.

TW you are wrong and not above black females and gay black males like you think you are. Punk.

Anonymous said...

Now, the mistresses are crying that he never apologized to them. HA HA HA! It's the same with Tiger. Me, me, me, I'll tell what I want. The women, me, me, me, aploogize to me. The press, me, me, me, tell me what I want to know.
To AmeriKKKa man, did you notice that none of Tiger's women are black?

Anonymous said...

I will give Scott Fowler an "A" for consistency. Every single time he writes about Tiger, he reiterates his unnecessary, sickening obsession with Tiger's private life by downgrading anything that doesn't include an opportunity to ask questions of Tiger. I still do not understand why Fowler or anyone else feels they are entitled to know what happened on Thanksgiving, how many sexual partners he's had, the number of times he's had extra-marital sex, etc. etc.

All those of you who think you have a right to know these things - I'll bet if you were having similar problems in your marriage, you wouldn't want every detail on SportsCenter. So why should Tiger be any different than you? Let him go to rehab, have marriage counseling, and do whatever he needs to do to repair his family. And quit demanding access to a man's closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22 - Did you hear that from Tiger or his doctor? Didn't think so. You probably heard it on some blog that some dude writes from his basement and just because it sounds sensational, and you heared it on the internet, that makes it the gospel truth.

Unless you have proof of the mess you're spreading, don't spread it.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I thought your article was well written compared to others I have read. The lack of personal information in his (Tiger Woods) speech is appropriate. I believe this apology is aimed toward the sponsors than America at large. He needs them to continue his career in golf. This is the one point you missed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If Tiger Woods is not HIV positive with that perv rogue lifestyle for yrs, nobody is. Poor Elin.

Matt said...

The golf writers boycotted. Yawn. Well, I guess the fact that "Golf Person Weekly" or "Golf Gear Digest" and a couple of other staff writers didn't attend, didn't stop about 20 satellite tv trucks from showing up. That's hilarious. A year from now those same clowns who were trying to look tough with their boycott will be kissing toilet bowls just to get 30 seconds of Q&A with Tiger when he's back on the tour. Not that I'm condoning the press conference, but they were trying to upstage Tiger for upstaging the Accenture tournament. Weak.