Sunday, February 28, 2010

If Jordan goes "all-in," he'll be a fine Bobcats owner

For those of you who may not have seen it, here's my column on Michael Jordan's purchase of the Charlotte Bobcats, which was announced Saturday.

Jordan has made quite a splash with this, but Charlotte as a city is past being starstruck. I want to see Jordan go "all-in," to literally take ownership of the Bobcats. This must be his baby.

I think it can and will work if Jordan does that.


Anonymous said...

Yeah,jordan is an excellent gambler,golfer,gambler,drinker,gambler,and draft pick genius.Just look at who he drafted when he was with washington....eddie curry as the #1 pick was jordan's brain child.Oh wait....all those picks were busts.Oh well,did i mention he is an excellent gambler?

Amit said...

First of all get your facts straight ANON....Jordan drafted Kwame Brown and not Eddie Curry. Jordan's only mistakes in the draft has been not pushing the rest of the organization on who he wants to draft. In Washington he wanted to draft Elton Brand instead of Kwame the weakest draft the last 15 years. He was overruled and they took Brown. In Charlotte the same thing has happened 3 times. In his first draft he wanted Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay. The ownership wanted the next "Larry Bird" to put fans in the seat so they took Morrison. He then turned the 8th pick (Brandon Wright) into Jason Richardson....very good decision. The following year he wanted Brook Lopez but Larry Brown didn't trust Felton at that point and made them draft DJ Augustin. Finally this past year he wanted DeJuan Blair but the rest of management didn't trust his knees. So Jordan just needs to trust himself....we would have had Rudy Gay, Brook Lopez, and DeJuan Blair.

Anonymous said...

"So Jordan just needs to trust himself....we would have had Rudy Gay, Brook Lopez, and DeJuan Blair"
Pretty sure if we would have had Gay, we wouldn't have been in the spots for Lopez or Blair. Morrison was just a waste. We weren't far off from having Howard and CP3 either. Just food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Hornets were twice as good as the Bobcats yet brat fans claimed Shinn didnt spend enough? And look at how Bob Johnson pimped the city. LOL. They never learn do they?

Jordan better be prepared to spend big bucks and win bigtime otherwise he can stay in his beloved Chicago full time even though it appears things will only go downhill worse from here.

Anonymous said...

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