Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is SI's Brooklyn Decker the anti-Peppers?

Big news today on two fronts:

1) Julius Peppers says the Panthers' silence is kind of a turnoff.

I love this! Peppers not liking the fact that someone else is basically giving him the silent treatment? Wow, now he knows what reporters (and, occasionally, the Panthers' front office) have felt like for most of his 8-year career in Carolina. (Kudos to local radio station WFNZ for getting this interview, and getting Peppers to talk about his situation -- a little. It sounds like things are mostly status quo -- Peppers knows someone is about to pay him huge money and he'll go wherever that money leads him).

2) Matthews native Brooklyn Decker has made the cover of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue (you can see the cover and a story about this here).

Decker, 22, is married to tennis star Andy Roddick. Both of them, incidentally, are worth following on Twitter if you do that sort of thing: @BrooklynDDecker and @AndyRoddick. I have never met Decker but she has always seemed to stay true to her North Carolina roots in various interviews (she says on Twitter that she always misses NC when she travels).

In other words, I believe Decker is the anti-Peppers in at least two respects. She doesn't mind serious media exposure and she has left N.C. behind due to her work but now misses the place (as opposed to Julius, who last year really wanted to leave N.C. behind but ended up being forced to stay).


Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is a beautiful woman. It didn't sit well when I saw the Headline "Andy Roddick's Wife is on the cover of SI".

Anonymous said...

That's so touching Scott. It gave me goose bumps just reading it. In fact, reading your drivel made me want to go buy some boiled peanuts and a BBQ sandwich! No wonder Julius wouldn't give a dweeb like you the time of day!

Franklaw said...

At least Scott puts a name on his "drivel."