Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scheyer my frontrunner for ACC Player of Year

I've posted a column in the aftermath of Duke's 64-54 win over North Carolina Wednesday night that you can read here.

One of the things in the column was this description by UNC's Larry Drew of Jon Scheyer, who burned the Tar Heels for 24 points Wednesday night.

"He's as crafty as you can get," Drew said. "You just don't like playing against players like that. He can shoot the ball well. He's quick enough. He's smart. He knows about angles. He’s a good actor. And he can shoot."

So Scheyer is a thespian (the acting part, which I assume means Scheyer is good at looking like he's fouled). He's a mathematician (the angles). He's a master craftsman (the craftiness). And he can shoot -- which is the biggest thing, so much so that Drew mentioned it twice.


Anonymous said...

I think coach k is alot like scheyer.....crafty,skilled,sneaky fast etc.Coach k clearly outcoached roy,especially at the 10 minute mark when it was tied 43 all.Going with 3 guards for duke was the answer for duke and roy saving his timeouts and yelling at the players on the bench was not for unc.Roy is a good coach as long as he has good players............but then who isn't....duh!!!

Anonymous said...

why in the h#ll is this crap on THE PANTHERS PAGE ?

Anonymous said...

Panther's page or not, if Jon Scheyer is not the POY there is no justice. It will only be because of all the UNC alums that vote. Jon Scheyer - 20+ points in five of the last seven games ... ranks in the top 10 of the ACC in eight statistical categories ... leads the league in minutes, free throw percentage, three-point field goals and assist-to-turnover ratio ... league-high 13 games with 20 or more points ... three-time ACC Player of the Week
What other ACC player has these credentials?