Friday, January 13, 2012

Stephen Curry says it's "unlikely" he will play Saturday vs Charlotte Bobcats

Golden State’s Stephen Curry understands that a lot of people in the Carolinas want to see him play Saturday night against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Unfortunately, Curry said in a phone interview we had Friday, that’s “unlikely.”

“I haven’t ruled it out,” Curry said of playing Saturday night against Charlotte in the Warriors’ only trip to play the Bobcats this season. “But I guess I’d say it’s unlikely. I’m not putting on extra pressure on the idea of playing this game just because it’s a homecoming thing. We all have to be smart about it.”

Curry’s right ankle has been giving him trouble again – the same one that he had surgery on in May 2011 and then has re-sprained several times early this season. He has been in Charlotte all week, rehabbing the ankle and planning to meet up with the Warriors when they get to town for Saturday night’s game. He said the ankle feels "great" right now but that it has been such a nagging issue he doesn't want to rush back, which has been a problem before.

Curry has sprained the same ankle more than a dozen times in his career, he said. But he had the ankle looked at this week by his doctor and it was determined it was still structurally sound, so no further surgery is required. Rest and rehab on the ankle for the former Davidson star – that’s the current prescription.

Said Dell Curry, Stephen’s father and also the Bobcats’ TV analyst: “The hard thing for him is he’s young, he wants to play. It feels good. But we’re trying to get him to look at the big picture. For his future as well as the team’s, he’s got to get healthy.”

I'll be writing a full-length column on Stephen Curry for Saturday's Charlotte Observer -- please watch for that.


Anonymous said...

Darn, the Davidson crew will be disappointed. Get better soon!

Archiguy said...

I remember when Steph sprained his ankle the first time last year. It seemed odd to me then - and I blogged about it here - that he was back on the court so soon. Then he sprained it again, of course, and again, he was back on the court very quickly - TOO quickly. (Maybe Scott can post on those time frames or research it for his column.)

I had a major ankle sprain, maybe even torn ligaments, when I was a quick-healing teenager and I remember how long it took (months!) to heal fully. It seems to me that Golden State has not been very smart with their high-priced investment in Steph Curry up to now. I'd hate to see his ankle weakened to the point that it will affect his career long term, but that ship may already have sailed.