Sunday, January 1, 2012

Halftime blog: Brees dissecting Panthers

The New Orleans Saints have the best offense in the NFL right now, and it's been on full display in the first half as the Saints lead Carolina 24-17 at halftime.

The Saints have a staggering 360 yards at halftime and are on pace to easily shatter the record for the most the Panthers have ever allowed (493). Carolina's patched-together defense, combined with Brees' surgical skills as a quarterback, have made for three long Saints TD drives, one field goal by John Kasay and one surprising interception by Carolina's R.J. Stanford.

The Panthers' worst mistake was with 15 seconds to go and the game tied at 17. New Orleans had no timeouts left and the ball at Carolina's 42. The Panthers basically just had to keep everything in front of them -- at worst they were going to allow a field goal. But Sherrod Martin allowed Marques Colston to get behind him for a 42-yard TD pass.

On offense, Carolina is running the ball beautifully (134 yards already on the ground). Cam Newton has one nice TD pass to Steve Smith and a bad interception he threw in the Saints' end zone on an awkward-looking jump pass. Jonathan Stewart has a 29-yard rushing TD.


Anonymous said...

maybe if somebody would teach Godfrey where to be on the field and learn to tackle the Can't wouldn't have so many yards. Our secondary is a joke, and Godfrey thinks he is invisible by doing that stupid hand gesture after he makes a play. HE MISSES the other 40 his way. HE SUCKS

mrshlthmps said...

They are running the score up. We are hapless. Somebody get some pride and hit the quarterback who should not even be in the game at this point. Hit him!!!!

Anonymous said...

sean mc should leave.defense is not worth a d--.the saints were laughing at our defense. they went down field at will.and please help cam with his pouting on the side lines.GROW UP PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

F F F this F'n defense