Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It'll be Giants over Patriots in the Super Bowl

My colleague Tom Sorensen says in this column that the favored New England Patriots will indeed beat the N.Y. Giants Sunday in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Sorry, Tom, I don't buy it. Or, to be fair, I buy part of it. We both think the Giants will score 27 points. But you pick them to lose, 33-27. And I pick them to win, 27-23.

Tom's reasoning is that Tom Brady is the better quarterback and will win the game for the Pats, but I don't think he's playing better than Eli Manning right now. For his career, certainly. Brady is a surefire hall of famer. Manning needs to win this game to get into that conversation.

But I believe the Giants' defense is better. They've traveled a tougher road to get to Indianapolis and Tom Coughlin knows how to beat Bill Belichick, as evidenced by the amazing upset four years ago of the 18-0 Pats.

This New England team has a pair of great tight ends and it will score some points, but so will the Giants against that patchwork New England D. I think Green Bay is actually a better team than New England, and the Giants already beat the Packers.

So give me the underdog Giants. Like Tom, I picked both the Giants and New England to win in the championship games on our website. This time, though, we differ -- it's going to be the Giants by four.


that's what she said...

the giants win before was not great coaching, a few luck plays to win it. hoodie is a superior coach, getting to the super bowl this yr was amazing.

I love tight ends, look for that to be the difference. Pats by 7

Ricky from Ranlo said...

I too hope the New York Football Giants win the game. But I fear New England will use the loss of their perfect season the last time these two met in the Super Bowl as a strong motivator. I'm not really invested in either team, and will be happy with a good close game worth watching. Omaha!

Anonymous said...

Eli is better than Peyton. He is a great QB and this should be a great game.

Eli will have more super bowls
also, many forget that Peyton never beat Florida while at TN on great TN teams.....and Eli beat Florida 2 times on a weak Ole Miss squad.

I am happy for Eli in this. Always had to live in the shadow of his overrated big brother.

Anonymous said...

Beating the Packers and the 49'ers either has them perfectly poised to knock of the Pats, or...left them completely exhausted. With two weeks off, I think they're ready to finish their run. Giants 33, Pats 27

Anonymous said...

One thing I'd put my money on...Tom Brady has a whole lot more motivation to beat the Giants than they do to beat him. Patriots by at least 10.