Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Carolina Panthers by the numbers after Week 6

Some significant statistics for the 1-5 Panthers:

4 -- Cam Newton is fourth in the NFL with 1847 passing yards. In all of 2010, Jimmy Clausen had 1558 passing yards.

9 -- Cam Newton's interception total. He is tied for the league lead with Washington's Rex Grossman, so the two could face off Sunday in Charlotte (although Grossman may have lost his job to John Beck with a four-interception game against Philadelphia).

14 -- Steve Smith's receptions of 20 or more yards this season. That ranks first in the NFL in that category; he is second in total reception yardage (675) to New England's Wes Welker (785).

27.2 -- A major problem. That's the number of points the Panthers are giving up per game. Only three NFL teams are worse -- John Fox's Denver Broncos being one of them.

78.3 -- Newton's overall quarterback rating, which was dragged down significantly with Sunday's three-interception performance against Atlanta. It ranks him No.25 in the NFL.

395 -- Number of yards the Panthers have been penalized this season, which is third-worst in the league behind Oakland and Tampa Bay.

418.2 -- Panthers' average offensive yards per game, fifth in the NFL. They've moved the ball with authority between the 20s but continue to have some red-zone problems.


Anonymous said...

We must be leading the league in missed tackles.

Scott's hood said...

We one thing is for sure, we do lead the league in unrealistic expectations. This team is FAR from ready to compete in the NFL. We are slightly better than last year, thanks to Cam. But other than that, we are still a 4 win team at the very best, as the oddsmakers had us at the start of the season.

Anonymous said...

How is Captain Munnerlyn still starting, he's always right there when the other team rips off a big play? Him and Jordan Pugh are atrocious.

Joe F. said...

Seriously Scott's hood, why can't our homers see what a bad team we are? I was expecting better defense and more rookie mistakes by Cam, not one of the most dynamic offenses in the league and a defense that couldn't stop a lineman from rushing for 100 yards.

People I'm not saying don't cheer for the team, just don't act so surprised and upset when we lose to good teams. Ever since Panthers fans were spoiled in '96, we have been an impatient bunch. Look at Detroit, one playoff win since the 1950s. Many if not most seasons they have had for decades were like ours last year. Cheer for the team but get real folks, the future looks bright and we could not say that last year.

Alex G said...

Isn't it interesting that a lot of writers has viewed this as Cam's worst performance to date (3 interceptions is a lot), but it was his highest QBR rating, which is supossed to take into account things that aren't the quarterbacks fault, like some of those interceptions???

clausen said...

Future is bright!

clausen said...

Future is bright!

Anonymous said...

Panthers have a Superbowl contending but aging offense, last place defense. If Cam Newton were the QB of the Jets, Sánchez rookie year, Jets would have one Superbowl win working on another this year.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:52pm - Cam is good, but remember he's still a rookie and makes plenty of mistakes. The Panthers defense isn't doing Cam any favors, forcing us to significantly outgain the other team, but Cam hasn't been doing the defense any favors either.

His league-leading interceptions can give the defense a short field, or limit their time off the field, making them very tired.

Cam's talents, coupled with a dynamic offense have made the Panthers both competitive and fun to watch (finally), but let's not get carried away. He's still a rookie and will continue to make rookie mistakes. He'll likely wind up being the best QB to ever suit up in a Panthers uniform, but like any good NFL QB, he'll need time to develop and learn from his mistakes.

Anonymous said...

neutral observer says,

yada yada yada ... losers protect their loser and his 1-5 reg season & 0-3 pre season. not his fault.

nothing is his fault in the pros so far plus he never stole laptops cheated got kicked out of college or got pay for play loot either. not his fault.

he'd be winning super bowls for other teams right now and when he cuts out for 4 times more loot next yr.

the media and his fans on a fantazy trip. laughable.

in the real world the 1-5 kits get a free scalp at the dc barber shop next up. 3-2 skins on the warpath after that philly loss.

washington redskins by 18.

ps on behalf of the other 31 teams please do not make any changes at qb this yr. thankz guyz.

Anonymous said...

16th in points per game... so some of the gaudy offensive stats are misleading.

Anonymous said...

Fix the D and this all goes away and the W's begin. Our D is horrible. Anybody who watches this mess can see it. Missed tackles, D line can't and I repeat can't shed blockers to get to the runner. Are we just weak? Cam is performing well above expectations and pleasant to see but his effort goes down the drain when our D steps on field. It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Rivera "We are close"?

More HC comedy. Rivera should have stayed in Cally & gone to Hollywood. Give him a few more weeks like that and he'd at least win on amateur nite at the Improv.

Close only counts in horeshoes darts and target practice.

It can also go the other way. i.e. Falcons by almost 21.

"We are close" Famous last words of Capt Smith on the Titanic.

Ron - Panthers Fan said...

I want to know what Therapist in town is directing all of her crazy/angry patients to vent on this blog.

Man WHAT! You psychopaths drive on the same road as I? I need a bigger truck.

If you don't like the Panthers, support the Cowboys, as all other crazies do. Just shut the crap UP.

par said...

Why can not the Panthers pick up T. Owens or T.J. Houshmandzadeh? They need help in the receiving corps.

Anonymous said...

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Well they are 2-8 right now, and they face Indianapolis on Sunday, they got a great chance of winning in Indianapolis.

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