Monday, October 3, 2011

What Billick said on Shockey's push

Panther tight end Jeremy Shockey was furious after the game about being called for pass interference, negating a 22-yard touchdown pass he caught from Cam Newton early in the third quarter that would have put Carolina ahead, 27-24, at the time. Read here for Shockey's comments.

Shockey, who undoubtedly will be fined after his tirade, seemed incensed that game officials offered him no explanation for what he did. Fox-TV analyst and former Super Bowl-winning coach Brian Billick did offer an explanation while doing game analysis on TV, however, and it follows later in this blog.

First, the setup: Carolina had a first-and-10 from the Chicago 22. Shockey went in motion to the right and was guarded 1-on-1 by Bears cornerback Charles Tillman. Shockey cut inside of Tillman, who was caught off guard and started to lose his balance.

Shockey then reached out his right hand, creating a bit more separation between him and Tillman. Tillman fell, but Shockey's hand hardly made contact with Tillman at all. He then ran about 10 more yards and caught Newton's perfect throw in the end zone, aggravating a finger injury in the process.

Said Billick while Fox showed several replays of the call: "That last little push. You know the sad thing there? I don't think that he needed it... Anytime you hold your hand out away from your body, whether it's the impetus [for the defensive back falling] or not, it's going to get called. You can lift the elbow, you can lift the forehand [Billick probably mean to say forearm there]. But if you show the open hand, it's typically going to get called.... He barely touches him. i don't know if it was a factor (in Tillman falling), but it was an open-hand push."

My take: Shockey never gets called for that "push" except for the fact that Tillman falls down, which makes it look far worse than it actually was.


Anonymous said...

"a bit more separation between he and Tillman."

That should read between HIM and Tillman.

LangstonGarvey said...

Killa Cam is doing better than anyone expected, including myself one of his biggest fans! Every game at least 1 or 2 touchdowns get called back for some reason or another! Refs, drop balls, misfires etc... the defense has to help!! Shockey is a major addition to our team and I love the fire he brings, bad call by the ref! Is this football, I know they wore pink but give me a break!! The call was lame, late, and had no bearing on the outcome of the play! He was beat regardless!!

Anonymous said...

The call was a travesty. The NFL is fast approaching NASCAR in the way officials manipulate the outcome of games.
The NFL can now count me out of buying any tickets to such rigged events. If I want to be entertained and the script is already written, I'll follow the WWF.

Anonymous said...

ENOUGH of the pink gear - ONE WEEK is more than I can take -

It does NOTHING for a cause. Just a publicity stunt and looks stupid

Anonymous said...

Two things... You can debate all you want about whether he pushed off or not, but it is only pass interference if the ball is in the air, which is was clearly not considering he ran 15 yards after the contact to the end zone. Also, you can clearly see on the replay of him catching the ball in the end zone that the official throws the flag as he is going up for the catch - again, in the end zone 15 yards after he supposedly pushed off. This sort of thing happens on literally every single pass play (nearly every route).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned the most telling sign relating to the call. After Shockey makes the catch, the defender isn't calling for interference. He lowers and shakes his head because he knows he was beaten with no interference. No one knows better than him that he got beaten, and all you have to do is watch his body language. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Horrible call and as usual, made by a ref nowhere near the play and well after the result. Its as if the ref doesn't make the call unless it's a score. He blew it plain and simple and after reviewing the film, will know it. His excuse will be he saw the hand and the player fall so naturally threw the flag. NFL is getting pretty close to soccer with the acting to get the call. They want to review every TD then why wouldn't you want to review something like this which resulted in a TD? Overturn it after review if it warrants it. It was a blown call and cost us dearly.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, Scott. Never would have been called if Tillman did not fall down. That only happened because he was off balance when it occured. What a shame? or sham

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Anonymous said...

Completely changed the game. Its bush league by the officials it seems like half of the Panthers TD are called back. The NFL needs to redefine offensive pass interference. Terrible call with mimimal contact to help decide a game.

Anonymous said...

Excellent call by the ref on the pass interference.
Refs are only doing their jobs. Stop 2nd guessing. Thats poor sportsmanship.
Its only a kids game played by adults anyway
They are neutral.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:50pm are you the nerd correcting the english also. "Neutral" obvioulsy no idea what your talking about.

Bottom line is this, Shockey would never have gotten that call in NY or NO. That is not the only bogus calls, Olsen supposed holding where the guy fell down, "illegal formations". The past 4 weeks everytime we have gotten in the red zone, EVERYTIME! the flags start flying. All of us are not stupid naive fans.
It is bad enough deal with this in Bobcats games... someone said above, it makes you want to say what is the point in watching the Ref.s try to manipulate outcomes.

I'm glad Shockey said something and the panthers should pay his fines for bringing attention to it, lord knows if foxy was still here nothing would have been said.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in structured bias but I do believe in personal bias and nobody can say without certainty that certain refs may or may not have personal beliefs on who they want to win in a certain game. It's professional sports at the highest level with a lot of money inivolved. There are bad calls out there and the league is trying to protect TDs with reviews so when a "questionable" call negates a TD, why shouldn't that call be reviewed? It's time for this in my opinion. For integrity, you cannot let a questionable intereference call negate a TD without a review for accuracy.

Anonymous said...

October 3, 2011 2:27 PM

Shut up whiny crybaby. Losers always whine and invent excuses. Winners never make excuses.

Fact is the Bears were the better team. Forget the stats. Stats mean nothing. Football is a team sport not one mule show.

The refs were on the field watching the play as it happened. Shockey was just mad because he screwed up and he knows it.

He is a tattoed rebellious punk anyway and lucky to be playing for all his injuries. Time for him to hang it up.

Whining and 2nd guessing is for sorryass know nothing feminine loser bitchers.

Deal with it. Move on to the next loss. Cant stand the kitchen get out of the heat.

Anonymous said...


We killed your ass all day. If you are excited about that win, get ready son cause you gonna be home watching the playoffs with us. We'll take stats out... take away those 14 points Hester and the int. and what did you do??? We were in the red zone all day!!!!!!!

Also mind your own business and if you live here and are a Bears fan your an idiot anyway.

And I can show you a femanine loser bitch.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can think of at least 10 different plays why we lost before I would blame the referees. The impartial announcer said the ref was right in calling pass interference. Why did Shockey push the defender giving the ref a chance to make the call? He already had him beat as the defender was stumbling. Shockey is the newest member of the Michael Vick Whine Club. Let's show some class, say congratulations to Chicago and move on to kicking the Saints' butt this weekend.

Anonymous said...

OK ,Mr. Highroad

Just keep this in mind when we get in the redzone this weekend and the flags start falling. Flags for things they(ref.s) could call on any given play, but don't. 4 weeks of the same thing.

Congratulations Chicago

Anonymous said...

Now, don't you feel better?

Besides, if this continues, we will have one helluva draft pick to pair with Cam.

Anonymous said...

No but you have a point.

I just want to get beat fairly,
that is all.

On to the saints.

Anonymous said...

Whiny ass losers. Chicago Bears won fair and square. Deal with it. They proved you dont need some over hyped shyster QB to win.

Newton only padding his own stats so he can be traded under the new rules for the union swine that Richardson approved secretly negotiating with other teams and will stab CP fans in the back. He is using your loser team as a stepping stone to get to NYC Miami Chicago.

Meanwhile the NFL union slime gets billions more as big banks like BOA ready to fail as tv cable is headed to 200 bucks a month to pay for the shysters like Newton and the union scum.

Of course most web fans are bums on welfare so they care less.

Saints will destroy Newton.


dcboy60 said...

One thing is for sure, if Shockey had not put his hand out he would not have been called for pass interference. He didn't need it to get separation. Both receivers and defensive backs are using their hands and arms all the time. I would like a better explanation of what is acceptable under the rules and what isn't. Billick gave a pretty good explanation of what his understanding of what is acceptable when he made the statement referred to in the article. In another part of the game they showed a replay of a long pass to Smith that was incomplete, but you clearly see Smith holding off the defender with his left hand. Billick stated then that Smith was one of the best at getting separation at the last second. So apparently what Smith did was acceptable under the rules. That is where I lack clarity as to why what Shockey did was illegal. I just don't see much of a difference between what Smith did, which was not called, and what Shockey did, which was called.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10/4 7:07am
You got it all figured out don't you! How bout STFU!!

And the clarity in the calls are, the Ref.s could make those calss on any play they wanted Holding,D-holding, illegal formation,lined up in the neutral zone,hands to the face, etc. etc.. That is what is B.S.. They could throw a flag on every play if wanted.

Anonymous said...

STFU is only applicable for those who can handle the job. Otherwise ditto STFUPOS.

Anonymous said...

Shockey was "jockeying" for position, jeez this isnt basketball or lacrosse, you CAN "ward off" a defender to gain position.

Michael Ryan said...

There is something to be said about the rash of penalties within the NFL these days...more games are coming down to the officials instead of athletic skill.