Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picking a Panthers upset over Atlanta

What's going on with Atlanta right now reminds me a lot of what the Carolina Panthers experienced in 2008 and 2009.

First, you have an incredible regular season to secure a playoff bye. For the Falcons, it was 2010, when they went 13-3 and earned the No.1 NFC seed in the playoffs. For the Panthers, it was 2008 when they went 12-4 and grabbed the No.2 seed.

Then, you blow a home playoff game badly against a hot wildcard team that would wind up in the Super Bowl. For the Panthers, it was a 33-13 loss to Arizona that spelled the beginning of the end for Jake Delhomme. For Atlanta, it was the 48-21 thumping Green Bay handed the Falcons on its way to the Super Bowl and a win over Pittsburgh.

Then you begin the next regular season like you still have a hangover, even though the talent is very similar. Carolina would end up 8-8 in 2009. The Falcons are 2-3 so far in 2011 after being picked by many to make the Super Bowl.

-- How could Carolina win Sunday? First of all, the Panthers must stop Michael Turner. The bruising running back has been a pain for Carolina for years. He had 179 rushing yards and four TDs in two Atlanta victories last year. Another time, in 2008, he scored four TDs against the Panthers in one game.

If the Panthers play run defense like they did last week against New Orleans, they've got a shot. But if Turner gets more than 100 yards today, they are in trouble.

-- Cam Newton grew up in the Atlanta area and was a Falcons fan growing up. He had a funny line this week when asked how he was going to deal with all the friends and relatives wanting tickets from him this week.
"," Newton said, referring to the online ticketing site.

-- Watch DeAngelo Williams Sunday. He had his first 100-yard rushing game since 2009 last week, and he always looks faster on artificial turf to me.

-- I came closer to hitting a final score than I have last week in awhile, choosing New Orleans to win 33-27 in a game the Saints ultimately won, 30-27. That made me 16-4 over the past 20 games picking Panther outcomes.

Today I'm going with the Panthers in an upset. I think coach Ron Rivera and his team are due to win one of these close games. My prediction: Carolina 27, Atlanta 21.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yea yea yea ... This one wont even be close.

Slop Newton will be murdered by his home town Falcons for degrading the entire city and metro of 7 million in his biggest ever college football crime spree the past 3 yrs. Matt Ryan will shine.

Smith will be a mouse after Saint Harper finally taught him who is the real boss and not some little snarly pretender coward bully.

Atlanta by 3 TDs

Anonymous said...

Heading down to the game, think we're in for something special tomorrow, i can just feel it. This could be the turning point for these guys and no better team to do it against!

Anonymous said...

Maybe so! Let's hope!

Anonymous said...

Atlanta is a little dysfunctional right now. It's a HUGE game for da Birds. Their playoff hopes are on the line. I'll pick Atlanta, hoping against hope that I'm wrong.

Clinton said...

umm, atlanta by 3 tds? that was a joke! atlanta is blundering and will suck this season. you can always build in the draft- oh wait, you set yourselves back with the julio deal (who isn't even playing). Panthers win 38-28

Anonymous said...

Falcons by 3 TDs!!!??? hahaha, funny.

as for my prediction, only cause Atlanta's at home Atlanta 27-Carolina 24.

diverdogg said...

If there ever was a single person who needed to be blocked from posting comments, it has to be anonymous. I have never written anything on this site before but I just can't take reading his bs anymore without saying something. My god man be a fan or find your teams page( We are tired of reading your nonsense every single day ). By the way, GO PANTHERS!!!!

TheChampishere said...

Leave anonymous alone. He seeks attention and this is his only way to get it. Obvious dysfunctional with a small mind and even small anatomy.

TheChampishere said...

Leave anonymous alone. He obviously seeks attention and this is his only outlet. A small mind accompanies small anatomy.

Joe F. said...

Very true Champ. There are one or two little no-life losers living in their parents' basement (or Harvey Updike maybe?) posting garbage about Cam, Smitty, and the Panthers in general. If we ignore them, eventually they will get bored and go back to their internet porn.

As for Scott's post, that is a great analogy. I saw the Falcons get beat down by Chicago Week 1 (I have Direct Ticket) and then choke at home last Sunday night again Green Bay; they are clearly not the same team they were last year. If the rookie DTs can step it up and not get pushed around by the Falcons o-line, Matty Ice ain't beating us with his arm, especially with Julio Jones out. Come on Panthers we need another W!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Gotta stop the run! Period! Offense will do its job. Defense time to step up, you owe the offense this one! It's all about the run.
Also keeping the rush on matty ice, is another. They have great receivers.
Defense man up today!

Anonymous said...

Under Ryan who grad from BC in 2008as ACC top QB winning 3 BCS Bowls:
2008 - 11-5
2009 - 9-7
2010 - 13-3

Since 1995:
Falcons 20 wins
Panthers 11 wins

Falcons dominate. Slop cries in his towel again. Smith a non-factor.

ps. 30 yr old pedo perv waterboys to old to hang around showers.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Matt Ryan is All Pro and no slouch. It appears the 1-4 Panthers are being misled to believe they have already won the game. Typical sportswriter morons.
Not so fast rednecks ...

Last Word n Sports said...

Last Word n Sports,
Cam Newton returns to the A-T-L

Joe F. said...

Gee thanks for the history lesson Harvey (that's your new name around here). What happened three years ago (or last year) means a lot for today's game. Stats are so important! Here's another stat you forgot: ZERO playoff wins. Since the Panthers have won 5x as many playoff games as the Falcons since 2003, I guess this means the Panthers have this one in the bag, I mean why even play the game, right?

Weren't you posting about how the Saints (your favorite team last week) were going to win by like 30? I guess we'll hear the same about your favorite team the Redskins next week and your favorite team the Vikings the week after that. I know your feelings for Cam excite and upset and confuse you, but be careful what you post Harvey you don't want to violate the conditions of your bail. Go Panthers let's feast on some bird!!!

Anonymous said...

"That made me 16-4 over the past 20 games picking Panther outcomes."

I'm a little better: 17-3 over the last 20 games. Of course, all I did was pick the Panthers to lose each of those games. LOL

Anonymous said...

^ Looks like I'm 18-3 now.

Anonymous said...

Hey scott....nice pick hehe. Did you throw darts to come up with this pick,or were you just trying to impress the panther homers? You haven't beaten the falcons in atlanta since 2007,and you had to know the panthers couldn't go to the wounded falcons house and get a win when they were coming off a loss.Maybe in charlotte,but not in atlanta.Keep those picks coming so i can fade them!!

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