Friday, October 28, 2011

The best baseball game I've ever seen

I don't like to watch baseball very much.

But oh man, I loved last night.

The St. Louis Cardinals' 10-9, 11-inning World Series win against the Texas Rangers was the best baseball game I've ever seen -- a remarkable series of comebacks that culminated in a walk-off home run by the Cardinals' David Freese to force tonight's Game 7. I thought Jayson Stark of offered a nice synopsis of it here.

There's no way whatever happens tonight in St. Louis, however, will top Game 6 for sheer drama. Twice the Cardinals were down not only to their last out, but literally to their last strike. The Rangers' players were poised on the top step of the dugout, ready to sprint onto the field and celebrate. And twice the Cardinals came through with base hits that tied the game.

Texas led five -- five! -- different times during the game, including 7-5 going into the bottom of the ninth and 9-7 going into the bottom of the tenth. And still, the Cardinals kept coming, scoring two runs in each of those innings and then getting the Freese walk-off to win it. That Freese actually grew up in St. Louis rooting for the Cardinals made it even more storybook.

As the game kept going well past midnight, I wanted to go to bed. I needed to go to bed. I couldn't go to bed.

I don't really have a dog in the fight. Until age 9, I grew up in Austin, Texas and was a Rangers fan, but I can't pretend that I really kept up with the team with any zeal once we moved to South Carolina. I usually find major-league baseball too slow for my taste, with a too-long season to compound matters.

My father-in-law is a diehard Cardinals fan, though, and a number of my relatives who are still in Texas are big-time Rangers fan. So I'll feel good for someone whatever happens tonight.

But last night was something amazing -- a game that just kept topping itself, piling one adjective on top of another. I'm sleepy today, but it was worth it. If you like sports, even just a little bit, you had to love Game 6.


Anonymous said...

Likewise I couldn't turn it off and go to bed. After Hamilton's homerun I said it's over and almost turned it off but didn't and look what happened! I have no dog in this fight either other than the Cardinals being my second favorite team growing up thanks to Ozzie Smith so I'd rather see them win.

Anonymous said...

Love how Joe Buck echoed his father's call from Kirby Puckett in 91. We will see you, tomorrow night!

Unknown said...

I'm a Cardinal fan and almost went to bed in the 9th inning in order not to see the Rangers celebrating in St. Louis. So glad I didn't. This was the best game I've ever seen.

Daniel Kinberg said...

As a Cardinal fan, it doesn't matter to me what happens in game 7. The Cards have already made history with game 6 and the Pujols game.

xlpharmacy said...

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