Thursday, April 14, 2011

The most interesting thing MJ said was....

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan said a lot of things Wednesday in an hour-long session with Observer reporters and editors. Some of it he had said previously -- he's committed to Charlotte, he thinks he can lure a top-flight free agent here and he's willing to spend whatever money it takes to make Charlotte one of the Eastern Conference's better teams.

All of that sounds good and I certainly believe Jordan believes it. But of course the proof will be in the pudding, and that's awhile away.

What I found most interesting in Jordan's comments? The fact that he thinks Gerald Henderson can "very well be an All-Star in two years."

Now MJ has a tendency to get optimistic about the Bobcats -- remember, he said before the season he thought the 2010-11 team could go "deep" into the playoffs. But Jordan certainly knows shooting guards, and Henderson had a real burst in the second half of this season.

I still remember watching Henderson score the final seven points of the game to beat Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, and he had 32 points in another game recently. He has been scoring close to 20 regularly. Henderson has improved his outside shot dramatically, and the days when Larry Brown buried him deep on the bench seem a long way away. And he can get to the basket with impunity.

Still, an all-star? Here's some of what MJ said about Henderson:

"I think his confidence, in terms of taking a game-winning shot, is a plus. You can't teach that... He has the skill level. You see the explosiveness. You see the signs. Now he has to show that desire to improve and work at it and we as an orgranization have to provide the motivation to do that. He could very well be an All-Star in two years. Not now, but he could be."

So if MJ is right... Let's say Henderson becomes one of the best shooting guards in the East. And MJ also is able to lure one top-flight free agent in the next couple of years (Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, someone of that caliber).

Well, then you've got something. Then, you've got a championship contender.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean you weren't interested in what MJ thinks about Charlie Sheen????

Crazed Fan said...

With Paul and Henderson you have Golden State East. Get Howard to come here and we can talk about contending. He can singlehandedly transform a team. Put the Magic's current roster minus Howard against the Bobcats roster right now, and I'm not sure who wins a seven game series. Put Howard on either side, and that team sweeps. You can't say that about any other player in the league/

Anonymous said...

If Henderson keeps up his progress, he will undoubtedly become an All-Star. Trading GW hurt a lot of us Bobcat fans, but letting Hendo now become a starter may only make the Bobcats better in the long run!

Anonymous said...

If Jordan can land both Howard and Paul, this team would catapult to being an elite team in the East. What a great starting five that would be:

1 - Chris Paul
2 - Gerald Henderson
3 - Stephen Jackson
4 - Tyrus Thomas
5 - Dwight Howard

Two star-caliber players would drastically change this team, as well as take some of the pressure off Jackson, so maybe he'd cool his temper a bit, too.

Probably a pipe dream, but I think it would translate to wins and a full TWC Arena, bringing back memories of a packed house in the Coliseum.

Patrick said...

Also if we can pull off a deal to get Stephen Curry here.

onewhowatched said...

1 - Chris Paul
2 - Gerald Henderson
3 - Stephen Jackson
4 - Tyrus Thomas
5 - Dwight Howard

We would lead the league in T's, that's for sure.

It's not an impossible scenario, as both Orlando and N.O. are small markets, so its not like we'd be luring them from top markets.

It doesn't appear that Orlando will make a moved Howard during the offseason. CP3 is perhaps more likely, especially if they don't make it past the 1st round. Giving up Augustine and one of our 1st round picks this year, and one of 1st rounds in 2013, might get it done.

If we get CP3 first, convincing Howard to come next summer would be much easier.

Drafting a large 4/5 who is a defensive beast this year and we would have a strong line-up, though trying to pick-up a veteran 2 guard who can provide scoring off the bench is another need. Those aren't that hard to find. Orlando has plenty if we were willing to take on salary to get the Howard deal done before the trade deadline next year.

Michael Bacon said...

SSHHHHH!!! Everyone stop talking about reality. I'm having so much fun thinking about a Paul-Henderson-Jackson-Thomas-Howard lineup. It's like another 6 months (or maybe more, pending labor action) before I have to actually think about realistic scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Income tax!! You would only leave Florida for a true championship team or a media capital, not to just pay more taxes in NC.

MichaelProcton said...

Yeah, and then we can trade for Kobe and LeBron and Kevin Durant! MJ will make it happen.
P.S.: The best free agent this team has EVER lured has been...Brevin Knight.