Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bobcats blow one, and I think they're done in playoff chase

The Charlotte Bobcats' playoff hopes are still technically alive, but I believe they officially ended Sunday night with a 97-91 home loss to a pretty terrible Washington team.

Washington entered the game 2-35 on the road this season -- 2-35!! -- and yet now has its third win courtesy of a Bobcats team that couldn't keep the Wizards out of the paint. Washington outscored Charlotte 58-36 in the paint, which allowed the Bobcats to waste good performances by D.J. Augustin (21 points, seven assists) and Matt Carroll (a season-high 26, including 17 in a dazzling fourth quarter for him and a bad fourth quarter for everyone else). Washington big man Andray Blatche (25 points, 17 rebounds) absolutely destroyed the Bobcats.

This isn't a huge surprise, of course -- Charlotte handcuffed itself this season with the Gerald Wallace trade. But to lose to the Wizards?! Charlotte had a great chance to gain a game on Indiana Sunday (the Pacers lost to New Orleans) but instead stayed two behind with six Bobcat games to go (and four for Indiana).

I write in my column for Monday's newspaper that the Bobcats would need to go 5-1 or 6-0 to surpass the Pacers (who also hold the tiebreaker over Charlotte), but that it ain't going to happen. No way this team can go on a run like that, not with games against Orlando and Miami remaining. They would need a near-total collapse by the Pacers and some sustained great play over the next nine days -- it's just too much to ask.

No, this loss sealed it in my opinion. There's realistic way to catch Indiana now. Charlotte might make it close for a couple of days and get a few more wins -- especially if Stephen Jackson returns from his hamstring injury this week as he hopes to -- but it's just too much ground to make up.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they were ever in the race.

Brent said...

Saw the game Blatche was uncontested too many times in the lane-easy slams. John Wall got some easy buckets off steals which really hurt as well.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that MJ is hoping the Bobcats win another game this year?

Anonymous said...

who cares.....move them out of town already

Anonymous said...

"@who cares... move them out of town"

Your mom cares; she cares a lot.

I just left her house and she wonders why you don't call more.

Get of the Cats board, ya lousy hater.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fret not about the money, tu madre now has it most of it after this week. Perhaps you should try to re-establish contact and stop be so ashamed?

The cats were in the race, bonehead; just didn't make it this time.

I think MJ showed much improvement this year. I never would have thought firing Brown would have been the right move, but it was.

DJ and Hendo showed a lot of improvement.

We were able to shed salary for the future. I think most would agree that we were destined for upcoming years of eight seeds. MJ is looking down the road towards Eastern finals. If he shows the improvement in running a team that he (finally) began to display this year-- I believe our future is bright.

I will tell your mom hello for you.

Anonymous said...

So we are supposed to be excited when the Bobcats organization digs themselves into a 50 foot hole and then shows improvement filling in about 10 foot of that hole? Silas was the fan's choice to coach the team when MJ hired his buddy Sam Vincent...and then MJ hired his buddy Larry Brown. And, then MJ fired his buddy Larry Brown and hired the fan's choice of Paul Silas...several years later. Face it, the Bobcats have always thought they know it all and have never listened to the fans...all they want is the fans money while they do what they want. Call me when they someday figure it out and I'll buy some tickets.

Anonymous said...

This whole team is a joke from the top down -

They will NEVER be competitive.


Anonymous said...

No way! Really? Bobcats will never amount to anything! Ever!!

Anonymous said...

OUr future is bright, really? MJ is looking down the road, really? You sir are a idiot!!

Rich S said...

We are fairly lucky to have Scott F and Rick B as our sports writers considering that Charlotte is a middle of the road sports center. (We couldn't even attract the hockey team here). I think it is quite telling when you compare the Bobcats blog/comments to the ones written after the Duke Lacrosse team article.(Stripper arrested). The level of writing varies directly with the level of athletic ability between the two teams.

Anonymous said...

They were "done" the moment they traded Raymond Felton and later, Gerald Wallace. They'll never amount to anything until they decide to bring in and keep some players.

Bryan said...

Will I get my wish and consider taking back the Hornets name when the league decides to contract and dissolve the New Orleans franchise if they renegotiate their CBA? At least this mediocre NBA team would get to play in the 'hive again. Good riddance to this mascot with the Bob Johnson stigma. Maybe the money saved with Wallace's trade will pay for the logo swap.

Anonymous said...

Sorensens fault.

Anonymous said...


Raymond Felton willingly declined a 5 Years / $35 Million contract offered by the Bobcats and instead accepted a 2 Years / $15 Million contract with the Knicks.

The move was soo stupid that he ended up firing his agent.

Anonymous said...

its been over ever since we drafted augustine, should of took lopez. who makes these garabage calls

Anonymous said...

That's it, boneheads, bring on the hate... and in the process show what uninformed knuckleheads you really are.

As the other guy pointed out, we didn't trade Felton... DUUUURRRRHHHH.

Also, Felton is good-- but you knuckleheads forget that he go his arse absolutely torched in the playoffs by Nelson. Then Nelson didn't do anything for the rest of the playoffs. I give props to MJ for refusing to overpay after that performance.

Got to love the internet, it gives the wide open opportunity for the little hater pudwackers to act like they're so intelligent. Hey, pudwhacker, it's you, son, who are the idiot.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Felton was the key. These other spuds know didley squat. Heres the tighest wad in the NBA or all sports with MJ spitting image of the other idiot grinch BJ.
Yet taxpayers build a premium 500 million new art of the state arena downtown for a couple of cheapskate owners? Pathetic. Take a hike pal.

Anonymous said...

Playing in the most modern most expensive NBA arena YET in the bottom half of payrolls because of 2 cheapazz tight owners. Self explanatory. No defense for this.

2011 payrolls in millions:

LA Lakers ~ 95.3
Orlando Magic ~ 89.9
Dallas Mavericks ~ 85.8
Boston Celtics ~ 83.3
Denver Nuggets ~ 83.0
Houston Rockets ~ 72.7
Utah Jazz ~ 71.1
Philadelphia 76ers ~ 69.4
Atlanta Hawks ~ 69.1
New Orleans Hornets ~ 68.9
Memphis Grizzlies ~ 67.8
Milwaukee Bucks ~ 67.7
Portland Blazers ~ 67.5
San Antonio Spurs ~ 64.9
Detroit Pistons ~ 64.7
Golden State Warriors ~ 64.6
Indiana Pacers ~ 64.4
New Jersey Nets ~ 57.0
Phoenix Suns ~ 55.4
Miami Heat ~ 54.4
Washington Wizards ~ 52.7
Cleveland Cavaliers ~ 51.3
Charlotte Bobcats ~ 51.1
OKC Thunder ~ 50.3
Toronto Raptors ~ 49.4
New York Knicks ~ 47.2
LA Clippers ~ 47.0
Chicago Bulls ~ 46.7
Sacramento Kings ~ 39.0
Minnesota T-Wolves ~ 37.6

MichaelProcton said...

Yes, we definitely need Brook Lopez, a 7-footer who can't even bring himself to rebound hard enough to get more than six boards a game.