Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steve Smith calls it like it is (sorta)

It took the other kind of "futbol" to get Steve Smith's comments on the Carolina Panthers' dizzying array of moves this offseason.

Smith hadn't commented publicly since the team released Jake Delhomme and a slew of other 30-something players in the Purge of 2010. He said what a lot of people are thinking but haven't been saying Tuesday, to our David Scott: "If the season started today, we would be down. We don't have a potential third-string quarterback or a bona fide backup quarterback. We don't have a guy we're considering for [Muhsin Muhammad's starting) spot. There's a lot of areas we're missing. So now, we're an unfinished product."

Smith said that before a Mexican soccer team practice at Bank of America Stadium Tuesday. No.89 has long been a fan of the game and has children who are active in the sport.

You can read more of the interview here if you scroll down to the March 23 entries, but I thought in general Smith was on his best behavior in the interview. He's getting a little more politically adept, as you would expect of the team's union leader. Smith simply said "I lost some friends" about all the Panthers' personnel moves, noting: "One day, I'm going to be released as well. It's part of the game."

Meanwhile, John Fox talked down in Florida this morning to our Charles Chandler and others at the NFL's March meetings. There were no huge screaming headlines out of that, it sounds like, but some tidbits of news (including the fact Fox likes Tim Tebow). You can read more of Fox's comments in the "Inside the Panthers" blog here.


Curtis said...

Man, I miss football. When all you have is 89's generic comments before a futbol can't wait for training camp to start.

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith is a street thug. He is highly paid and folks accept him becuase he is a star athlete. It says alot about the sad state of our society. He has violent attacked a teammate on TWO different occasions. Neither were "on the field" incidents. I will be so glad when he goes back to the gang life of California. He truly is a thug!


Sorta?? He spoke the truth, this team is in a complete mess. The owner has no desire to win any more, he jsut wants to be the one that kills the union. He needs to sell this team to someone who cares and wants to win. Richardson is becoming a clone of Shinn.

Tim said...

Dear Richardosn_needs_to_sell,

I know it must be exhausting being a moron. Lord knows all of the countless seconds you spend doing quality research to support you views. Did you actually read the big cat's comments to the owners and convey them into his actions? He told the Owners that they need to stick together in an effort to resolve this issue, and not take advantage of the labor situation by creating an environment like MLB where a handful of teams spend outrageously, while other teams spend the bare minimum. The great thing about the NFL is that there is no Yankees and no Royals. Yeah the Lions suck, but they try to get better. Give them four years and they will have a good product out on the field. On to your union killing idea... If you were an employer would you rather pay someone who has shown evidence of success a larger salary or would you rather guarantee millions of dollars to someone with no NFL body of work all that money. If you think that is a good idea you might want to take the $100 - $200 dollars you have in your savings account and invest it in lottery tickets. The Panthers have let go high priced veterans who are past their prime and are going to work towards a youth movement while resigning their established stars. If #90 makes 20 million a season can we afford Smash and Dash? Be honest with yourself, which one makes more of an impact on the team? The problem with most people in our society is they feel as they are entitled to things. This goes from athletes to kids. You should only be rewarded for what you have earned. You aren't guaranteed a job because you need one. You do the proper training and put in the time to reap appropriate benefits. I'm sorry if I offended you (<--- sarcasm) but I think you need to think twice before you slam the only owner that used to be a player and the man who brought the NFL to Charlotte. How many playoff teams have you designed outside of Madden?

Richarson_sucks_canal_water_and_so_does_Tim said...

Tim, this is an open forum and I have my opinion. If you do nto agree that is your choice. As for my savings I assure you I have MUCH more in mine than you do. Now get back to work, and next time, do not forget my fries with that order! Moron.

Tim_sucks_as_much_as_Richardson said...

Dearest Tim,

Curtis said... point in getting dragged down to this level. It is like arguing with a child. Your well thought out comments will frankly be ignored when up against specious reasoning like "this owner has no desire to win". Because, of course, a guy who pumps millions of dollars and his heart and soul into something must for some strange reason have no real desire to win. That makes sense.

Big Boy said...


You are such an idiot. So what Steve Smith has gotten into altercations with teammates. Big FREAKing deal. I'll take his heart and desire over any Panther on that team. Oh yeah, your definition of a thug is used too loosely my friend. Everyone makes mistakes!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the way folks talke up for Smitty and say everyone makes mistakes. This idiot did the same thing twice! Not sure about you guys but my employer would have fired me and criminal charges would have been brought. BUt like the other poster said, it tells alot about our society and YOUR morals.

Curtis said...

Frankly Anon @ 9:35, comparing your job to what Smitty does is laughable at best. I mean, you probably also can't go out there and tackle your co-workers in the hallway and break their forearm either. So, don't compare jobs.

Anonymous said...

Richardson stuck his neck out to get the NFL to this joint and both Carolinas who it was meant for. The decision to put the stadium in this city was obv the correct one selling Spartan Foods in Spartanburg that owned Dennys and Hardees.

Same for Shinn who sold out all 50 of his trade schools in NC and SC to bring the NBA here and he ultimately got the same treatment before moving on.

Richardson would never sell but he could easily relocate to LA and they have begged him for yrs to move to a market 10 times bigger in the Coliseum.

You dont bite the hand that feeds. Thats why there are chump losers and others on top making its bigtime. Nothing comes easy. Its blood sweat and tears 24/7 and everything is a work in progress. As long as you give it your all and 100% and do your best thats all you can do.