Thursday, March 18, 2010

Panthers: Win now vs. rebuild now

I wrote my column for today on the Panthers' two competing philosophies: The "win-now" approach of Coach John Fox (who certainly needs to be that way because he's in the final year of his contract) vs. the "rebuild-now" approach of the Panthers, who have been cutting players over 30 left and right.

I think those two philosophies are at cross-purposes, although certainly there's a chance the Panthers can rebuild on the fly and still win if Matt Moore has a huge 2010, the running backs go crazy, a new pass rusher emerges, etc. But it'll be tough -- some of the arrows have certainly been taken out of Fox's quiver.

One update: after the story went to press, the Panthers signed 2009 starting DE Tyler Brayton. This is a positive move and means that Carolina now at least has one starter on the defensive front four back for 2010 (it had been zero until late Wednesday).


Anonymous said...

"But it'll be tough -- some of the arrows have certainly been taken out of Fox's quiver."

Exactly what "arrows" have been taken out of the quiver? Last time I checked, 18's ints really isn't considered a weapon on offense. And besides Pep, no real playmakers were lost.

John W. said...

Anonymous, you're forgetting the obvious losses at DT. A DT's importance to a team is not easy to qualify, meaning that the loss of Lewis (a great pick-up to begin with, considering he was on the outs with the Rams) and Kemo might only be truly realized in their absence.

By the way, who looks bad if Delhomme is a wild success in Cleveland? Is it Fox, Hurney or even Richardson? I guess what I'm asking is, who made the decision to pay the man millions for services he will render elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

John W: I'll agree with you on a DT's importance. But, our run D has slipped every year since they've been here. Just sayin it shouldn't be too hard to fill those holes. Did it last year.

By the way, who looks bad if he does throw another 18 ints? Works both ways. Wouldn't you rather have a QB that you CAN count on to throw it down the field (not behind recievers) and doesn't turn it over?

Sometimes that "loyalty" people complain about the Panthers having rubs off on the fans too.

Anonymous said...

Y'all do realize it is still possible to resign Lewis. Before yesterday, I saw no reports from this paper or anywhere else that we were close to resigning Brayton.

John W, you got to know that if the panthers hadn't given Delhomme that extension last year, they would not have been able to sign their draft picks. They were in a pickle because of the tag on Peppers. Yeah, they're having to pay for it this year, but at least this year, there's no salary cap ramifications, thus no competitive disadvantage in it.

Rboggs81 said...

I think you are forgetting we made trades for Leonard Louis(sp?) and Tank Tyler at DT last year, both young and both showed promise (until Leonard got hurt). I think DT will be better than people think, although I would like one more quality guy there to be sure. I'm more concerned with a solid #2 WR and a good backup QB, otherwise, I dont think the team is that bad off.

I think too much is being made of Jake leaving, Moore showed he could be a good game manager and losing Peppers will hurt only every other game since that appears to be the cycle he was on, show up one game and then take the next off.

I am calling it now, no less than 8 - 8 record next year but I think it will be higher.

Anonymous said...

The Panthers are turning 15 yrs old. These are some old Cats. You are supposed to be reloading not rebuilding at this stage although with their bipolar mediocrity and 50/50 win loss ratio they will have to do equal of both.