Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where does your team pick in 2013 NFL draft? Panthers are 14th

The NFL released the draft order for the 2013 draft Tuesday, updated with the playoff results. They are below. The Panthers pick No.14 -- they were due for a much higher spot before winning their last four games in a row.

The position I think the Panthers need most: offensive line, defensive line and defensive secondary. I am assuming there's no way they keep CB Chris Gamble and as we saw throughout 2012 they are quite vulnerable at safety. Here is the 2013 first-round draft order, which the NFL notes does not include trades already made or to come. The teams' 2012 regular-season records are in parentheses. The draft will be held April 25-27, 2013, with the first round on Thursday, April 25th. The Panthers generally host a free draft party on that date, too, which is well worth attending:

1. Kansas City (2-14)

2. Jacksonville (2-14)

3. Oakland (4-12)

4. Philadelphia (4-12)

5. Detroit (4-12)

6. Cleveland (5-11)

7. Arizona (5-11)

8. Buffalo (6-10)

9. New York Jets (6-10)

10. Tennessee (6-10)

11. San Diego (7-9)

12. Miami (7-9)

13. Tampa Bay (7-9)

14. CAROLINA (7-9)

15. New Orleans (7-9)

16. St. Louis (7-8-1)

17. Pittsburgh (8-8)

18. Dallas (8-8)

19. New York Giants (9-7)

20. Chicago (10-6)

21. Cincinnati (10-6)

22. Washington (10-6)

23. Minnesota (10-6)

24. Indianapolis (11-5)

25. Seattle (11-5)

26. Green Bay (11-5)

27. Houston (12-4)

28. Denver (13-3)

29. New England (12-4)

30. Atlanta (13-3)

31. San Francisco (11-4-1)

32. Baltimore (10-6)


Anonymous said...

We need to draft cornerback & safety.

Anonymous said...

If Chance Warmack falls we have to take him...He's a beast!!!

charlottean said...

try free safety. with khalil healthy and assuming we don't have to cut any of the other starters for salary concerns, our line is relatively solid. would a stud tackle be a bad move if best talent available? no.

but biggest need? free safety.

Anonymous said...

Draft a new coach.... prefer one that can finish games that count haha

Kevin said...

All the draft experts say we need a DT, so let's get one. We must get another wide receiver, either FA or draft. If Boldin is available I say get either him or Wallace. Cam needs another wideout who can be a playmaker. Trade one of the running backs and hate to say Beason as well and get some talent on a team that lacks talent.

Michael Bacon said...

I know they normally say take the best player available, but if that player is yet another linebacker, DO NOT TAKE HIM!!!