Friday, February 8, 2013

5 thoughts on Bobcats-Lakers

1. Bobcat coach Mike Dunlap kept Ramon Sessions on Kobe Bryant too long in the fourth quarter. You could almost see Kobe smile every time he got the ball and had Sessions on his hip. Gerald Henderson was much more effective guarding Kobe and had what I thought was a clean block toward the end of the game that officials decided had to turn into two free throws for Kobe – the perks of being a star.

2. With Kobe taking two shots and scoring zero points in the first half, the Lakers looked awful (and trailed by 12 at halftime). I know Kobe is trying to facilitate, but he took it to an extreme level, like he was trying to prove some strange point by not shooting at all.

3. Byron Mullens was really effective for most of the game (20 points, 12 rebounds), but had zero points and only a single rebound in the fourth quarter.

4. Charlotte’s Antawn Jamison had a lot of family in the stands and had a good game off the bench for L.A., scoring nine points and grabbing five rebounds in 19 minutes. The Bobcats really wanted Jamison this offseason, and he sure could have helped them. I would make the Kris Humphries-for-Ben-Gordon trade with Brooklyn if the Bobcats can really make that happen -- Charlotte badly needs some more help underneath.

5. Charlotte is now 4-33 in its past 37 games after starting 7-5. Despite various flashes of promise, this remains a very bad team. The records don’t lie – the Bobcats are 11-38, again the worst record in the NBA.


Anonymous said...

Scott, you sound surprised the Bobcats record proves them (again) to be the worst team in the league. It starts at the top with an owner who was a total failure as a GM and who doesn't listen to his basketball people.

Anonymous said...

Please let's go back to the Hornets for the stink of the Bobcats will not go easy. This has been another pathetic season in our history. We are the new clippers, the punch line of every joke.

Johnzappp said...

The Cats suck-- and this article is older than I am... get something fresh in here already.wae