Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stephen Curry scores 54 and makes it look easy

(UPDATE: I spoke with Stephen by phone Thursday night. He said the game was "surreal" and that he had never been in a zone exactly like that in his life. More to come from that interview in my column for Friday's newspaper and online). In an NBA game, 54 points is nothing short of amazing.

That's what Golden State's Stephen Curry scored Wednesday night against the New York Knicks -- and in a regulation game, although it was unfortunately in a loss.

It was the most points in the NBA this season. In fact, it was the most points scored in Madison Square Garden since Kobe Bryant scored 61 points in 2009. There was also that memorable Kobe game Dec.29, 2006, when Kobe Bryant put up 58 in a triple-overtime loss to Charlotte. I was at that game, and it remains one of the best highlights ever for the Bobcats and the most I've ever seen put up in person in a game at any level. (Deron Williams also scored 57 against Charlotte a year ago -- that's the last time someone scored 54 or more).

Curry, the former Davidson star, went 11 for 13 from three-point range. If you check out the highlights -- they are all over the Internet, including this batch from ESPN -- you can see he was pulling up for off-balance, in-transition three-pointers and making them with ridiculous ease. Here's what Golden State coach Mark Jackson had to say after the game.

Curry had scored 38 points in the game before that, so he's had 92 in his last two. The fact Steph didn't make the West all-star team was ridiculous this season, but Golden State is going to make the playoffs, and that's what Curry really wants.

His points are going to go back down to a more normal range soon -- David Lee was out for the Knicks game due to a one-game suspension, and he generally supplies a lot of the Warriors' offense. But it's great to see Curry playing at his absolute best -- ankle problems forgotten, life going well. You won't find a nicer athlete in pro sports -- that he's from Charlotte makes it all the better.


Anonymous said...

Curry's feat made sub-headlines in the WSJ yesterday! I watched most of the game and he was great. I, too, wondered why he did not make the All Star game. Most of the players selected were too old to make the All Star game exciting.

As an aside - Whenever I watch Sports Center and Seth Greenberg is on, I wonder why he is no longer coaching Va. Tech. Could it have anything to do with his not getting either one of the Curry sons or did they not want to play for him? Or an all together different reason? Personally, I would take Davidson and Duke every time!!

Anonymous said...

Love this guy! One of the class acts in professional sports not to mention the sweetest stroke in the NBA.

Archiguy said...

I watched the game (missed the end as my DVR cut off at the 10:30 mark). Curry was amazing. The best thing about him is how well he understands the game and how improved his ballhandling is this season. He could always score but he's become a more complete player.

I do worry about that bad right ankle. It's surgically repaired and weak, and it's inevitable that he will sprain it again, probably many more times. How much more can it take? I'm afraid that injury might eventually force him into early retirement.

NASTAR15 said...

Awesome performance, saw the whole thing.

Stephen Curry #7 pick.

Bizmack #7 pick.

Conclusions anyone?

Anonymous said...

Conclusion? Yes. Different draft.

Anonymous said...

I think the Curry men have been under rated.