Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 thoughts on Richardson's newsy press conference

Ah, the wonders of the Internet.
I was still in Fort Lauderdale, awaiting a flight back from Monday night’s Orange Bowl, when the Panthers held their 11 a.m. news conference Tuesday. But I was able to watch Panther owner Jerry Richardson take questions from my colleagues over the Internet. Here are five quick thoughts on what I thought was a rather extraordinary 30 minutes, as Richardson, 74, so rarely graces the media with his presence:

1) Richardson was really feisty.
From forcing one TV reporter he wanted to tease to sit in the front row to drawing on his legal pad to explain how the owners are getting the short end of the NFL money stick to telling the room he was likely going to live a lot longer than they think he will, Richardson was combative, funny and opinionated. I was really glad to see all three of those characteristics – that’s Richardson at his best. Health-wise, he’s obviously feeling good. There were a few uncomfortable moments in the press conference, but by and large I thought Richardson got his points across.

2) Richardson (and Panthers general manager Marty Hurney) seemed committed to hiring an NFL assistant coach as their next head coach.
So forget Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh (who won’t care, as he has tons of other options). Forget any other collegiate coach. Forget Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher or Brian Billick. It looks like the next John Fox of 2002 is coming down the pike, whether it’s Perry Fewell, Ron Rivera or whomoever. And Hurney said the search would be done “expeditiously” – I’m betting it is over in the next 5-10 days.
Hiring an established NFL assistant won’t sell tickets, but it has worked (sort of) for Carolina twice in the past with Fox and Dom Capers.

3) Richardson’s reputation as a hard-line owner is not misplaced.
When he talked about the players’ union representatives, you could almost see fire coming out of the owner’s nostrils. When he said the union reps told the owners they wanted “more money, more benefits and we want to work less,” same thing. When he said he “wasn’t optimistic” that much progress was being made toward a new collective-bargaining agreement, you got the sense that Richardson will be stunned if there is an agreement before the early March lockout date.

4) Richardson hates being called cheap.
One of the more interesting numbers he mentioned: $11,441,000, which is apparently what the total payroll for all the recently-departed Panther coaches was for 2010. Richardson said this was the fifth-highest coaching payroll in the league, and he acted like he would write all those checks again – if he could get back-to-back winning seasons, which the Panthers have never had. (Richardson also indicated he didn’t think the Panthers would trade away the No.1 draft pick of 2011, which is a bonus for those like me who think Andrew Luck could be the next Peyton Manning).

5) Richardson’s succession plan is still very much in flux.
While the owner said his new heart should keep him around for a long time, he also revealed he owns 48 percent of the team and his 14 partners own the other 52 percent. He said he plans to own the team until he dies – “I intend to own the team as long as I live” was the quote -- but beyond then what happens?
Richardson wouldn’t say, saying he was focused more on the short term. I wonder what sons Mark and Jon Richardson thought while they were watching this press conference.


David Caldwell said...

Did you happen to catch the Panther Press Conference?

No wonder Richardson hasn't done many of these!

What a freakin TOOL!

This organization isn't going to go anywhere, anytime soon!

The media in this town is afraid of the "Three Stooges" composed of Richardson, Hurney, and Morrison!

What a JOKE of an organization. They will remain in 4th place in the NFC South for many years to come under these three TOOLS!

Anonymous said...

It's a blessing as long as Andrew Luck comes out!

Anonymous said...

Where can I go to watch this Panther Press Conference that everyone is blogging about?

Did the Panther's pull it already or is there a link out there where I can still go to view it.

Anonymous said...

Who are the other partners that have a stake in ownership?

Chris Callahan said...

Why we spend so much time talking Andrew Luck amazes me. I would suspect with Luck being ONLY a red shirted Sophomore with two more years of eligibility that he will NOT choose to go pro this year in part due to the huge uncertainty of a lockout. I would bet Harbaugh would Prefer to continue living near San Fran and that the San Francisco team would be a much bigger draw for him.
But for Jerry Richardson to imply he hasn't even "thought" about Harbaugh, or remember that Harbaugh played for the Panthers before, was stunning.

Anonymous said...

Scott Fowler continues to be the worst writer ever.

Anonymous said...

This was an awful presser in my opinion......

Why on earth Scott would you think it was a good one??
Sorry I don't agree

Anonymous said...

Reporters need to stand up and ask the tough questions.

Just because Richardson owns the team doesn't mean they need to be intimidated by him.

He's doesn't come across very well in interviews that's my guess why he doesn't do them very often.

He needs to retire and learn how to use a cell phone before stealing anymore of the fan's money.

He's no better than Madoff. The only thing different between the two, is the fact that he uses the NFL as his Ponsi scheme.

Anonymous said...

come out luck

Anonymous said...

Richardson said he thought our young players played well this year. You don't get the #1 pick by playing well Jerry. The fact that you said this and that Marty Hurney still has a job shows what out of touch with reality you are.

Anonymous said...

PSL prices are about to go up! Jerry needs more money to run his failed business!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can view a replay of the entire press conference? I can't find it on the web anywhere.

Anonymous said...

JR showed he was a cheap ass. He said he lost faith in Fox and co and kept them around because he didn't want to pay them and a new coach. Said he was willing to pay for coaches, but is insisting on a cheap asst. coach. That is NFL cheap. Plus, he acted like he didn't even know who Harbaugh was, then he insulted him. Way to entice Luck to come out. Can't we get a good owner, like Al Davis.

jrguyiii said...

Why would Luck NOT come out? His coach will be gone, and most importantly, the new labor agreement will slash the rookie pay scale! Why lose millions and risk injury when you're the guaranteed #1 pick this year? Even if there's a lockout, he still gets his $.

jrguyiii said...

Why would Luck NOT come out? His coach will be gone, and most importantly, the new labor agreement will slash the rookie pay scale! Why lose millions and risk injury when you're the guaranteed #1 pick this year? Even if there's a lockout, he still gets his $.

Anonymous said...

Clausen STINKS!

Armanti Edwards can't get on the field (When he did he mishandled a punt in the Falcon game),

LaFell has tiny, little hands and drops the ball,

Norwood is just a guy.

Gettis is fast but doesn't have much route content.

Hardy slipped because he was considered by some as bi-polar in college.

Pugh is a decent back-up.

Who am I missing?

James said...

Dwayne Jarrett smart ass!

Bobby said...

12:27: Not 100%, but fairly certain Felix Sabates maintains a small share.

Anonymous said...

What is his obsession with tabloid bleach blonde bubble heads?

Anonymous said...

The good news is that JR doesn't do technology so he won't see all these boneheaded comments.

It was interesting watching him speak for the first time (for me anyways). The banter with the reports was really really awkward. Perhaps a way to intimidate them or something who knows.

It was an ok conference. Wish it could have ran much longer though. So we know this. #1 draft pick is probably a lock, hiring Assistant coach is likely (nobody from college rankings), JR is going to spend money as needed to get this back to a winning team, and that blonde reporter who got upgraded seats in the front row was a cutie.

Anonymous said...

College coaches rarely do well in the NFL. Who cares about Harbaugh?

SIR PURR said...

WOW! That was the Presser of all Pressers!

Jerry Richardson said...

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Jerry Richardson part 2 said...

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Anonymous said...


- Curious beginning as Richardson pauses to ask WBTV reporter Nicole Darin who she is.

- Fox was told he would not be re-signed during the Meinike Bowl. Richardson called mood 'cordial'.

- Richardson liked talking about technology a lot early... which was rather confusing. Raving about having a cell phone, using email.

- "We're going forward, we are moving forward, it's a new year. This pain we've been through is eventually going to pay good results". - Richardson

- Richardson spoke of the 'coaching search' and said Danny Morrison would be part of that.

- Richardson went on the offensive pointing at a paper and saying we "shouldn't use sources" presumably in response to numerous reports he will be cheap in hiring a coach.

- JR denies the Panthers have had contact with Stanford HC Jim Harbaugh

- He harped on consistency saying that back to back winning seasons were "important" an obvious reference to John Fox. He went on to say this was the primary reason for Fox leaving.

- Veterans were cut because he wanted young players to play.

- Richardson said he was pleased with the young roster.

- When asked if he wont spend money to bring a coach in, Richardson referred to dollar spent in the past. Clearly indicating this report in inaccurate.

- Hurney insinuated the Panthers will be looking to hire an assistant or college coach, rather than a former NFL head coach. So, no Cowher, no Gruden.

- Would have cost $11.4 million to fire entire coaching staff. Big motivating factor for keeping them.

- "Not spending money would be foreign to me" - Richardson

- Not like 2002, Richardson doesn't feel like the life has been "sucked out of the franchise".

- No new contracts for players until a new CBA is in place.

- No intention of trading the #1 pick.

- Richardson intends to own this franchise "as long as he lives"

- Owners are 'most united they've ever been' according to JR.

- He's not as optimistic as some on the labor situation.

- Big presentation on the labor situation.

And that was the conference. JR was fiery, in control and looked like he was ready to let loose.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have a weird suspicion that this year's awful performance was somehow, dare I say "staged" so that we could get the 1st round draft pick and unload all the veteran (read $$$$) players?
I mean think about it. JR knows if he unloads tons of talent, he's positioned himself well for a lockout by saving gobs of money. And in the process he has a team that is not only saving money but isn't capable of having any kind of success for the season.
Did he sacrifice this year to save cash and get a 1st overall?
Just mindless meanderings....what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Due to the greedy union not only has our manufacturing base the the USA, but the NFL did as well.

Anonymous said...

Things I learned from Jerry Richardson’s (JR) Press Conference:

1-JR can not operate a cell phone or e-mail but is running an NFL franchise in the year 2011. (Yes, running it into the ground still counts.)
2-JR is a creepy, old man who makes female reporters move closer to him so he can see them better. (Perverted, Yes!)
3-The only thing that fans can do to force a change is to quit buying tickets. Sponsors and “sellout” crowds are what matters to JR.
4-JR is looking for someone that fits “his system.” We’ll with only 4 out of 15 winning seasons; he should really be changing “his system.”
5-The reporters at the conference are a bunch of JR lackeys. We know why he fired Fox and who cares. Ask a real question!
6-Luck should stay in college.

Anonymous said...

Things I learned from Jerry Richardson’s (JR) Press Conference:

1-JR can not operate a cell phone or e-mail but is running an NFL franchise in the year 2011. (Yes, running it into the ground still counts.)
2-JR is a creepy, old man who makes female reporters move closer to him so he can see them better. (Perverted, Yes!)
3-The only thing that fans can do to force a change is to quit buying tickets. Sponsors and “sellout” crowds are what matters to JR.
4-JR is looking for someone that fits “his system.” We’ll with only 4 out of 15 winning seasons; he should really be changing “his system.”
5-The reporters at the conference are a bunch of JR lackeys. We know why he fired Fox and who cares. Ask a real question!
6-Luck should stay in college.

Anonymous said...

I said back in August that cutting most of the vets and getting the payroll under $70 million was done precisely to prepare for the work stoppage and the new CBA. If the owners win and the cap is sliced in half, we're the only team in the league that doesn't have to cut 30 players to get under it. If the players win and things go on as before, no one has more cap room to address needs in free agency. I thought it was a good strategy because I never envisioned us playing this poorly - specifically, I never envisioned the offensive line being so bloody awful. Jordan Gross making the Pro Bowl is the biggest joke of the 21st century. The entire line needs to be sent packing (though with Gross's contract, he's not going anywhere). How does anyone know if Clausen can play or not? He never gets more than 1.1 seconds to throw the ball. This leads to panic, which leads to interceptions and pick-6s. I wish we would trade the #1 pick to another bad team who is desperate to get Luck and will give us a 2nd-round pick in addition to the 1st-round position swap. We might need a QB, but we absolutely need at least 2 offensive lineman, a DT, a CB, and probably a top-flight receiver (in case you didn't notice, Steve Smith has lost it).

As for the coach, I don't mind the coordinator approach. It has worked (See Tomlin, Mike; Ryan, Rex; Smith, Lovie; Payton, Sean; Smith, Mike; Harbaugh, Jon). I do NOT want Fewell or Rivera - their defenses stunk when it mattered most. Since JR has a fetish for "up-and-coming" defensive coordinators, how about Sean McDermott of Philly - you know, a D-coordinator from a team that actually plays good defense?

Anonymous said...

Well there you go.....the real "JR" came out today in Richardson's news conference. It is a business....And Jerry is gonna protect himself and the 14 other "owners" come Hell or high water first and then let the crumbs fall the fan's way!

Anonymous said...






Jon said...

The Panthers wll not hire a "name" coach like Harbaugh of Bill Cowher. They will hire some unknown assistant coach from another team (to protect Marty Hurney from a strong coach since Hurney is management's guy making sure it keeps conrol of the team). Andrew Luck would be mad to come out and sign with this bunch running the Panthers; they don''t want to pay Number 1 money anyway. The bought and paid for broadcasting crew started foreshodowing this during Monday night "Panther Talk," which incredibly never mentioned Fox or had him as a guest or did a retrospective of his tenure, when they started talking about alternatives to Andred Luck (non-quarterbacks) and when a guest said that the hapless Jimmy Clausen scored out with Luck-like talent numbers before the draft..

QueenCity321 said...

Jerry displayed a level of arrogance that made me lose a lot of respect for the man. Why go after reporters for asking tough questions? It seemed like the press conference was more to criticize the media and fans for questioning his decisions, rather than address anything related to the future of the Carolina Panthers. I think he left most fans with more questions than answers. The proof is in the pudding, we are the worst team in the National Football League.

I also loved his response to the question of why he made the roster moves coming into last season. If you wanted to force John Fox to play the younger players since you knew he would go with veterans, why not just get a coach that will do what you say, rather than keeping a lame duck coach? He also denied that Fox was a lame duck coach and felt that we where going to do better than 8-8 record we had the previous season, which is laughable.

At least we know he is willing to spend money on the "nice room" for his press conferences.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the same old Panthers with Marty Hurney as GM. This sucks big time. To see Hurney still sitting there really sucks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Richardson,
Thank you for helping make my desicison on the purchase of psl's. I think i'll go with the 3d tv instead.If you cant spend money on the team,why should I?
Your dying fanbase

Anonymous said...

Wow - That new president Danny Morrison, couldn't take his eyes off Jerry.


Anonymous said...

Why doent the CO put the entire conference online? -- Afraid we won't need to read their idiot summaries?

DWright1 said...

Press Conference can be seen at

Willie M. said...

I missed the Panther Press Conference. Did anyone happen to video it. I would love, love, love, to see it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you DWIGHT1! Great Stuff! Hurney's facial expression looks real similiar to a "Deer in the head lights." Morrision looks like he's just happy to be there. Typical suck up, lap dog, non-football guy!

So guess who survived and will be running the draft this year? Yep, Marty Hurney! I

'm moving out of town because Hurney couldn't pick his nose if he had to.

So long Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

You think J.R. would stick it to Jenn Sterger?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he has and Marty has pictures.....................

Anonymous said...

press conference highlights on Panthers.com

Anonymous said...

He is one sorry guy. He's banished his sons and has done same with this team by being a labor leader; not a
team owner. Yes, the players make a
lot of money because they are the product. The pedestal on which many hold this guy is ridiculous. Ask the folks who did business with him pre-nfl owner for a true picture of his business ethics and acumen.

lifetime PSLer said...

David Caldwell,
you may not "like" Jerry, but calling him a "tool" is disgusting. The guy caught TDs from Johnny Unitas and started a NFL team where they said it won't work.


Anonymous said...

@ David Caldwell

How can you call Mr. Richardson a "tool." He had 8 career receptions for 90 yds (11.3 average and 1 td) during the 1960 regular season.

He had 1 other catch for 13 yds and a TD in the 1959 play-off game vs.the NYG.

How many catches did you have? or better yet, did you even play football.

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Nice report, Scott.

Phil said...

Two thoughts:

(1) Richardson truly believes what he has done is right and that the fans will forget. Time will tell.

(2) Andrew Luck to the Panthers? I doubt he'd sign here even if he comes out. Remember a guy named Elway? He was drafted by the Baltimore Colts.

Anonymous said...

I guess Richardson wanted to show the other team owners what a team will look like when you cut the expensive stars and we came in last place. Why interview assistant Manusky when you can get the coach, Marty Schottenheimer or why even let Fox go. Send Fox on a 30day European vacation and get him refreshed and back here. I think, QB - Ryan Mallet of Arkansas might be a better draft or equal to Andy Luck. Mallett has a stronger rocket arm. I think its irresponsible to speak out like he did and play your cards in secret.

Anonymous said...

Richardson is cheap. That's why he wants to hire an assistant.

He may want Luck, but Luck does not want Jerry Richardson...

....literally and figuratively.

The Panthers will never dig themselves out of this hole with Richardson as the owner. People, prepare yourselves for years of misery.

PS...Andrew Luck will never play in Charlotte. He will force a trade and/or sit out. Mark it down.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.Didn't whimpy scott just tell us 3 days ago that harbaugh was coming to charlotte because he played here....albeit briefly? Scott would make a better weatherman....wishy-washy and wrong most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I am more discouraged than ever. We don't want Harbaugh, Gruden or Cowher. We clearly don't want winners. This is a disaster waiting to happen and just might be enough to get me to sell PSLs (if anyone would buy them...)

tjlanc said...

The Panther's problem is the ownership. Non-deep pockets and Huge egos. They can't continue to lose the amounts of money that are required to run a NFL team these days. It's time for a sale. Rumors are that this will be a LA team within two years. They will be made an offer they can't refuse, (with NFL's blessing). They need to get Richarson out of the negotiations and they need a team in LA. Game over Carolina and Bojangle's

Anonymous said...

To the most honorable Mr. JR:

We officially nominate Tom "Sorehead" Sorensen to be the next Carolina Panther head coach. Forget an NFL assistant. Been there done that.

He has to be the #1 candidate because he is so knowledgeable and has run off everybody he dosent like. Its Toms way or the highway for 20 yrs now. Dosent he own the a stake in the Panthers?

Sorehead with his incredible intellect in the game can produce immediate Super Bowl champs otherwise he couldnt have such insight.

Just dont ever criticize him or he will cry like a baby. Hes really just is a big pussy at heart anyway. He needs to toughen up b4 taking the job to deal with azzholioz like him.

Anonymous said...

i haven't and won't go to a game or buy any more panthers merchandise
until they have a winning team and change GM, only 1 word for the panthers right now.CHEAP
Andrew Luck stay in college and get your education and let the panthers sink the ship with out you.this coming from a die hard panther fan..JERRY get YOUR check book out and buy us a team and a coach we can be proud of...even sir purr is looking for a new team.

Anonymous said...

David Caldwell - The media in this town is afraid of Richardson? I'm sorry, but how long have you lived here - two days? In the eyes of the media, Richardson can do no right. They moan and complain when he spends too much (remember Sean Gilbert) and they gripe when they don't think he spends enough. All you moaners and complainers are really starting to make me sick. Put up the kind of money Richardson has put up for this franchise and then maybe, you can speak. Until then . . shut up.

Anonymous said...

Its hilarious to see these sorryass whiny pisspoor punks and dont have a pot to piss in themselves tell a billionaire NFL owner how to run his own business and hoe cheap he is not to pay these overated union piglett players who need to be cut 50% in salaries across the board like all pro sport pigs.
Owners dont need anymore money but thats a different story.

They even go back to his NFL days in ignorance.

Where is their NFL team? They couldnt but a cup of coffee and probably on welfare or food stamps sucking off the guvernment freebies like all these millions of illegals mooching off taxpayers.

With the worst economy in history and gas going to 5 bucks a gallon and these union pigletts want more millions each?
Screw them all. Cut them all 50% for starters.

Anonymous said...

Your Charlotte press people suck. One would think that after a 10 year wait someone from the so called press could ask some decently hard questions. You people were milk-toast and weak. One reporter asked him a question and he turned it back on the reporter and the stupid reporter answered his own question. how embarrassing. Instead of answering the question he should have said "Sir, I'm not the owner you are. It' not about me, it's about YOU answering the questions that your customers want answers to.

I have to be impressed with JR's handling of the press and questions. He did exactly what he wanted and you people went right along. He has a business plan and he's following it. Good for him.

For the press people that are upset that he stopped questions to find out who was asking he's got a right to do so. It's standard procedure to announce who you are when you ask a question of someone you don't know. It seems like the presser was conducted by a bunch of armatures bloggers! Is that what's become of one of the most important aspect of American life? Amateur bloggers? How pathetic

Anonymous said...

If I were Andrew Luck, I'd tell the Panthers not to waste their draft pick on me. I wouldn't want to come to a team with these jokers running the program, because it's obvious they have no clue. The only thing this brain trust has proven is that they can excel at mediocrity and not even that this year. Hopefully it won't take 40 years to have back to back winning seasons like the Falcons. Now they've had 3 in a row, why? because the people running the organization have some sense. Mr. Richardson, are you taking notes?? I'm sure Mr. Blank and Mr. Kraft can give you some ideas on how to run a franchise.

Anonymous said...

I was a first time PSL owner and I can remember Jerry talking to the fans before every game that first year. He is the reason I bought my PSL and the reason I sold. He got the PSL money now he does not want to put a good product on the field. I saw this coming and sold my PSL after the awful show in the Super Bowl and doubled my money. I was lucky to bad to the PSL owners that cannot give their PSL's away. Thanks JR................

Jim said...

After watching this Press Conference, I have to wonder if Jerry has lost his marbles. Hurney is a puppet and in my opinion has not done a great job with player selections in the draft. Another assistant NFL coach? Is there a pattern here? Why not fire Hurney and give everthing over to Cowher of Gruden?

Jim said...

Humana, Humana, Humana....that was pathetic. You would have thought he would have gone to speaking school at some point?? Hurney looked like a total yes man and scared to death! Embarassed should be the word as that whole staff left Fox and his staff out to dry this year. Pathetic!
Not even considering Harbaugh? Denver, Miami will pounce on him! Does this management staff not get that having Harbaugh as coach may lead to Luck coming out? The two know each other, what better way to start out! Also, it seems Harbaugh is offensive minded which would benefit Panthers for once!

Anonymous said...

If the Titans let Jeff Fisher go, the Panthers should make every effort to hire him. Unlike John Fox, Fisher has proven he can win consistently.

Jim said...

The only video I saw was edited. Mr Richardson made Hurney cut out all the good parts!!!

Jim said...

Fischer is not going anywhere. He stays in Nashville!

Anonymous said...

Somebody tells these idiots that you can have the first 10 draft picks but that guarantees you nothing.

If Hurney made so called bad picks lets analyse this moronic comment.

Which picks were bad? Who else was available instead? What are those good picks doing now and with who? Who would you have picked?

Dont make faceless ignorant statements and then not have the ammo to defend them.

Lay the facts and alternatives on the table otherwise you are nothing but making blanket meaningless comments and blowing idiot smoke up your own butt.

Ray said...

I agree with the "Three Stooges" comment from the earlier post.

Just watch the video of the press conference and most of you will probably agree.

Why wouldn't the Panther want to bring in a guy like Parcells. At least Bill Parcells is a "football guy."

Hurney isn't a "football guy" and never will be a "football guy."

Morrison has one year of NFL experience. He's just a suit and tie guy. He's another non-"football guy" that probably doesn't even know if (the football) is pumped or stuffed!

And Richardson, the only NFL owner to play pro football, didn't really light it up as a receiver in his day as a receiver,

He had 8 career receptions for all of 90 yards and 1 td during the regular season.

My simple advice to the Panthers is to fire Marty Hurney. He's been running this team into the ground for years.

Just Remember, "If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always gotten!

Those young players only looked good to the ownership because they were "CHEAP!"

You can't tell me, that a team with a 2-14 record could look good in any area. They all sucked!

Anonymous said...

"Three things I did not like about the press conference"
1. How about the lack of questions regarding Mr. Hurney and his "job performance"? Where were those questions?
2. How about a direct question regarding the 33rd overall pick (A. Edwards) and who the braintrust was that made that decision?
3. How about a question regarding the best player in franchise history and what his status is with the team moving forward (Steve Smith)?

You guys FAILED to ask some very basic questions that everyone wants to know....How does Hurney get a pass with his record? Is it his record alone or does JR have his hand in some of these picks? C'mon guys, you are better than this.

Rob said...

Oh really Mr. Richardson? So you are basically admitting you put a mediocre product out there and had the audacity to raise ticket prices at the beginning of the season. Shame on you. Yes you are running a business, but to the ground sir. Panthers fans have been incredibly loyal despite your mediocre results. Although I was never a John Fox fan, he was undoubtedly the main reason this team reached the SB but those were different times, if you want to succeed -as in any business- you must adapt or perish (see Blockbuster, etc) and nowadays you must have a decent offense. How on earth can you justify keeping Hurney to lead your front office. Please look at his horrible decisions. It is obvious this organization is been ran as a good ol boys joint and with that approach this franchise is doomed (see Wachovia). If it makes you happy I am not buying anything Panthers any time soon to fatten your arrogance.

Anonymous said...

John Fox was set up to fail;.

Richardson's only motive this year was to gut the team of it's experience and play these sorry rookies that Hurney and his scouting staff selected.

Hurney and his minions should all be FIRED!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Falcon. You got a real big mouth and have amnesia. Winning does that.

Just because you have the big head and cocky as hell dosent mean you wont be back down in the celler again for over 50 yrs looking back up having one of the sorriest programs in the state.

Winning makes you arrogant. Losing makes you humble. They are easily interchangable. Keep it up. Sports are like a roller coaster ride.

Your time is coming. Again. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Five thoughts on reality

1. JR looks dumber and dumber when he speaks.

2. Marty Hurney is STILL an idiot, and has no business anywhere a sports complex

3. Without Jim Harbaugh there is no Andrew Luck here

4. None of those coaching speculations come from a real contender except Harbaugh.

5. There are only 3 college players worthy of a first round pick, so the other 29 picks are basically a waste. This draft class is pathetic, Luck doesnt have to come out, Green has some work to do and "the Prince" is not Deion Sanders "yet'

Anonymous said...

"Somebody tells these idiots that you can have the first 10 draft picks but that guarantees you nothing.

If Hurney made so called bad picks lets analyse this moronic comment.

Which picks were bad? Who else was available instead? What are those good picks doing now and with who? Who would you have picked?

Dont make faceless ignorant statements and then not have the ammo to defend them.

Lay the facts and alternatives on the table otherwise you are nothing but making blanket meaningless comments and blowing idiot smoke up your own butt."

Here are your answers:
Biggest Draft foul up?
2001 Dan Morgan first round, passed on Drew Brees

2002 our draft
1st Peppers
2nd Foster
3rd Will Witherspoon
4th Dante Wesley
5th Randy Fasani???
5th Kyle Johnson???
6th Keith Heinrich???
7th pete campion, and Brad Franklin (is this comedy hour?)

we passed on the following
Clinton Portis, Brian Westbrook,
David Garrard, Aaron Kampman, James Harrison, and Bart Scott to name a couple

03 draft class
1st Jordan Gross
2nd Bruce Nelson???
3rd Mike Seidman and Ricky Manning
4th Colin Branch
5th Kindal Moorehead
7th Walter Young and Casey Moore

missed Anquan Boldin, Osi Umenyiora, Lance Briggs, Asante Samuel, Brandon Lloyd,David Diehl, Kris Dielman.....

one is still on the roster from these two years.....We should have learned by now

Tommy said...

Tough times, these.
Resolution of conflicts on many fronts helps, but more is to come.
Once we've jetted off east things will really start looking up.
But until then: paint, parking, wood, tables, chairs, sardar, food, drink, lists, healthy doses of work and many more..
We're getting there.