Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some thoughts on Rivera's coaching hires

A couple of thoughts on Ron Rivera and his new Panther staff, which is coming together pretty quickly now...

The hiring of Rob Chudzinski, detailed in this story here by Darin Gantt, was key. I like the fact that the Panthers, despite developing their own list of offensive coordinator candidates, allowed Rivera to go after his first choice here. If you're going to cook the meal, you better get to buy the groceries, as Bill Parcells once said about another NFL matter.

Did you notice what the fewest number of points scored was among the 8 playoff teams last weekend? It was 21. All the losing teams scored at least 21, and the winners were generally a lot higher than that.

But "21" was nothing but a dream for the Panthers last season, who averaged exactly one offensive TD per game. Carolina was the NFL's worst team in points and yardage in 2010. And while the NFL used to be a league where you could win a number of games in the 16-13 range, that's not true anymore. You better be scoring in the low to mid-20s nowadays to secure wins -- Carolina averaged 12.25 points per game in 2010.

New defensive coordinator Sean McDermott sounds promising, too, and here's Joe Person's story about that. But McDermott's importance is not at the same level as Chudzinski's. It appears the Panthers are going to blitz more now, which is a fine thing, but they would have done that with Rivera directing the team regardless of who he hired as DC.

But the offense? It needs an overhaul. Chudzinski will have the chance to provide it -- but first he and Rivera are going to have to decide on what they're going to do at QB. I remain committed to the idea that Jimmy Clausen is not the answer -- not in 2011, not in 2012, not in any season. But who is? Good question. Matt Moore posted a blog today saying he hoped to be back in Carolina in 2011, but I don't really see that happening.


2smart said...

The best thing I see in the future is another 3-13 season and a chance to draft Luck again in 2012.

2short said...

scatta papa got they cats on perpuhtrators doh.

Anonymous said...

how about this for an answer to the QB question:
Trade the #1 pick and Clausen to move down and Draft Cam Newton. Pick up a veteran presence (Orton maybe?) in the trade or otherwise, who comes at a mid-range price to start while Newton is developed further and a role for Edwards is created....or Start Matt Moore.
Develop a short passing game that includes throwing the ball to Rosario, Williams, Smith, Stewart, and the other receivers and thrown from Orton, Newton, AND Edwards.....keyword is AND.

girlineveryport said...

For real, another A.E. QB post? FOR GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE, THE MAN IS NOT AN NFL QB. Not now, not ever. Move on past his glory days in Boone. That was LONG AGO.

Anonymous said...

I have stopped pulling for App State because of all you stupid Armanti Armanti Armanti !!!! idiots

He will NEVER be a quarterback here. Bet yer rerar Rivera is not gonna want some skinny chicken legged fool running around in some gimmicky crap offense.

Get over it-- Hurney wasted a pick and sold some extra tickets to you pathetic App State folks.

Anonymous said...

Cam Newton will NOT be a Carolina Panther. JR doesn't want sonme lying cheating thief on his team.

Especially one who is destined to be another Jamarcus Russell/Vince Young BUST

Just look at him.

Anonymous said...

Very pumped up by the news that Rivera got HIS man, and not some goof that HURNEY had picked. All Hurney wanted was someone to shield his little Jenny Clausen from getting benched.

Anonymous said...

Seattle fire OC Jeremey Bates today. He has been a very good QB coach in the league, coaching Jay Cutler to the Pro Bowl with the Broncos and working with the Jets. He would be a good QB coach for the Panthers. I'm not giving up on Clausen. He just hasn't had any veteran QB leadership and mentoring like many other young starting QB's. They should keep Matt Moore one more season at the least and let Clausen continue to develop.

littlekitty said...

This is the best news yet! If we keep Clausen this year, we will be horrible again, and we will be in the running to get Luck in next year's draft. Thanks Hurney and Richardson, keeping it real for us fans!!!

saabguy said...

Whine, whine, whine. I have never saw fans whine so much. Support your team for heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Clausen has new endorsement deal for Scorpio's

Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm really IMPRESSED! I'm impressed by the fact that although you moonlight as a two-bit sports reporter at a floundering rag, that you have so much knowledge regarding player personnel, that you can determine whether a rookie QB with a lame duck coach and rookie receivers can be an NFL caliber QB after only 1 season! I'm humbled even to share the same cyberspace with you!

Anonymous said...

A quick scan of the quarterbacks remaining in the playoffs.....All 4, Sanchez, Roethlisberger, Cutler, and Rodgers are mobile quarterbacks, comfortable moving out of the pocket and making a play.....rewind the tape on Clausen and you'll see countless times where he throws the ball away instead of keeping the play alive. Imagine if those skinny legs had of been used to gain a couple of yards instead of wasting a down....maybe we would have scored at least 16 points a game instead of 12. The threat of competent mobility alone would help receivers get open downfield.

Anonymous said...

Clean the slate at QB. Matt Moore & Jimmy Clausen are damaged goods. I wouldn't put either at No#2 QB (because they haven't consistently moved the offense, and both are concussion prone).

Anonymous said...

Matt Moore is gone! His contract is up and will not be renewed. So, his name does not need to still be included in the discussion of the Panthers' future QB plans!!

you need to get over your man crush with Cam! He's not coming to Carolina; he is a project as an NFL QB, at best!

you are correct, this is the whiniest bunch of fans in the NFL!!!

Anonymous said...

Our QB's are TRASH

Shaun said...
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Shaun said...

Good god am I glad none of you buffoons are calling the shots for Carolina .. how can you judge Clausen in his first year behind a battered oline, with no legitimate receiving threats other than smitty in a lame duck coaching year when nobody wanted to coach? I guess u are all the second coming of nostradamus .. I mean I figure let's see what the young dude can do in a new system with a guy like chud tutoring him for a couple of preseason games before we start to assume the kid can't even play 2nd string QB .. I personally think he will turn into a good game manager starting this season, possibly more if they gear the passing game more towards his strengths(post / slants/ screens/ out routes) which fox / Davidson were almost ignorant to want to do for the rookie.. ill bet u anything they bring in a veteran wideout aside from smitty to mentor our young wrs too . Clausen received praises from Charlie Weis who is not one for just passing praises out for a high football IQ and his consistent accuracy in the short/intermediate routes.. the only thing I'm worried about is the kids confidence level, knowing we have fans who can't wait to boo the shit out of him the moment he walks out onto the field for the first preseason game..anyone who talks dirt about him given the circumstances should learn a bit more about the game of football .now I'm not saying he will turn into another Matt ryan but give the kid a bit more time in the pocket, particularly some better pass blocking, (fiametta has got to get better picking up the extra blocker) and this should help with the decision making and ability to scramble and make plays outside the pocket without blitzers constantly in his face ..he won't be tom Brady or manning, but I'm thinking one day he could turn into another former notre dame QB Steve Buerlein who was arguably the best QB the Panthers have had in their short history ...u heard it here first ..

Anonymous said...

The Panthers would be wise to offer Moore and get him signed. Clausen will never be a viable QB in this league.

Anonymous said...

"Very pumped up by the news that Rivera got HIS man, and not some goof that HURNEY had picked".

It was John F who actually picked his coaches to join his team during his tenure here. So how has Hurney picked Fox staff or Rivera staff again? Talk about not knowing anything about your team.

Anonymous said...

Trade next years #3 with performance incentives to rise to a #2 for Orton. Even if he hits them, and it becomes a #2, Kyle Orton is defiantly worth a second round pick. If we get a stable QB you would be amazed with the turnaround of this team. Bates would also be an awesome QB coach pick up.

Anonymous said...

"I remain committed to the idea that Jimmy Clausen is not the answer -- not in 2011, not in 2012,not in any season".

Funny how before the season started Scott you was kissing Clausen ass. Stating " he would be the best passer to put on a Panthers uniform". After seeing him play you stated "he would never amount to anything no matter what personnel you give him".

Funny how you never bash Fox and coaching staff for their conservative/elementary school playcalling at best. When has Fox came close to developing a QB and WR? How about never. The Oline sucked at pass protecting.

Not only but also you decide to kiss Luck ass wanting him to be drafted after his great season in a meidocre Pac 10. Whats funny about that is how two faced you are you would thrown him under the bus, asking for another QB to come here.

I wonder what happends if Clausen does become a solid QB, will you along others to kiss his ass? Jumping on his bandwagon after throwing him under the bus.

Anonymous said...

"Trade next years #3 with performance incentives to rise to a #2 for Orton. Even if he hits them, and it becomes a #2, Kyle Orton is defiantly worth a second round pick".

Kyle O is at best a short term QB. Is Kyle O even a franchise QB? Haven't proved it with the Bears and the Broncos( well they love Tebow).

Orton lacks arm strength and is injury prone. When was the last time he played a full 16 games? Orton is a short ball thrower, he barley throws deep.

Anonymous said...

As nuch this fanbas bash Hurney for trading a high draft picks, they will bash him if he traded a 2nd rounder for Orton. As someone stated he is a short term QB at best.

Can you rely on him to get you to the super bowl? Orton had a good win % with the Bears due with a good defense and solid running game. The reason he put up good numbers in Denver is due to the lack of a running game.

Anonymous said...

As much this fanbase bash Hurney for trading a high draft picks, they will bash him if he traded a 2nd rounder for Orton. As someone stated he is a short term QB at best.

Made my corrections on my previous post.

Anonymous said...

For those fans who keep mentioning Cam Newton/Vince Young or Mike Vick...you are wasting your time and breath. Off the field issues coupled with playing a high school offense = NO WAY please quit the "mobile QB" bs...How many running QB's are left...NONE!

Anonymous said...

Hey Knowitall Shawn and the rest of you Notre Dame homers

Check out Jimmys scouting report BEFORE HE CAME HERE ---


This is a 2010 draft scout report on QB Jimmy Clausen last when he played at ND and it seems we are now seeing some of the same things in Clausens game that the scout report wrote about. (enjoy)

QB Jimmy Clausen 2010 draft scout report
NFL Draft Report

Amongst my previous concerns with Clausen has been his lack of range in the passing game. Against Stanford, he registered thirty pass attempts. Of these, thirteen were short slants to the left or right to one of Michael Floyd or Golden Tate. Two were shovel passes and two were check down's through the middle. Clausen threw five screen passes.

The remaining eight attempts were a combination of a failed hail mary to end the game, three deep corner routes, a pass thrown away, an end around trick, a fade left and a 20 yard attempt down the middle.

I've noticed that a lot of throws made by Clausen are outside slants to Floyd or Tate. Although Clausen doesn't play behind the greatest offensive line, he did throw to two of the best receivers in college football who simply outclassed the Stanford defensive backs in this game (they scored all five passing TD's). Nearly 50% of his passes were this high percentage outside slant, quickly thrown off the snap to one of the talented receivers in a lot of space. 73% of his throws were ten yards or shorter. The stats for the year are very good, but when you're throwing a lot of high percentage throws for short yardage in a quick hitting offense - it's no surprise. You're going to complete passes, you're not going to throw interceptions.

But of more concern is that Clausen will become predictable and easy to gameplan if he can't make 'all the throws'. A top ten quarterback needs to be able to get the ball downfield as well as show great short range accuracy.

Before I go onto discussing his deep passes, I want to briefly talk about mechanics. Clausen's throwing action is quite slingy with a low side arm release. Clausen is listed at 6'3". He doesn't look 6'3" on tape, but watching him stood next to 6'5" center Eric Olsen and 6'1" safety Kyle McCarthy for the coin toss - I think it's accurate. However, the ball is being released at around shoulder height. Compare this to Ryan Mallett, who at 6'7" releases the ball well over his head. The advantage of this is you avoid a lot of tipped passes. Mark Sanchez had a similar issue with a slingy release (although not as exaggerated as Clausen) and he made a big effort to show he'd corrected this at the USC pro-day last year.

In one Notre Dame game, I actually watched Clausen throw the ball into the back of his own center's helmet. He has a lot of passes tipped because the ball struggles to get over the scrum of lineman in front of him. Against Stanford, he again had a tipped pass loop into the air - fortunately an offensive lineman scooped it up before the interception could be completed.

To compensate for the low release point, when Clausen throws deep he tries to put a lot of air on the ball. In the Stanford game, of the three deep corner routes thrown by Clausen - two were under thrown and one had to be batted down by Michael Floyd to avoid an interception. The ball looped up high into the air in a floaty manner, with little zip or torque. This is either evidence of a lack of arm strength or a technique problem, or possibly a combination of both. During the year, a lot of his deep passes are 'up for grabs' because of this. I just don't see a great passing range when I scout Jimmy Clausen. A lot of high percentage short throws - which he does well throwing to good receivers. When he's asked to throw downfield or be a little bit creative, he's just not shown he can do it at a NFL level.


Anonymous said...

I agree --- Jimmy Clausen is a waste who spends way too much time at The Woodshed in Charlotte

whats wrong with the truth said...

How could we not take cam newton at 66. 250 with a brett favre arm sure he made a mistake you without. Sin cast the 1st stone. But he is very humble. Do what it takes prove he can come from behind and not easy to bring down on 3rd and. 2 he can fall forward and get the. 1st down which was a problem this year. The nfl is evolving too much to just have a throwing only qb and if we do not get him and someon else does we wil be the team that let a once in a lifetime opportunity. Pass will not be too many more like him look at tampa bay josh freeman green bay rodgers and philly with vick and he can throw over the d line j clausen only can get sack play throw away or fumble need get his big toe right or something and if we do not get newton I 4 one gone starting thinking we racist at qb positon anyway and rodeny peete do not count just like clinton is considered black to black people so we want change just like barack Obama said yes we can change but watch what we do.and when he can not be stopped. Remember hi.d sight is 20/20 from still a fan for right now

Anonymous said...

the fans that the panthers have are not committed fans when things are going good all yall do is hate the the panthers if we had fans like teams up north this team would be better. but anyways i hate hearing about cam newton i hate hearing about how good he is going to be sucky QB i am for mallet or locker or a new offense of linemen after we take nick fairley with the first pick

crazylegs said...

Pike will win the job in training camp. . . . hands down! RR had the luxury of a bigger, stronger QB in San Diego. Fox was a joke! RR knew Pike should been starting over Little Jimmy before he came to Charlotte!

Kenneth said...

Aaron Rogers is a mobile quarterback that is still playing. In fact he has played the best of the quarterbacks that are left because he is a dual threat like Steve Young and John Elway.

The offensive coordinator hire was a good one, but I don't know if the defensive coordinator hire was good. The Eagles defense hasn't been good since Jim Johnson relinquished those duties right before he passed away. This guy that was hired has not done a good job at all. Maybe Rivera will do most of the real defensive coordinator work behind the scenes.

Again, some of you are gluttons for punishment. Andrew Luck doesn't want to come here. If you are in position to draft him next year he'll refuse you out right.

Anonymous said...

Ok after reading all of this whining and crying man i have a headache! I have watched Panther football since day one and I probably seen more than most of these cry babies on here commenting! Why is it when someone screws up here ya'll want to throw them to the dogs and never come back for them? I mean they say New York, Philly is one of the worst places to play for bc how hard the fans are on the players!

The Carolina Panthers have a whine and cheese crowd! Ya'll jump on the wagon when they are winning! What did all of you say when they signed the team that they had the year they went to the super bowl? Did any of you really see the panthers going that far? I know I didn't and if you say you did you are full of crap!

As a true panther fan (bc trust me I sat there when we went 1-15 as well as i did this year too), you have to give people a chance. Jimmy was a rookie. If you think you can jump in there as a rookie and win it all please by all means go talk to the panthers. Don't be so quick to throw in the towel on Jimmy. I mean when your kids mess up do you give up on them?

True Carolina Panther fans think about this and those who are crying shut up and give the kid a chance!

Anonymous said...

Yeah -- Rodney Peete was no more a black qb than Clinton was a black prez? --

Let me guess what you are.

Oh, I don't have to guess. It's obvious since you make all sorts of ridiculous victim claims and feel Cammie is getting ignored because he's a negroe.

How about this? Cam MIGHT make it as a TE, or a tall WR.

He won't be a quality QB. Is it because he's a negroe? Well, no, but I'm sure you and your homies will blame it on that, instead of trying to understand the real reasons why.

The same goes for all the Armanti idiots.

Anonymous said...

Mr Archie,

Believe this or not, I do not care. I have a neighbor who writes for a paper near Charlotte. You read his columns from time to time I am sure. He is constantly around many influential people in BofA. I asked him straight up what the feelings are towards Jimmy Clausen. He asked me not to repeat him by name. I won't. But this is what he said. ---

Hurney, alone, still thinks Jimmy can play. But the general concensus is that our QB's are trash. Trash. All of them. Nice guys, but trash.

If you also listened to Rivera's comments when put on the spot, there was NO endorsement of Jimmy Clausen, and Rivera had reviewed every player and position before interviewed. If Jimmy had shown at least an OUNCE of promise, he no doubt would have tried to prop him up a little. ---

But nope. Not a bit. We will bring in someone like Volek this year, a 'stopgap' - I wouldnt doubt if we win just enough that we don't get the #1 pick next year. This is a 2-3 year rebuilding now minimum. Even though I cannot STAND to watch him play, Jimmy will get a little more opportunity. BUt he has no long term deal. They haven't spent much for him.

And Mr Rivera will not think twice about yanking the bumbling QB.

Rookie? --- So was Sam Bradford, whose line was also not great. But Sam doesn't bobble snaps, hit linemen in head, throw it away at first sign of trouble, or take sacks on every 3rd and 4th n long

manu4t said...

Good gosh folks be optimistic, we have new coaches and whomever we take with the #1 pick is going to be an impact player - whether it is Fairley, Bowers, Peterson or Green (doubt it will be Newton but hey great if it is).

Clausen didnt get a fair shot this year, Fox didnt want him and half the Oline sucked this year (how Kalil made the Pro Bowl is beyond me, he put more snaps in the ground than he did into Clausen's hands). Get a better O line and Otah back and Clausen will be OK. He didnt have the chance to learn behind anyone with any experience and had only one reliable receiver to throw to all year, not to mention the horrible playcalling by our idiot coaches.

And for those ripping the fans for being "fairweather", the same thing happens with every team. For example, I went to the Falcons game last weekend and their fans were leaving just after the third quarter TD (first one) by GB - and this is a team that went 13-3 during the regular season. They have been around 45 yrs now and their fans act just like ours, so get over it. People aren't going to support bad football, if they did, we would be chronic losers.

Anonymous said...

Clausen will not be ok - He benefited from a dink and dunk notre dame offense and never won anything there.

Never knew there were so many Irish fans in Charlotte

Why is it his OWN FANS hated him in college?

He is a arrogant empty helmeted jerk who had MORE THAN ENOUGH chance to show at least some promise.

Anonymous said...

Ok see what I am saying why not get a veteran QB and teach him. Jimmy wasnt a 1st overall pick either. Plus how in the heck can you compare Sam radford to Jimmy Clausen? Sam has better talent than Jimmy, Jimmy needs veteran help and he needs a OL that stays healthy and he needs a chance. Plus if you look at what Sam had he had A.J. for Veteran help. Jimmy had Matt Moore. You can't throw people to the dogs. I'm saying just give hm a chance!

Anonymous said...

scott is correct for once.clausen will be lucky to be a backup in this league.i saw nothing from this kid.

Anonymous said...

The thing that hurt the most about this season is that we had 3 quarterbacks that should have had playing time. Pike should have had that start but Fox hates rookies. Every time I hear someone slam Armanti or Pike it makes me think back to how quick Altanta dumped a quarterback without ever letting him in a game. I believe most of you have heard of him.. Goes by the name Farve. Am I saying either of those to are Farve no.. but they at least need to be given a chance.

Anonymous said...

Its spelled Favre you moron

And Favre did play some, but the Packers offered a 1st round pick for a guy who was playing behind Chris Miller, who was very good and had not yet started getting concussions, anmd Atlanta needed more playmakers.

Green Bay did not bring him in to take over, and he was a not a real reach since he was the first pick in 2nd rd and they gave up their 19th pick.

Don Majkowski had a firm grip on the job but Green Bay had no backup worth a crap. Majkowski got seriously injured. Favre took over.

Plerase never utter the words Favre and Clausen in the same sentence.

Clausen is a little poon. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Use the #1 for can't miss Auburn DT Harley or trade down a few spots in return for more drafts choices such as a #2 in 11 and a #1 in 12.

Plenty of impact guys from 4-8 spots. At least 3 of top 4 QBs will still be there along with A J Green.

Anonymous said...

Forget 2011. Its a goner before it starts. The only hope is to get that #1 pick in 2012. Its that simple.

If Richrdson were smart he would have hired the great genius Tom Sorensen as an interim head coach and this would have sealed a 0-16 season in 2011 and clearly the #1 draft pick.

Too late. Panthers will go 4-12 if they lucky in 2011 and Sorensen will be coaching another team with his usual 4-5 year old Pee Wee League to yet another winless season.

Luck will never play for the Panthers now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Archie. Since Luck is out you have to give the kid a chance with a decent offensive line and some weapons to throw to. Get a quarterback coach and vet to nurture the guy. Trade the 1st rd pick and get some decent picks to address our other needs. And get Hurney out of the war room at draft time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jimmy was a rookie with 1 weapon and now he's not the answer? Give the man a chance. Get him AJ Green and a receiving TE later in the draft then let him work. The new OC is going to help Jimmy by leaps and bounds. More 3 WR sets to open things up. Im glad so many people can tell how good a QB Jimmy can be after one year. Peyton was horrible his first season and look how he turned out. Not saying Jimmy is Peyton, but have some patience people.

Anonymous said...

He had plenty of opportunity to not bobble snaps- hit linemen in head etc etc --

I think Smitty knows the real deal with Clownsen

He's a dumass waste of skin as a QB

Anonymous said...

Cam Newton will NEVER see Charlotte unless we get a CFL team...get OVER the Heisman run & pass BS...It's throw then run if ya have to!

Kenneth said...

As bad as Jake was, Clausen may never be as good. This is kind of the Delhomme scenario all over again for some of you. Andrew Luck told you to take a hike. So now you'd rather have any traditional pocket passer instead of Donovan Mcnabb or the guy who is going to set the league on fire. His name is Cam Newton. But all of a sudden keeping Jimmy Clausen is even a better option than getting the first or second rated quarterback this year.

Shaun said...

"He had plenty of opportunity to not bobble snaps- hit linemen in head etc etc --

I think Smitty knows the real deal with Clownsen

He's a dumass waste of skin as a QB"

Right ... these are the mistakes 90% of rookie QBs make their first year in the pros. You simply cannot compare everything from guys like Matt ryan or Sam bradford who were very lucky to experience early success . All I've been hearing are the analogies that the Rams oline sucked this year but bradford still did well .. this is further proof that success at the QB position is not only a result of player performance but a combination of coaching, mentoring , and the system he enters into .. both Matt and Sam had the luxury of a good system for success in place, quality QB coaches and a gameplan suited towards their strengths .. sure, jimmy made some horrible decisions in the pocket trying to make something out of nothing and I was just as appalled by his mechanics .. but these are correctible....2010 for jimmy has to be considered a throw away year for the kid and 2011 should be looked at like his "true" rookie season ..if u can't see the forest from the trees on this one --- I want to see each and every one of you nay sayers on these boards admitting you were wrong for trashing him if and when he does start to experience success with a better system in place ..

Anonymous said...

"Peyton was horrible his first season and look how he turned out. Not saying Jimmy is Peyton, but have some patience people.

January 19, 2011 6:21 PM"

You are an idiot. The Colts sucked and only went 3-13 but Manning is the #1 rookie QB in NFL history statistically. In 1998 he was selected first in the draft by the Colts and in his rookie season passed for 3,739 yards with 26 touchdowns, set five different NFL rookie records including most touchdown passes in a season and was named NFL All-Rookie First Team and All Pro.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Garbage...or Pickles as he is affectionately known is most definitely not an NFL caliber quarterback. I thought Jake was bad, and Pickles makes Jake look like Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers.

On top of being a crappy QB, he's also a douche. Stretch Hummer, fireworks and cheerleaders ring a bell for anyone? Smitty calling him out REPEATEDLY during the season for lack of effort and bad study habits? For F*ck's sake, he has a hard time just getting the handoff from the center. He had more batted balls than a porn fluffer. Dude stinks...admit it, deal with it, move on. We'll play Pickles this year and have a Lucky draft next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun --

Re: "these are the mistakes 90% of rookie QBs make their first year in the pros."

These are the mistakes that non-NFL calibre QB's make. - If you had read the scouting reports about your boy, you'd see they were the things he did ALL THROUGH COLLEGE !!!

I believe he had 3 years under GURU Charlie Weiss, an NFL 'offensive and QB "genius" --

Supposedly played in an NFL system? --- Supposedly was the most "NFL READY QB IN THE DRAFT" ?--
Just explain this one thing --- Why did the QB dead Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and Cleveland Browns pass on him? They had a much bigger need than we did. We thought Matt was the #1 guy no questions asked. Yet Hurney, an ex newspaper reporter obviously knew better than Mike Holmgren?

Why did Jimmy drop so far? Fact is, the mistakes he made this year primarily were his own fault.

When you walk to the line on 4th down, knowing you need to complete a long pass to have a chance for survival and you're on the opponents 35, dodn't you tell yourself, no matter what, I am going to throw it? -- Doesn't he have enough since to do that? To know a pick in that situation is no worse than a punt? --

How in hell can you overlook bobbled snaps and throwing it into linemens heads EVERY DAMN GAME?

Thats what mini camp, training camp, weekly practices are for!

If his only mistakes were blitz reads, or pass routes, even timing, it would be normal rookie crap .

His screwups were enormously inept. -- As for Smitty on his case? GOOD -- I'd trust Smitty's thoughts on that since he plays the game, over yours.

Rivera will not put up with it. We'll have a veteran to bridge the gap till we find a true franchise QB.

Anonymous said...

$cam Newton will NEVER be a Panther...write it down!

Anonymous said...

Is Shaun dating Jimmy ?

Stefan said...

What we need to do is find the next Matt Schaub. Who will that be? Billy Volek in SD, Matt Flynn in GB, maybe Brian Hoyer in NE. For every Schaub there is a Charlie Whitehurst, so it's gamble just like the draft. However, you have the confidence of an nfl team to keep them as the backup and sometimes you have actual nfl game film, which is more than you have with a Cam Newton (and you are a maroon, yes maroon if you think we should draft him) or even Andrew 'the savior' Luck. I did not mention Kolb because he is not worth the price the philly pigeons will want.

Anonymous said...

they need to have a true competition for QB during training camp and hopefully Pike gets a legitimate chance. Fox never liked Pike and then Pike gets a mysterious "shoulder injury" and gets put on IR so Fox doesnt have to play him.

Pike is more mobile than Clausen and has a better arm, hard to judge in game time since Fox only gave him like 2 minutes of real game action. Even if he isnt give a shot here, I think Pike will turn out better than Clausen.

Shaun said...

Talk about a fickle fanbase .. like I said.. I wan't to see all you "anonymous" whores on here eating a big fat crow about Clausen if he suddenly develops into a legitimate NFL QB .. I'm not saying Clausen will, I'm saying it's premature to judge him thus far and Ron Rivera our new head coach basically said the same thing himself in his press conference .. I have faith that he will figure out quickly whether or not Clausen is the answer alot more accurately than this fan base.. that's for sure..