Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Panthers, Oscars and "Smoke"

A couple of notes on another gray January day:

1) Looks like the Panthers are getting busy vetting Auburn DT Nick Fairley, according to our own Joe Person who is on the Senior Bowl scene in Mobile, Ala. I know Fairley has a rep as a dirty player, but it will be hard to not pick him at No.1 (if Carolina keeps the pick, that is) after that unbelievable performance in the national title-game win over Oregon. Fairley was ridiculously good in that game. Check out the "Inside the Panthers" blog for more of Joe's reports from Mobile.

With a No.1 pick, though, I really prefer in general terms a QB or RB -- someone you can give the ball to a whole lot without the other team dictating anything. Not sure anyone on the board is worth No.1 money, though, now that Stanford's Andrew Luck has decided to stay in school.

2) My column today was about NASCAR driver Tony "Smoke" Stewart, who had his latest altercation in Australia but still seems to be carving out a bit of a role as an elder statesman in the sport these days. Stewart turns 40 in May -- does that make you feel old? It does me.

3) How many of the best-picture nominees of 2010 have you seen? They were announced today. I'm also wondering which of them you would put on a "can't-miss" list.

I'm just looking for personal recommendations here, as I've only seen 3 of the 10("Inception," "The Kids Are all Right" and "Toy Story 3".) Here's the full list of the 10 best-picture nominees for 2010. I know I'm going to see "The Fighter," but does anyone else have thoughts on this list as to whether the movies have generally been overrated or underrated?

Best Picture Nominees
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King's Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone


Anonymous said...

Defensive tackle is a waste of a first-round pick. Trade it. Get a later first round and a second round and go for OL and DL players or receivers.

Anonymous said...

You act like it is easy to trade a no. 1 pick without anyone really worthy of the no. 1 pick. Name one team that would trade with us. Then I would like to hear the player worthy of trading up for. It isn't as easy as "trading the pick". First you have to find a team that wants it. Unfortunately we are stuck with the No. 1 pick and no clear no. 1 player in the draft. DT looks like the best value for the no. 1 pick at this point.

Melissa said...

Check out True Grit...it was much better than I expected, great performance by the actress playing mattie...also The Social Network is the best movie i have seen this award season apart from The Black Swan bar none...The Social network is the way to go...

Bryan K. said...

The film slate in general this year was weak, but this is the most well-balanced group of Best Picture nominees in a very long time. All 10 of these films are worth seeing, and none qualify as overrated (though Black Swan is the most polarizing of the group). Definitely check out The King's Speech; unlike most royal period pieces, it is an utterly engaging film (my favorite of the year). Really, you can't go wrong catching up on any of the ones you missed.

Anonymous said...

The King's Speech was an awsome film.

jamesk said...

Winter's Bone is slow in the beginning but the third act is something you'll never, ever forget. You can get it now on DVD. The Fighter is worth seeing simply due to Christian Bale's amazing performance. True Grit is good and is truer to the book with the Coen's directing. Social Network is written by Aaron Sorkin, who created West Wing. Its exceptional but 30 minutes to long. I have not seen the King's Speech but will probably do so.

Sportsdon said...

I think the odds of success picking a DT at #1 is better than a QB or RB. Mario Williams over Young and Bush comes to mind recently as the most effective use of that money long term.

At the same time; we can recall Jason Peters coming out of Nebraska seemed like a smart 1st pick. Until steroid testing lead to injuries that took him out of the game and into the life of a hardcore addict.

I personaly would prefer to use it on an offensive lineman as they are much easier to evaluate and pick. They cost a lot less even when picked higher. The good (not even great) offensive lineman last a long time in the NFL. All the "skill" positions would be improved across the board with better blocking next year.

I have not looked to see if any are worth a #1 this year. I played o-line and am biased that way, regardless of standard logic.

As far as trading the pick being difficult. Maybe the expected new rookie salary scale makes that easier than ever. Plus why trade down if you see a guy further down you want. Cut a deal with him pre-draft that's still better for him and he gets to say he's #1 even at #10 money.

Anonymous said...

Some said "Brokeback Mountain" starring --- Jimmy Clausen and Marty Hurney was good

... something about Hurney telling Jimmy - " I cain't quit you"

Anonymous said...

The Panthers' personnel department, headed by Don Gregory (Director of College Scouting), is atrocious. Last year, they drafted Claussen way too high with a second round pick, then took a flyer on Armanti Edwards in the 3rd round and again took a QB in the 6th round and QB is STILL their number one need!!! I realize they didn't draft Edwards to be a QB, but they drafted him in the 3RD ROUND to play a position he has never before played!! Furthermore, he couldn't even get on the field at arguably the weakest position on the team! Hurney is terrible, the scouting is terrible. The bad part is, according to Frank Garcia, the personnel department operates at about one-third the manpower and budget of typical NFL personnel departments. So, not only is Hurney terrible, but he also operates with one hand tied behind his back by Richardson. Not a pretty picture for fans, especially PSL holders.

Anonymous said...

Hurney didn't know Ken Lucas was a little light in his loafers until after he signed him in free agency. Just ask Steve Smith why he really decked him! Nice going Hurney. Keep up your stellar reputation as an evaluator. You definitely have the media fooled.

Anonymous said...

Look at Marty Hurney! He's on the front page of the Charlotte Observer. Don't tell me he's the face of the franchise now.

What a joke of an organization!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

True Grit & The Social Network are really good, I want to see Winter's Bone now that I know who's in it... the guy who was on Deadwood & is Kenny Power's brother on Eastbound & Down, he's a great actor.

Anonymous said...

Hurney needs to get out of Jimmy Clausens panties right now

Anonymous said...

Fire Ron Rivera

Oscar Voters said...

I've seen Inception, The Social Network, and Toy Story 3. I recommend all 3. I think The Social Network is the best and deserves to win Best Picture. The movie is just so entertaining and well-written. You'll enjoy the entire movie.