Thursday, December 23, 2010

My pick for Steelers-Panthers (and Sir Purr's punt return)

Pittsburgh and Carolina play so rarely in the regular season that the only game I really remember between the two games came in that starry year of 1996, when everything seemed new and possible for Carolina.

Remember that one? Kordell Stewart went 80 yards for a touchdown. Sir Purr dove into the end zone when a punt was still live and jumped on the ball. ESPN later replayed that leap and flashed a graphic that read: Sir Purr. Punt Returns: One. Yards: Zero.

Ultimately, a playoff-bound Carolina team would edge Pittsburgh, 18-14, at home when safety Chad Cota intercepted Stewart. I must have heard Bill Rosinski's call of that play 100 times: "Stewart back to throw, fires in the end zone. What is it? What is it? INTERCEPTED! The Panthers have it! The Panthers have it!"

Tonight won't be nearly as exciting, I'm afraid. The talent level will be too great for the Panthers to make up. I'm 11-3 picking Panther games this season -- I chose Carolina to beat Arizona last week. But this one won't turn out so nicely.

My prediction: Pittsburgh 30, Carolina 10


Anonymous said...

Great game to look back on, Scott - I remember it like it was yesterday - Cota rippped the ball away from the WR and saved the game. I remember Cowher flipping out on the sidelines when one of his players got a penalty and pointed both fingers at his temples as if to say 'think' as only an angry Cowher could. Top 5 Panther wins ever.

Anonymous said...

It was a great win by a young new franchise. Chad Cota was a very good DB who left with Polian.

Anyone else see the game? I think all the panthers points came from six field goals by none other than John Casey.

Anonymous said...

As I remember it, the game was a meaningless game played by two playoff bound teams who rested their starters. Or maybe that was another year. If I am wrong I am sure I will be corrected.

Anonymous said...

I believe they actually clinched the division and the first round bye on this game