Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A hard time to be a fan in Charlotte

I wrote my column for Thursday's newspaper and online here on how these are the sorts of times that try a pro sports fan's soul in Charlotte.

That's not to say there's nothing to cheer for in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Your local high school or middle school team may be having a great year in something. You might be a Duke fan, in which case you have to be ecstatic. You might enjoy going to Checkers games. You might be the parent of a youth league football team that just won a national championship in its division.

But, more than likely, you are also a Panther fan at some level if you live in our area.

The NFL is easily the No.1 spectator sport in America, and Panther games still easily get far more viewers than the next 2-3 sports combined.

So there is something of a pall cast upon a city when a team goes 1-12 like Carolina has this year -- at least I feel one. Of course, I'm in that business. I know there are many more important things in life, but people like to talk about the weather and about football this time of year, and both of them have been pretty darn bad lately.


Anonymous said...

pathetic ...

Anonymous said...

On the brightside, for those who don't have season tickets: Tickets are cheaper than ever to see a game here and there!

Anonymous said...

Are players not being paid enough millions? Did they get a pay cut?

So you blame teachers in the classroom and not students today just like you blame coaches/owners and not players?

Everythings upside down. They got it all backwards.

Time to start blaming students and players.

Anonymous said...

I agree, time for students and players to take responsibility! It's not always the teachers or the coaches fault!

Anonymous said...


Dont swallow the BIG LIE.