Sunday, December 19, 2010

Carolina ups lead to 6-0 at end of 1st quarter

The Panthers have extended their lead to 6-0 with 14 seconds left in the first quarter -- John Kasay hit his second field goal of the game, this one a 29-yarder.

It was another impressive drive for Carolina -- 14 plays and 80 yards, starting from its own 9-yard line. The biggest play was a 29-yard strike from Jimmy Clausen down the sideline to David Gettis, who fought off defensive holding to make an acrobatic catch. Jonathan Stewart also had several good runs.

On third-and-12 from the Arizona 14, the Panthers ran a draw to Stewart that didn't work. This brought a gush of boos from the stands, which are about half full at this point.

Still, Carolina leads 6-0 as the first quarter comes to a conclusion. Arizona has yet to offer any sort of scoring threat.

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