Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Livingston and the Bobcats

I wrote my column today on the Bobcats' love of trading -- they made their 11th one in the Larry Brown era Tuesday.

Now today comes another Bobcats move -- not a trade this time, but only because Shaun Livingston wasn't on another team. Instead, the Bobcats are about to sign Livingston, who is mainly known around here as 1) the guy who was supposed to go to Duke but went to the NBA instead directly out of high school and 2) the guy who had a horrific knee injury against the Bobcats.

He's got nice height -- 6-foot-7 -- for a point guard. But is he the answer? Is he better than Raymond Felton, for instance? No way.

Livingston has been in the NBA since 2004 and has never started more than 31 games in a single season, despite playing on some very mediocre teams (to be fair, that knee injury had something to do with that).

If this is the Bobcats' "answer" at point guard, I'm underwhelmed until proven otherwise. If Livingston is just bolstering the depth and the Bobcats still have something big coming, then I'm OK with it.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The few times i've seen him play since his injury, left me impressed with his basketball IQ. Is he better than Felton? If he didn't have a bum knee it would be yes hands down. The question should be can he start and be as durable as Felton. That answer is No. He can only play limited minutes but the dimension he brings i think is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Scott, did you really do any homework on this post beyond a quick Wikipedia search?

Watch some tape of his play with the Wizards last season and you should be a little more enlightened about the potential this 24 year old (who is also making $4.5 mil/yr less than Raymond) has.

IMHO its a great low risk-high reward signing.

Najee said...

I can understand Scott Fowler's position. Charlotte basically lost a starting point guard from a team that went to the playoffs a year ago. Despite how Raymond Felton played vs. Orlando, Charlotte at the least has to get another player that can match what Felton brought to the table.

Even before his horrific knee injury, it's not like Shaun Livingston was tearing up the NBA. Even this past season, he still looks like the same player minus the explosion he once had. Livingston's only advantage over Felton is height, and even then he's painfully thin.

Anonymous said...

Even if he isn't as good as Felton, he will be alot cheaper and still give good quality minutes. I mean really, Felton was okay but there wasn't a great deal of teams courting him and he ended up signing with NY because his old coach new him from AAU. If he was that great they would have given him a longer deal, instead they are using him as a short-term solution until CP3 or Tony Parker becomes available, let's wait and see on Livingston how he will be used our offense before passing judgment.

Anonymous said...

We want to be cheap to make money, and in the business world, you've to spent to make money. Trade Diaw(Doris)along with Gina Diop(Debra) for Gabriel Arenas. The Wizards want to get rid of this guy. Put a combination of Doris along with someone perhaps Dampier to acquire a good PG for this team.

As for Felton, he needed to start somewhere else and thank God he got a deal in NY. This guy is a good leader, but after watching him play in the league now for five years, he has poor judgment and his basketball IQ is not very good. Felton is a good reverse dribbler and his turnover ratio and points made do not match up. He'll do better in NY.

Anonymous said...

"We want to be cheap to make money, and in the business world, you've to spent to make money. Trade Diaw(Doris)along with Gina Diop(Debra) for Gabriel Arenas. The Wizards want to get rid of this guy. Put a combination of Doris along with someone perhaps Dampier to acquire a good PG for this team...."

You're an idiot lol. Have you seen Arenas' contract? Oh how I love you arm chair GMs. Holding down that 9-5 in a HS cafeteria and fronting like you know the ins and outs of any business, let alone the NBA executive side.

That wasn't an opinion, that was just plain stupid. What kills me is if you are this NBA savvy why not work your way up the ranks and get on R.C. Buford's level.

Oh man, thanks for the lunch laughs, that was awesome.

jed said...

Been following your articles and blogs on the Bobcats lately, Scott.

As someone who is a serious NBA watcher for some two decades, I find your constant criticism of the Bobcats and their moves extremely off the mark and unfairly negative. Obnoxious, actually.

Good thing you are not in the Bobcat's front office, its clear you would fare far worse than Jordan and co.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully Livingston comes back and plays like he did or better than he did on the Wizards. As for other moves, i hope we trade Diaw and Dampier and Augustine and maybe a draft pick and try to get Chris Paul, if not that, then find a way to get any other point guard or center.

Jeff said...

Livingston did well for the Wizards toward the end of last year. I think he'll be about 10mpg for Larry. CP3 will not be in Charlotte. Bobcats are going to use the Kansas rookie at pg to back up DJ. Face it fans.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I moved from Charlotte to Denver when I was 16 and I must say the reporting that I read for the Nuggets and Broncos in The Denver Post is ENJOYABLE to read. Your posts and columns are NOT ENJOYABLE to read. You constantly criticize my hometown teams, with rarely the slightest hint of optimism. Im moving back actually in three weeks, and I look forward to being able to print up the print edition for breakfast every morning. But PLEASE do me a favor, give us Panthers/Bobcats fans a chance to be optimistic every morning!

GSO Cats Fan said...

Yeah, I don't understand the negativity. It's not like Livingston is coming in to be a franchise player - he might not even be the starting PG. He's a low-risk guy signed to a reasonable contract. If he doesn't pan out, it's no big deal.

Granted, Livingston has had some major health issues. But he's still got a fair amount of upside - height, high basketball IQ, playmaking ability. He performed well for the Wizards late last season.

I think the Bobcats might have gotten a steal here. I'm at least willing to give him a chance.