Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vince Carter in his "Vin-Sanity" dunking days

I wrote a column today about Vince Carter, who at Orlando now has a better chance at the NBA championship that has eluded him for a dozen years than he ever has before.

Although the column mainly deals with substance (i.e. championships) rather than style (i.e. the dunks Carter is so famous for), no Carter story would be totally complete without mentioning a couple.

In the story, I mention two highlight moments in Carter's flamboyant resume -- his thrilling performance at the 2000 NBA slam-dunk contest and his dunk over a 7-foot-2 French center in the 2000 Olympics.

Here are the YouTube links for each: The NBA dunk contest and the Olympic dunk, which the French media would later christen "the dunk of death." Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I remember the olympic dunk! I had to record it on my VCR! Best dunk ever!!

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The Arizona Republic reports that the Suns plan to buy out the contract for guard Vince Carter for $4 million.

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