Monday, April 26, 2010

Brown's future -- and 5 ugly numbers for Bobcats

The Bobcats just got swept by Orlando in their first-ever playoff series, falling 99-90 Monday night. It was a strange evening dominated in the media room by the latest batch of rumors that Bobcats coach Larry Brown was close to leaving Charlotte to assume the presidency of the Philadelphia 76ers -- a story touching off these rumors.

Brown said again after the game that he would coach nowhere else but for Michael Jordan and Charlotte and acted offended that the question was even asked.

But when later asked specifically whether he would take a front-office job elsewhere -- in other words, not coaching elsewhere but still leaving Charlotte -- he said, "That's hypothetical."

Brown made it sound like he wanted to stay, saying he loved nothing more than coaching. But he also sounded like he more or less had to get permission to do it again from his wife Shelly, who has stayed in the Philadelphia area with their two children all this time while Brown has been in Charlotte, coaching basketball and otherwise living what I would find to be a rather lonely existence.

Brown seemed weary after the game and said he felt "miserable" about the sweep. He also noted he will be 70 on his next birthday. In other words, this issue is not completely done by a long shot -- Brown is still going to have long conversations with his wife and Jordan before deciding for sure whether he will coach Charlotte in 2010-11. It sounded to me like retirement was at least as much an option as taking a front-office job in Philly -- let's be serious, if you really wanted to be around your wife and kids a lot more, you'd retire, not just take another job closer to them.

OK, onto the 5 ugly numbers for the Bobcats:

15: Out of 16 teams in the playoffs, that's how many teams have won at least a single first-round game. Charlotte was the only one to get swept. In the party everyone wants to get to, the Bobcats are the first one ushered out the door.

3-for-18: Stephen Jackson's shooting performance from three-point range in this series.

12: Difference in Bobcats starting center Theo Ratliff's number of fouls in the four-game series (15) compared to his number of rebounds (3).

14-12: Boris Diaw's total field goals for the series compared to his total turnovers. Diaw was decent Monday, but in the first 3 games he disappeared at all the wrong times.

2: Charlotte's lead at halftime in Game 4. Was this a bad thing? Well, no. But a reporter who has covered the Magic all season saw me at halftime and said, "That's just about as bad as the Magic can play. And they're down by 2."

In other words, as soon as Orlando got going again, it would be over, and that's exactly what happened. The talent variance in this series was so severe that Charlotte really only had one good chance to win -- in Game 3 when Dwight Howard fouled out -- and the Bobcats blew that one.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this was a lesson learned. We obviously need help... and Raymond Felton has a lot of growing up to do if he's going to "lead" this team to the promise land. I would like to keep Thomas here and try to sign a some scorers. We obviously need help.

Ben said...

Here's another number for everyone:

1- It's the number of NBA teams to win their first ever playoff appearance. That team? The Charlotte Hornets. But no one panic, ok? The Magic are an excellent team that can pound the rock in the paint or launch the ball from behind the arc, all while playing quality defense. No shame in losing to a team like that.

Anonymous said...

I believe the charlotte bobcats players are good and talented and all the players in the NBA ARE REALLY TALENTED!I think the offense coach need to improved more how to execute the offense but not always defend on defense especially if you are facing good offensive & defensive team like ORLANDO. ONE OF THE GOOD EXAMPLE TEAM ARE THUNDER AND BUCKS look their roster compare to bobcats but they know how to balance the offense and defense now the question IS? is about the coach or plaYER????????????BEING A FAN IM REALLY SAD AND DISSAPPOINTED FOR WHAT HAPPEN TO BOBCATS AFTER WAITING FOR 6YRS.

Anonymous said...

How old are his kids if he's 70 and they're still being raised?

Anonymous said...

Fowler, You are the BIGGEST bandwagon rider in the city. As soon as it looks like the Cats make the playoffs, it's time for you to start stealing Bonnells time. Then when they lose a couple of games, it's "painful and boring", and "Brown's Horse Pulls Up Lame". Hey, the only thing painful, boring, and lame, is YOU. Learn how to cover your team, or go cover the bake sale at the local school.

Anonymous said...

Scott - as usual, your opinion stinks, your writing sucks and we all wish you would move.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Jordan:

Chris Paul for Felton and Diaw, problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Bobcats suck

Anonymous said...

I have another number for you:

0 - the combined number of times Stephen Jackson AND Tyrus Thomas have run afoul of the team or the law. Both of these guys had reps as team cancers or lawbreakers when they arrived here.

On the roster, we need a point guard upgrade and someone who can actually shoot from outside. On the coach, I hope someone can convince the wife & kids to move down here. We have enough Philly transplants here that they could get a halfway decent cheesesteak. Charlotte beats Philly in every other way.

Anon 7:46 - Larry & his wife got married when he was in his 50s. The kids are teenagers.

Anonymous said...

We just need to sign some scorers. Some of Orlando's 3-ballers have to be FAs this year. Jackson's turnovers were just brutal last night, as they've been the entire playoffs.

Claire Voyance said...

"Anonymous @ 9:18 AM

Dear Mr. Jordan:

Chris Paul for Felton and Diaw, problem solved."

- - - -

Hey, while we're at it, DJ, Diop, and Mohammed for Kobe and Gasol. Why Jordan hasn't already made these moves is beyond me. If he would just ask, I'm sure they would accept.

Jim said...

Anonymous 10:17 - The only guys on the Magic's roster that will be unrestricted free agents this summer are Jason Williams, Anthony Johnson, and Adonal Foyle. If he chooses, Matt Barnes can opt out and join them, too. None of those are the scorers you guys are looking for. JJ Redick will be a restricted free agent, but hearing the way he was booed in Charlotte, I'm not thinking you guys will want him. Dwight, Rashard, Jameer, Vince, Pietrus, Ryan Anderson, Gortat, and Brandon Bass are each locked up for a couple more years at least.

Anonymous said...

A sad end to a promising season for the cats. I hope Michael can make some good moves during the offseason. Any trade should primarily focus on a decent pg, and perhaps the suggestion Felton, Diaw (Doris), Diop for Chris Paul should be consider seriously. Other options not involving ever trading Wallace, Jackson, Tyrus Thomas should be explored. This team need help badly with the pg and someone who can shoot beyond the arc. Why bring two French Fries and they cann't perform, but our people are looking for jobs....bring back Murray instead of Larry Hughes. Hughes committed more fouls and turnovers as compared to points scored. Theo is done, and he should consider retirement....Mohammed plays good before he got hurt, and I think Tyson need to prove that he can be a starter over Nazr. Both Derick Brown and Gerald Henderson need to be given playing minutes to help them mature....Stephen Graham should go as well. Bye Mr. Doris Diaw.

Rudy James said...

Cats definitely need an upgrade at pg. I like DJ in the backup spot, but Felton is just not enough of a playmaker. He's tough and I like his effort, he's just not skilled enough to ever be considered an elite facilitator or scorer. As a playoff team, we miss the Lottery this year so we're gonna need to do more work in free agency this offseason. I loved the mid-season trades and pickups and want to keep them all...even Larry Hughes as I doubt he could be leveraged for a better player unless part of a package deal. I like Diaw when he shows up, he's just way too quiet out there a lot of the time. Tremendous skill, but he doesn't always assert himself. We've got enough bigs to go shopping w/and the only guys I'd say should be off limits are Jack, G-Force and I'd like to keep DJ and Tyrus Thomas, though TT could be packaged w/Felton and a draft pick for a top 10 pg. I think TT is gonna be a stud and I love his athleticism and effort on the court.

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