Friday, April 2, 2010

5 things I liked about Bobcats' win over Bucks

Charlotte (40-35) just pulled out a big home win over Milwaukee in overtime, 87-86, despite coach Larry Brown getting ejected with 9:55 to go in the second quarter.

Here are 5 things I liked about the Bobcats' victory:

1) Playing without Brown. Charlotte didn't panic without its hall of fame coach (whose ejection is the subject of my column in Saturday's paper). In a very tight game -- it was a two-point game after one quarter, a one-point game at halftime, and was tied at the end of both the third and fourth quarters -- the Bobcats didn't lose their poise. Once, I thought Stephen Jackson might follow Brown right out the door on this one, but he calmed himself down.

2) Jackson's shooting. He scored 32 points (11-for-28), and the Bobcats needed every one. Gerald Wallace wasn't in the offensive flow in this one (five points) and too often passed off when driving to the basket. Raymond Felton was the only other Bobcat to even hit double figures, with 12.

3) Tyson Chandler's tip-back. Chandler tipped back an errant Felton shot with four seconds to go, allowing Felton to run the ball down and the clock to run out. "I knew Milwaukee was sending five to the glass, and I just tried to tip it over their heads," Chandler said.

4) The Bobcats' bench. D.J. Augustin, Stephen Graham and Chandler were all effective and outscored a potent Bucks bench.

5) The crowd. The announced attendance was 18,118 -- about 900 short of a sellout -- and it was very loud by Bobcats' standards.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard crowd noise this loud since the early days of the hornets. It definitely rattled Milwaukee at key points in the game. Hopefully this is a preview of the action in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Good to see MJ was sitting near the bench again. Hope that's a trend that continues. Maybe NBA vets wouldn't be intimidated, but I can imagine younger guys and rookies doing a double take if MJ's talkin' trash at them!

Anonymous said...

Scott-although he hit some big shots, it's hard for me to get excited about our high scorer going 11-28. Those are some Iverson-esque numbers. I personally think it hurts us when Jack has games like this. He needs to realize when he's having a bad shooting night, and find other ways to help us win....Go Bobcats!

Anonymous said...

Agree w/ anom at 2:12.

However, it's been a long time since the Bobcats had a player who is unafraid to keep on being a scoring threat. Jackson's mentality is welcome sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Jack scores and made a clutch shot when others seem so reluctant. Not a good shooting percentage night but needed every point. Our defense for the most part was outstanding. Jack needs to pass off most often when he has three defenders on him.

Anonymous said...

Last night was my family's first trip to a Bobcats game. Awesome time! $6 upper level 'Push to the Playoffs' tickets should be available all season. We'd certainly be there more!!! Go Bobcats! Great game!!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the crowd was so large and electric for a game against a team not named "Cavs" or "Lakers" as well as being around the Easter holiday. I hope the crowd remains electric for the playoffs... I think the city may be starting to embrace the team as they're bound for their first playoff game.

Randomguy said...

Not to toot my own horn here, but the crowd noise had everything to do with me. I got there late in the 3rd quarter cause my fuel pump went out, so i downed two big beers when i got there and took a couple of shots and was drunk out of my skull by the time i got to my seat and I started talkin mad sh^t and getting lewd and the crowd loved it and they started getting crazy! It was nuts. So yeah, thank me.