Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spellcheck required for Panthers' new draft picks

The Panthers' 2009 draft will be notable for several reasons: the trading of their 2010 first-round draft choice and the attempted shoring-up of the defense by throwing the first 3 picks that way. (Here's my column today about whether trading the 2010 first-round pick to get FSU DE Everette Brown was worth the risk).

But this draft is notable in another way, too -- it's going to generate a whole lot of misspellings.

For instance:

1) It's Everette, with the "e" on the end, for the Panthers' first-round choice from eastern N.C. (It sounds like Brown will play a lot right away and have a chance at unseating Tyler Brayton and/or Charles Johnson for the starting LDE role).

2) It's "Corvey Irvin," not one of the many variations you could think of, for the third-round DT from Georgia. Note that tricky "v" in Corvey -- making this first name sound like a term of endearment for a Corvette.

3) It's "Sherrod" Martin for the second-round CB from Troy.

4) It's Tony "Fiammetta" for the fourth-round FB from Syracuse who may eventually replace Brad Hoover (although not this year, I'd bet) in that role.

Thank goodness for at least one name easy on the eyes and ears -- RB Mike Goodson from Texas A&M, who joined the Panthers in the fourth round.


Ryan said...

who cares what their names are.....there is not one guy who should start week one this year.....brown is a pass rusher and will get run at all day.....robinson could start but he can't pass block....god this draft is awful

Anonymous said...

Great article....This is a microcosm of why these papers are failing. Again thanks for the insight, critique, or team analysis this crack staff at the casual observer is renowned for. I have to take you guys off my bookmarks listed as Panthers news....b/c I get more from the regional papers the run circles around your coverage.

Derek said...

After all the endless analysis, breakdown, projections, combine numbers, career stats, workout details, etc. etc. we've heard about ad nauseum, give Scott a break for throwing something out that's a bit lighter than what fans have had to listen others drone endlessly on about for days now. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Spell check This:

MichaelProcton said...

Sorry, Ryan, but when you aren't slated to pick before #59, you went 12-4, and you have 21 starters returning, it's hard for draft picks to become immediate starters. This is a pretty good team.