Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jimmy Buffett talks sports

Tropical troubadour Jimmy Buffett was in Charlotte Tuesday (and will be in Raleigh Thursday) on his latest tour. Here's my review of the show, which I liked enough to give 3 stars out of a possible 4.

Buffett is a big sports fan. The only time I ever met him came way back when I used to cover the Miami Heat for the Miami Herald. Buffett went to a lot of the games back then (this was in the early 1990s) and remains a fervent Heat supporter.

Buffett once actually got kicked out his front-row seat at a Heat game in 2001 for arguing too vociferously with referee Joe Forte (who didn't know who Buffett was and was clueless when then-coach Pat Riley asked Forte if he had ever been a "parrothead," the term for a Buffett fanatic).

Buffett spent some of last fall in the Outer Banks, N.C., surfing and working on some new songs. He mentioned Tyler Hansbrough and the UNC national championship team a couple of different times in Tuesday's concert -- that will go over well at the Raleigh show, too -- and also talked briefly about the Carolina Panthers and their popularity here.

Once in Charlotte at a Buffett previous concert I attended, Buffett brought wrestling star Ric Flair on-stage to play the bongos during a song to a huge roar. There was no sign of Flair this time, but Buffett's sand-between-your-toes escapism was flying high.

Like the best sports events, a Buffett concert can take you away from reality for awhile. Which is cool. Reality is always waiting for you when you get back, but it's fun to lose yourself for a couple of hours.

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