Sunday, April 5, 2009

John Fox needs to loosen up

This is a theme I hammer upon every year during the season -- Panthers coach John Fox has the science of coaching mastered, but he is far from mastering the art of flexibility.

I'd like Fox to loosen up some in 2009, because the Panthers may well be good enough to win big again this season and they need a coach who's going to take a few risks to get them where they want to be. I explore this topic in depth in the following column -- click here to read.

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Rafael Cortes said...

I agree with you 100% Scott. I think that there is a huge degree of continuity and lesser risk taking in Fox's mind. I have always thought that the unconventional play calling and personnel shifting have proved to be productive for this team. A little "trick-a-ration" never hurts and I think it's time for Fox to engage in a more unconventional decision making process from here on.