Friday, April 4, 2014

Really, James Michael? And other basketball notes

4 basketball notes:

1. James Michael McAdoo. Really, James Michael? You go pro after your junior season? You are projected as a mid- to late second-round pick, which in the NBA means you won't have a guaranteed contract. Your UNC team will be a national title threat next year. You would have gone higher in the NBA draft after both your freshman and sophomore years. This makes no sense from a monetary standpoint. On the other hand, it is McAdoo's life to live, and I think his early departure will allow the great incoming class of freshmen to develop more quickly.

2. Big Al's Paint store. Nice website concept by the Bobcats, who are trying to get Al Jefferson some all-NBA consideration. The first Bobcat to ever be named the Eastern Conference's player of the month certainly deserves some, but to get one of the three all-NBA slots he would have to replace Roy Hibbert, Joakim Noah or Dwight Howard. That's an uphill battle, but the website will at least garner some attention, and it's fun. At the least, you should read the "customer reviews."

3. Tyler Lewis. UNC Charlotte seems like a great fit to me for Lewis, who is from Statesville and whose older brother Colby played for the 49ers and is now a graduate assistant there. Lewis, who is transferring from N.C. State, would have to sit out next season. But I would think he would start immediately after that. He is not a scorer, but he makes other players around him better (T.J. Warren will tell you that) and he never turns the ball over.

4. I really like the hire of Danny Manning at Wake Forest. What a built-in recruiting advantage Manning will have. It won't be long before the Deacons are ACC-relevant again.


Jay Ratcliff said...

dont always agree with most of your writings on here, but I Totally agree about JMM. Yea, he might have been a good rebounder and defensive player, but when you cant hit the 4-6ft jump shot on a consistant basis, why do you think you can do better in a bigger league?

WHat?? said...

Mcadoo can't catch a ball, can't pass a ball, can'
t shoot, and has horrible footwork. Other than that he is pro ready. That is the WNBA.

Anonymous said...

Tyler is enigmatic in that his superb court vision and game skills are ultimately betrayed by his physical limitations. I wish him the best in the future. UNCC would benefit greatly should he join them. Ironically, if the 49ers are to progress, the staff he is committing to must, by their results, be fired and he will be playing for another coach and staff. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

McAdoo is making a terrible decision. He isn't really good at anything and that is on the college level. He may not even be drafted in the 2nd round.

DrFrankLives said...

Right up the road from you, Bob McKillop put the final touch on a great class, adding 3star PF Nathan Ekwu. Cover that, please.