Monday, April 28, 2014

4 interesting things LeBron said

LeBron James not only plays the game at a different level -- he had 31 points, nine assists and seven rebounds Monday night as Miami finished up a dominant playoff sweep of Charlotte -- but he sees it on a higher plane as well. His postgame press conferences are always enlightening because of that. Here are 4 things I thought were interesting that LeBron said late Monday night:

1) Without looking down at a stat sheet, LeBron recited some of what he called the key numbers Monday in Miami's 109-98 win -- Miami's 25 assists on 39 made field goals, as well as Norris Cole's number of assists (four). I mean, c'mon. He remembers the backup point guard's assist total?

2) He again ripped L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist comments he allegedly made. James said, among other things: "I can't imagine what the Clippers are going through... There's no room in this game for an owner like that." James and the Heat showed their support for the Clippers' silent boycott Monday by dressing similarly to the way the Clippers did for warmups, with their shooting shirts on inside out.

3) James got a deep thigh bruise Monday but played through it. He said of his own game: "I feelt pretty good" and said he particularly keeps up with his own turnovers and free-throw percentage. He had two turnovers Monday -- Miami only had eight -- and went 10-for-12 from the line.

4) James shared an embrace with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan after the game and said it was due to the "respect factor." James also said he thought the Bobcats were "headed in the right direction," that Kemba Walker was a fine young point guard and that signing Al Jefferson was "big-time."


delahappy said...

Where was the respect the game before when he stared Jordan down on the dunk?

Anonymous said...

James is a class act. Always has been - and staring down Jordan after a dunk was just for fun. MJ would do the same thing. As far as Sterling goes i think it a interesting how nobody seems to care that his privacy was violated - or the fact it could be somebody else. Seriously - how do we know who is on that tape? Desean Jackson BS all over again - convicted in the media. The people crying about Sterling I guess are ok with the NSA spying on everyone. Welcome to big brother nation!

Anonymous said...

Where was the respect during the National Anthem? Lebron was the only player on the court that didn't have hand on heart or respectfully behind his back. Instead he had his hands on his hips and was rolling his neck and shoulders for a nice pregame stretch. He is a dispicable narcisist. I would have love to see him play in the era of Bill Lambier, Charles Oakley, and Anthony Mason. They would not have put up with his me-first antics.

gymknip said...

Get a life, there was nothing disrespectful about LeBron's looking at MJ after a dunk. Remember, MJ had pointed out some "weaknesses" in LeBron's game recently. Put that down under friendly rivalry, if that concept is within your understanding.