Monday, February 17, 2014

Panthers raise ticket prices -- here are the details

Carolina Panther season ticket holders will pay more for tickets in the 2014 season. Some of that is due to the Panthers, while some of it is out of their hands.

The Panthers have not raised ticket prices for their PSL holders for four years. They last did so before the 2010 season. But this year they have decided to increase prices by $2 to $21 per game per ticket, depending on the section.

According to the Panthers, 66 percent of the stadium will see increases of $2 to $5 per game per ticket. The largest increase of $21 per game per ticket affects 2,400 (three percent) of the best seats -- in the lower level and mostly near midfield. Even including the increase, the Panthers say their average ticket price will definitely rank among the lower half of all NFL teams in 2014.

In all, the average Panther ticket price will rise from $67 in 2013 to $72 in 2014, for an average ticket-price increase of about 7.46 percent.. The average NFL ticket price in 2013 was $81.

For upper-level seats, Panther ticket prices will go up by $2 or $5 per ticket, whether you are buying an individual or season ticket. For lower-level seats, they will go up by $5, $8, $11 or $21 per ticket. (The ticket renewal brochure is on

That's the Panthers' part of the increase. Current Panther permanent-seat license holders -- who control 62,000 of the stadium's approximately 74,000 seats -- will get their invoices either Tuesday or Wednesday . The invoices went out Monday, the team said. A six-month, interest-free payment plan is being offered by the team.

The other part of the increase, which also affects every seat in the stadium in some way:

For the first time, Panthers tickets will also include a new sales tax mandated by the North Carolina General Assembly, which changed the tax code to apply a 7.25 percent sales tax to tickets and handling fees. This tax applies to all college and professional sporting events in North Carolina as well as other various entertainment activities.

So this will be a double whammy, although a modest one in a number of cases. For instance, the Panthers' standard $52 upper-deck tickets from last season will go up $2 due to the Panthers raising their prices, to $54. Those tickets would then increase an additional $3.91 due to the new N.C. sales tax, meaning a $52 seat in 2013 would be a $57.91 seat in 2014 (an overall increase of $5.91, or 11.3 percent, with most of that due to the new tax).

The largest percentage increase would come from a lower-level seat that cost $109 in 2013. In 2014, it will cost $21 more, making it $130. The new tax will make it $139.43 -- a $30.43 increase per game per ticket. A season-ticket package includes eight regular-season games and two exhibitions, which means that those tickets would see an overall increase of $304 for the 2014 season. Again, those tickets constitute only three percent of the stadium. (My main beef with all that is the NFL mandate to have season-ticket holders pay the same price for exhibitions as they do for regular-season games is completely wrong-headed and self-serving, but that's another story).

"It is essential to have a plan that provides the resources to be competitive.” team president Danny Morrison said in a statement about the price increase. “Looking ahead, we are working to improve every aspect of our performance on and off the field. Head Coach Ron Rivera and General Manager Dave Gettleman, beginning his second season, are now focused on the NFL Draft and building for the future. We have also begun renovations that will enhance the game day experience for all fans at Bank of America Stadium.”

The Panthers went 12-4 last season, winning the NFC South and making the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 season. They obtained a first-round bye but then lost a home playoff game to San Francisco in the NFC divisional round. Rivera was named AP Coach of the Year and middle linebacker Luke Kuechly the AP Defensive Player of the Year earlier this month in New York the night before the Super Bowl.

The team's upcoming stadium improvement include state-of-the-art scoreboards at both ends of the stadium, a better sound system and three sets of escalators that will provide easier access to 300 and 500 level seats. The Panthers still have about 2,000 PSLs available for sale, mostly high in the upper deck and some for $1,000 per seat that include their cheapest ticket, which is $41.


Anonymous said...

Getting less and less affordable. I have a family of four and try to go. We sell more games each year. I can't blame the Panthers for a tax. But I can blame them for the increase they are adding to that. As well has bogus handling fees they'll charge PSL owners to renew their accounts. They charge almost $6 per account as a handling fee, then another $2 just to renew online - BS customer service and BS treatment to fans.

Dosido said...

The gall of the owner and management of this organization is beyond belief. They have never provided a good product, never once having back to back winning seasons, yet they beg the city for corporate welfare, and stick the PSL owners with a pay increase. All this while the team is amongst the most profitable in the league. Jerry Richardson is a snake oil salesman, and the mindless masses sure drink it up, and willingly!

Anonymous said...


EuroCat said...

As a "nosebleed" PSL owner since the very beginning, I'm not all that upset by the small increase by the Panthers in my ticket prices for 2014.

However, the sales tax is another thing entirely. The liars running the General Assembly in Raleigh fell all over each other bragging about their "huge tax cut". Well, the NEW sales tax on tickets eats up that "huge" cut...and more. I will be paying $178.71 in sales tax on my six $41 upper-level seats. On my income of $35,000, I will be receiving a tax "cut" of $70.00 (from 6% to 5.8%). So, based on JUST my Panthers ticket sales tax, I'm already well over $100 in the hole from this great "tax cut". As I spend more money on newly-taxable items throughout the year, my tax cut that is really a tax INCREASE will cost me hundreds of dollars more.

This being an election year, I hope people will vote out EVERY LEGISLATOR who voted for this actual tax increase while LYING and calling it a tax "cut". It is a tax cut only for the richest of the rich, which is typical of the liars running this state.

David said...

Agree with EuroCat.
Folks will moan and whine about the increase, but for upper level seats, a $2 or $5 increase after four years of no increase is fair.
The sales tax is hard to accept.
To the whiners....the choice is simple- pay the increase or sell your PSLs.

Kyle82 said...

We gotta pay Hardy somehow!!!!
Go Panthers!!!!!

Jwamad said...

All of you complainers. Get a clue. 1) this is a business. 2) we have it better than most of the other NFL teams 3) we have one of the best owners (the best IMO) in the NFL. Yes, we need to win - constantly. You fans need patience. Look at the historically sucessfull teams. It doesn't happen every year. When it does, wait for those ticket prices. One thing I will say, we finally saw real fans for the New England game and the Saints game. Made me proud. It makes a difference. No city "needs" an NFL team, but Charlotte and the Carolina's are better off with the Panthers and Mr, Richardson. Grow up! We are upper deck PSL owners and proud of it! Get on board. Section 540 rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Stay home, and watch it on the tube.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting an increase, despite average income holding steady. Scott, I agree that paying full price for exhibitions is gouging, but we have to remember that during the pre-season, players make a couple of thousand per week, so all that money goes to the owner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eurocat you're right about the sales tax.....just vote out the kissbutts of the 1% wealthy , middle class haters {republican't legislatures}. It's not the Panthers as you rightfully pointed out. Can't wait until
the new season starts. BTW, my 4 seats are up to $89 and change.