Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Bobcats prediction and some notes

A couple of notes and my Bobcats prediction:

1) The Bobcats open their NBA season this week with relatively high hopes (point guard Kemba Walker is pictured above in a portrait by our photographer Jeff Siner). My colleague Tom Sorensen predicts the team will go 33-49, which would give them a dozen more wins than last year's 21-61 record. I am not far off from what Tom thinks in this case, although I don't think they will be quite that good. Put me down for 29-53.

2) Was glad to see Armanti Edwards land with the Cleveland Browns, where head coach Rob Chudzinski has some familiarity with him from the duo's time together in Charlotte. Edwards deserves another chance, although I still don't think he will ever be a starting NFL receiver.

3) You should read Rick Bonnell's story on Al Jefferson and the two grandmothers that made him tick -- it really gives you insight into the character of the new Bobcat big man.

4) Our Joseph Person has a good story on Mike Shula, the Panthers' offensive coordinator who has been part of the team's three-game winning streak. And here's my column in Wednesday's newspaper on how important it is for the Panthers to deal with their modest dose of prosperity -- they are very used to dealing with adversity, but haven't been on this side of the coin very often.

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