Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Caustic radio host pens poignant book about Hope Stout and 2003 Panthers

Who knew a radio guy could write? And who knew Keith Larson had a soft side?

Larson, the longtime WBT radio morning host who specializes in political zingers, has penned a sweet, honest and surprisingly good book called "That Season of Hope."

On the 10th anniversary of the Panthers' 2003 Super Bowl season, Larson examines that year through the prism of an extraordinary girl -- 12-year-old Hope Stout, a spunky, redheaded Panther fan who was dying of bone cancer.

For those who don't remember this true story of have never heard it, Hope was asked by the local Make-A-Wish people what her heart most desired. Her wish? To raise enough money to help the other 155 children on Make-A-Wish's local list have their own wishes granted.

On Dec.19, 2003, Larson read about this story in The Charlotte Observer in an article by Elizabeth Leland. Larson never met Hope in person, but he did interview her on the radio that same day for 11 minutes and 50 seconds.

"Those 11 minutes and 50 seconds changed my life," said Larson, who still replays that interview every December on his show (thatseasonofhope.com also has audio of that interview -- check out segment 11).

Larson and his wife Nancy -- who gets a writing credit as well for her organizational help -- will make no money off this book. Author proceeds are being split among three charities -- March Forth With Hope, Make-A-Wish and the Carolina Panthers' "Keep Pounding" cancer foundation.

I plan to have a fuller review on the book and what prompted Larson to write it in my column in Wednesday's Charlotte Observer.


Anonymous said...

Who knew conservatives actually have a heart?

Anonymous said...

Hope's story really touched my heart, and I am looking forward to reading this book. It is nice to see that 10 years later, Hope is still being remembered and honored. Though I never met her,I have personally given to Make-A-Wish in Hope's memory every year since 2003 (and set up company giving events to raise money and awareness).

PS - to anon at 12:36 p.m. - I am a conservative. And I can tell you, we have some of the biggest hearts in the country (compassion is clearly not just a liberal characterist - your snide comment proves that some liberals have none).

Anonymous said...

Its been a little hard to miss the news on this one since its about all WBT has talked about since the before the ink was dry