Sunday, September 29, 2013

Byron Bell makes friends with heckling Panther fan

Above is a short video I made to illustrate this column I wrote on Byron Bell, who had an interesting interaction with a Panther fan in the second row of Carolina's 38-0 win over the New York Giants. Fan John Hurley, whose family owns four PSLs, yelled at Bell before the game that Mario Williams says "Thank you!" for last week (when Williams had 4.5 sacks, several against Bell, in Buffalo's 24-23 win over Carolina).

Rather than ignoring the comment, Bell marinated on it. He gave Hurley a long glare after it, and looked back at him several times during the game, according to Hurley and a nearby fan, after the Panthers did something good.

Following Carolina's 38-0 win, Bell went over to Hurley, shook his hand and gave him his cleats. You'll see a picture of them in the video above.


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why a 30 sec commercial on a short video?