Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thomas Davis says Panther D could be best in NFL in 2013

Panther linebacker Thomas Davis takes a question from a fan Wednesday afternoon in Charlotte.

Panther linebacker Thomas Davis ended up as a last-minute substitution Wednesday for another former Georgia Bulldog – Herschel Walker.

Walker was supposed to be the Charlotte Touchdown Club’s luncheon speaker and was already in Charlotte. But he had to rush to Georgia when he got the sad news Wednesday morning that his father had died.

Davis had planned on just introducing Walker for his speech and then getting Walker to sign a jersey for him – Davis is a big fan of Walker’s. But instead Davis talked to the crowd of several hundred instead, mostly doing Q and A. Here are five interesting things from Davis’s public talk and his one-on-one interview with me afterward:

1. Davis told me after his speech that the Panther defense is good enough to “definitely compete for that No.1 spot in the league.” The Panthers finished 10th in total defense (based on yardage) in 2012.

2. Davis isn’t about to take out a full-page advertisement in The Charlotte Observer predicting a Super Bowl victory for Carolina like center Ryan Kalil did last year, but he is very confident about the team. “I definitely think we have all the potential in the world,” Davis said. He said quarterback Cam Newton has matured and that “we’re definitely looking forward to him going on and leading us to where we want to be this year -- and that’s the Super Bowl.”

3. Davis said the Panthers’ linebacker corps – paced by Luke Kuechly, Jon Beason and Davis himself – had huge potential for 2013.

“We have no doubt not only the opportunity to be not only the best linebacker group to come through Carolina, but we definitely can be the best linebacker group in the league,” Davis said. He said in particular that Beason looked “as fast or faster” as he was before his latest injury.

4. Davis, a huge Miami Heat fan, said there is no doubt that the Heat will win Game 7 Thursday night. He said he and defensive end Charles Johnson, who Davis said cannot stand the Heat, had been texting each other constantly during the rollercoaster Game 6 on Tuesday night until Davis finally got the last word following the Heat's late comeback.

5. The Charlotte Touchdown Club has been in existence more than 20 years and has had close to 200 lunch speakers at this point, organizers said. Amazingly, this was only the second last-minute cancellation by a speaker. The first came a few years ago, when former Buffalo running back Thurman Thomas simply didn’t show up, they said.

Walker had already been in Charlotte – he did an interview with WFNZ 610 AM Tuesday afternoon to promote the event – but then had to go to Georgia when his father (who had been in poor health) passed away. Walker will likely come back to speak to the Charlotte Touchdown Club in May 2014.


Anonymous said...

I am a die hard Panthers fan. Loved the team since they came into the league...But this running off at the mouth has me thinking we are the NY Jets of the south.
"DO SOMETHING, then talk" should be the new motto of the 2013 Carolina Panthers.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words......we'll see!

Anonymous said...

TDavis was asked a question...all he did was answer it with his honest feeling. Nothing at all wrong with that. The "Do something, then talk" doesn't work in a Q&A. Besides, if you believe in your abilities...tell it. THEN BACK IT UP!!! Go Panthers!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. Love the Panthers - just want them to start playing to their potential. Stop talking, looks foolish.

Anonymous said...

"Do something?" Gee, I think playing lights out after 3 knee surgeries is kinda doing something. If anybody's earned the right to say what he wants to say, it's TD.

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous...

We are nowhere near the level of talk surrounding the NY Jets.

What is he supposed to say when asked questions? He isn't running off at the mouth just talking without being prompted. It's a Q&A. He didn't even "predict" a Super Bowl win.

Exit 0 said...

Linebacker corps would have been legendary with James Anderson.

scatterbrain said...

calm down, Thomas Davis is a great man. he plays with great men. Beason and Davis are going to teach Kuechly everything and these three can do as much damage behind Monsters Inc as they damn well please.

why don't you stop talking and do something, write them a letter and don't waste your breath on internet comments ;)

Anonymous said...

With the Panthers, it's a good thing talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Davis said that the Panthers COULD COMPETE to be the best in the league, not that they ARE the best in the league. Massive difference between the two. It is the same difference between saying they will be in the Superbowl versus they could go to the Superbowl.

Some people on here need to revisit reading comprehension before they post, and/or consider suing their English teachers.

Anonymous said...

There is so much parity in this league. So much comes down to coaching, injuries, and which way the ball bounces. That's what makes it great. No matter whether your a linebacker, salesman, or a fisherman it's probably not good form to say/think you will not succeed. I love the positive attitude but would also appreciate a playoff win or two. Either way, it's safe to say we have a better product than folks think we do which is right where we want to be. Oh, and the jets? Really??