Monday, June 17, 2013

NBA Finals are missing one key ingredient

I was on vacation this past week, which made it easier to watch almost every minute of the NBA Finals. I am pretty fascinated with the whole series but it is missing one key item:

Close games.

Can you believe two teams that are as evenly matched as San Antonio and Miami cannot get it together to play well on the same night? We've had five games now, with the Spurs leading 3-2, and only Game One was close. I was watching with my two oldest sons last night -- one going for Miami, one for San Antonio -- and they both bailed out with a minute left in the fourth quarter and the Spurs up by 11. I couldn't blame them. This is a series in which watching the final minute has only mattered once.

Two teams with a Big Three. Future hall of famers everywhere you look. And yet it's a series severely lacking in big late-game moments, because the two teams keep playing close first halves and then taking turns blowing one another out in the third quarter.

It's great theater in the first half and then a steady trickling away of drama from there -- a movie with a fine setup and an ending that makes you leave the theater with a frown.

The basketball gods need to give us a close Game 6 Tuesday night, to be won by Miami, and then a monumental Game 7. I don't care who wins that one, but it's got to come down to the final two minutes. Otherwise, this series to me will count as a near-miss -- the two best teams in basketball, combining for one mediocre game after another.


Anonymous said...

I have always debated Chris Bosh as a big 3? Is he the most overrated player in the NBA considering..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

You must have a short memory then. Bosh practically carried Tornoto by himself for years before joining the Heat.

Anonymous said...

Chris Bosh is not overrated and by far is better than any big man on the BCats. He is the THIRD option on a team with two superstars. He was an all-star in Toronto where he was the man.

Anonymous said...

This series is a joke. It will go to seven games just like the NBA execs wrote it.