Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 thoughts on Heat vs Bobcats (including Wade's cheap shot)

1. Dwyane Wade really took a cheap shot at Ramon Sessions (see the video here) during the game, lashing out with his left leg after Sessions fouled him and catching Sessions right in the groin. Sessions said after the game (a 105-92 Miami win) that he thought Wade did it on purpose, and I can't imagine that some sort of NBA punishment won't be forthcoming for Wade for that one. It was just too obvious. (UPDATE: On Thursday night, the NBA announced Wade would be suspended for one game without pay because of the incident -- that doesn't really help the Bobcats, though).

2. LeBron James (the subject of my Thursday column) was just so darn good one day after basically beating Oklahoma City by himself on Christmas Day. James had four dunks and four steals in the first quarter alone and ended up with 27 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists. But he was still mad about a late three he took in the game that dropped his shooting percentage below 50 percent. He declined comment on whether he thought Gerald Henderson's hard foul on an attempted dunk was a cheap shot, but some of his teammates sure thought so.

3. Buried on the bench for weeks, Hakim Warrick (18 points, nine rebounds) absolutely has to play more for Charlotte.

4. Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra really likes Kemba Walker (who had 27 points, six rebounds and six assists). "When Walker is hitting threes like that, he's a tough cover," Spoelstra said (Walker was 4-for-8 on three-pointers). "He's an interesting player. He's built with such a low center of gravity. Great handle. Great change of direction. Deceptiveness. He's a tough guy to corral. He's got a very bright future ahead of him. He's quick, can play 40-plus minutes and it never looks like he's tired. So it was a challenge to keep him out of the paint and when he starts knocking down threes, that makes him equally as tough."

5. The learning process continues for rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who had four fouls and only two field goals in 22 minutes.


marcusclarkus said...

Good synopsis of game. Agree 100% that Kemba has a bright future.

Anonymous said...

Dwane Wade IS a cheap shot.

Matt M said...

Looks like Scott hit a couple of 3's himself!

CackaLak said...

Here are my five:

1. Cats can only score when Kemba-Sessions-Henderson are on the court.

2. MKG...Jury still out on him. Take away his layups, tip-ins, or dunks, there is nothing else about his game. You have to have some form of a perimeter game in todays league. Even Matt Barnes can shoot... And thats not a compliment

3. Cats will not be able to sign free agents in the future vs other market such as Chicago, NY, Boston, Miami, and Brooklyn. Which means this front office will have to draft players. I do not trust their evaluation of players.

4. Dunlap... wrong choice. Sorry, should have paid Brian Shaw the money. NBA is about scoring. Look at the NBA stats for Team Offense/Defense. Notice the best teams are lead in the offensive category. Find an offensive coach...hmm Jerry Sloan?? Hes too old but you get my point.

5. The name change wont change the fans name about the product on the court. However, if you do, too many people are focused on changing the bobcats to Hornets. I agree, it should. However, there should be another name change... Change Charlotte to Carolina. Yes, Carolina Hornets. Nothing to do with the game last night, but at least both states can be upset at this performance versus just Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

This "CackaLak" fellow lost me with the Henderson comment. You do realize they've won ZERO games since he returned from injury correct? The guy is a huge liability, one of the biggest drains of any player on any team. Stats show he's the least productive player on the roster...when taking into account his production vs. the opponent he guards and the team's performance with him on vs. off the court.

I respect your interesting opinions but Henderson is garbage. He wouldn't find minutes on any other team in the league.

Anonymous said...

Wade is a cheap dirty player who has the support of corrupt REFS.

Anonymous said...

4 point game with 8 minutes left when Wade should have been ejected for that cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

1. I agree that cats only score when Sessions and Walker are on the court... as they are the only Point guards we have.

2. Some good players who have dealt with bad perimeter games: Shawn Marion, Tayshaun Prince, Rajon Rondo, Ron Artest, Tyreke Evans, Gerald Wallace, Desmond Mason etc...

3. I trust Rich Cho's evaluation and you should be more patient.

4. Be patient with Dunlap... evaluate him at the end of the season. Shaw is too young and inexperienced as a head coach. Sloan is too old.

5. Charlotte Hornets dude. Stop with the Carolina nonsense.
I trus