Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Charlotte Bobcats are 500-1 to win 2013 NBA title

Want to take a really long shot at making some money? You could go to Las Vegas and bet the Charlotte Bobcats to win the NBA championship at 500-1 odds. A $20 bet, on the other hand, would win you $10,000 if the Bobcats (an NBA-worst 7-59 last season) pull off one of the biggest sports miracles of all time.

You probably are better off saving your $20. But as the NBA season opens in less than a month, I thought you might like a look at the odds for each NBA team to win the title, starting with the obvious favorite, the defending champion Miami Heat, and continuing all the way down to Charlotte:

Odds to win 2013 NBA Championship (provided by Bovada.lv). Note: these odds are for entertainment purposes only -- I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to gamble illegally.

Miami Heat 11/5

Los Angeles Lakers 5/2

Oklahoma City Thunder 9/2

Chicago Bulls 14/1

Boston Celtics 18/1

San Antonio Spurs 18/1

Los Angeles Clippers 25/1

Brooklyn Nets 30/1

Dallas Mavericks 33/1

Indiana Pacers 35/1

Memphis Grizzlies 35/1

New York Knicks 35/1

Philadelphia 76ers 50/1

Denver Nuggets 66/1

Houston Rockets 75/1

Atlanta Hawks 75/1

Minnesota Timberwolves 75/1

Portland Trailblazers 100/1

Utah Jazz 100/1

Golden State Warriors 125/1

Milwaukee Bucks 125/1

New Orleans Hornets 150/1

Orlando Magic 150/1

Phoenix Suns 150/1

Cleveland Cavaliers 200/1

Detroit Pistons 200/1

Sacramento Kings 200/1

Toronto Raptors 200/1

Washington Wizards 200/1

Charlotte Bobcats 500/1


Twitter reacts to Bobcats at 500-1.


Anonymous said...

so you're saying there's a chance

Anonymous said...

That's all I need, a chance!!

Wiley Coyote said...

He must have watched Dumb & Dumber last night.

Unknown said...

Would be the biggest waste of $20.00 ever, except for a ticket to an actual game.

Anonymous said...

The Orioles had similar odds at winning the World Series this year. Anything is possible. not likely, but possible.

Me, I'm hoping the Bobcats win 30 games. Beats the heck out of 7 any day.

Anonymous said...

So, which player is buying the add predicting the 2013 NBA title?

Anonymous said...

Make that a million to one.

But who the hell cares?

George Hanson said...

Here's a betid like to make...

...and I'd like to make it with YOU MJ!

Every year the Bobcats don't make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs you pay me $1000 and give me 2 tickets to each home game.

Every time your team makes it past the 1st round of the playoff I will pay you $5000 and buy two tickets for the following season.

10 or 20 year term to start, your choice.


nba said...

A good chance!!!

Anonymous said...

If we just have a chance, that's enough for me, just to know there's a possibility!