Sunday, March 18, 2012

UNC rolls, but Marshall fractures wrist

GREENSBORO – With John Henson making a triumphant return, North Carolina had a surprisingly easy time with Creighton, winning 87-73 before a baby-blue crowd at the Greensboro Coliseum to advance to the Sweet 16.

But the win was marred by the postgame news that point guard Kendall Marshall has a fractured right wrist and is questionable for UNC's next game Friday. Marshall, a lefty, said if the injury was in his left wrist "I'd tell you I'm not playing right now." But he is hopeful that he can play since the injury is to his non-dominant hand.

The Tar Heel players reacted with shock to the news of Marshall's injury. "Devastating," Harrison Barnes said.

"When you go to the Sweet 16, it's supposed to be a lot more fun than this," Coach Roy Williams said.

The Tar Heels and N.C. State both travel to St. Louis this coming week for Sweet 16 games and could meet in the Elite Eight, although both must win another game to do that.

Henson’s return from the bad wrist that had kept him out of the past three games was huge for the Tar Heels. UNC often matched him up on Doug McDermott, Creighton’s 23-point-per-game scorer. Henson had four inches on McDermott and blocked or altered his shot numerous times. Henson also was able to score and rebound well enough (he had 13 points and 10 rebounds) that he started and stayed in for most of the game.

The Tar Heels enjoyed the chance to run – Creighton also likes to play the up-and-down game that UNC is built to play. Marshall continued his recent scoring surge, knocking down his first six shots and ending with 18 points and 11 assists (the injury occured with 10:56 to play, but he played through it for most of the rest of the game).

UNC survived an off shooting day from Barnes (7-for-19) and an average one for Tyler Zeller with good performances from Reggie Bullock and James Michael McAdoo.

Although Barnes – once a high school teammate of McDermott’s in Ames, Iowa – missed several layups, he also knocked down two straight three-pointers with five minutes to go that sealed the victory. Creighton had cut the margin to 12, but those two threes pushed it back to 18 and ensured the Tar Heels a Sweet 16 berth against the winner of the Ohio-South Florida game.

McDermott had 20 points on 19 shots, but the Tar Heels kept him enough in check they were never seriously threatened. Now Marshall's injury, however, has thrown so much into doubt.


Clay Aiken said...

Henson played great.

Nighthawk said...

What about Kendall Marshall's right wrist?
This may be the story of the tournament.

Clay Aiken said...

@ Nighthawk

Story of the tournament?!?!

Settle down!!!

Marshall hasn't used his right hand since third grade, he won't skip a beat.

DistrictSix said...


Anonymous said...

@Clay Aiken

I wonder how you wolf pups would respond if CJ Leslie broke his wrist? After all, he's the only player on your team with half the talent of Marshall. Difference is, we are a real contender for the title that just lost a key player ... that makes it a "story of the tournament." Your team is just a feel good story for the Raleigh area.

Anonymous said...

Creighton played hard but two plays were unsportsmanlike. One was when the guy hacked Henson three times on his injured wrist and provoked the technical from Henson. After the play, the guy winked at his bench as if to say "I did what we talked about before the game." The other was when 00 gave Zeller a double forearm shiver on a made Carolina shot. Sent Zeller sprawling but the refs missed it. All that said, gotta hope that Marshall can play some but I don't care how little he uses his right hand, I am not sure if he can play point with a broken wrist.

Anonymous said...

I am not gonna slam State. They are playing hard and are well coached. As a Carolina alum, I will take whoever we get if we can win without Marshall but would not relish another game against the Pack.

Anonymous said...

If Marshall can't play, the Heels are done. Remember how they played with Larry Drew II? Stillman White is better than Drew II, but hasn't had to carry the entire load and pressure himself.

Anonymous said...

Stillman White better than Drew II? I haven't seen enough to say that. To say that UNC won't be the same team is an understatement. Don't remember a more key UNC player going down for the tourney...ever. In other words...fuggeddabaoudit.

Chris said...

Tough loss Heels... maybe we'll see you in the Elite 8

Anonymous said...

A cheap shot put Marshall out, one of many from Cretan.

Roy needs an enforcer.

The heels are done without Marshall, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

You holes are so damn obvious - Screw the fact your guys hacked at Joe Harris's broke hand repeatedly after it was broke in BOTH games

Now everyones supposed to feel bad? It was a foul, a hard foul. but not dirty, and was NOT an attempt to injure a 'HOLY' UNC player. Bunch of 'entitlement minded' a-holes

Go to hell and hope you lose JUST BECAUSE of his injury -- NCSU or FSU would be a better rep for the ACC as champs than you fool crybabies

Pathetic whiners -- If Marshalls a man, he'll play. Joe did.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:48pm,

First of all, who the eff is Joe Harris? Secondly, Since no one else has mentioned him, I suspect ONLY you care who he is anyway. You say we should "go to hell"? Well, if we do...your sissy @$$ will be there already, crying about your lover Joe Harris!

Michael Procton said...

Typical ignorant Tar Baby fan. He's a great guard for Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - UVA - the team Tarholes beat twice by more of the SAME BS carolina ref calls as they used against NCSU in the ACC Champ

Oh -- thats right - according to Clougherty, Head of ACC officiating in an ESPN article recently --
"UNC just doesn't foul historically"

What a bunch of f**ckin BS -- But not surprised since theyve got their 'plant' installed in Greensboro, Mr unc grad and former AD, John "protect unc at all costs" Swofford

F all you UNC crapholes

Anonymous said...

People,please. Can't we just get along? Whoever represents the ACC should be cheered. I am a Tarheel all the way but I still pull for the other teams in the NCAA. It makes our conference look good when our representatives do well! Stop the foul-mouth comments, please!